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9 Office Management Skills that will make you a Great Office Manager


In today’s modern businesses, office managers have become the backbones of the whole setup. They are responsible for processes, procedures, documentation, communication, supervising, training, administration and making sure that the whole office is running smoothly. Hence, to make sure everything functions at its best, they should be well versed in the necessary office management skills.

If you want to bloom your career in office management then you should have some strong management skills in your arsenal to take your career to a whole new level.

Here are 9 core office management skills which we will dissect one by one here below.

Top 9 Office Management Skills


1.Planning skills

As an office manager, you should be pretty good at planning, ranging from office meetings, handling the delegations, and other business operations within the organization to execute everything efficiently on its proper time.

2. Administrative skills

As a part of your job, you will be responsible to do the other administrative tasks in the organization. You will be responsible to hire new employees, fire the underperforming ones, evaluate performance appraisal, training and supervising new employees. You will have to make plans, schedule and attend meetings and perform other business operations as well.


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3. Analytical skills

As an office manager, you should have some sort of analytical skills to do your job in the best possible way. You should be well aware of the process, practices, and procedures to do your job efficiently. You should be sharp in identifying any inefficiency and suggest the best possible solutions which will contribute to the company growth.

4. Computer skills

As an office manager, you should have strong hands-on practice on computer skills ranging from the word processor to excel and powerpoint because you could be asked to do a range of tasks depending upon your job specifics such as data entry, making sheets in excel and creating and presenting in powerpoint.

You should be at best in doing your day to day office management computer operations accurately, efficiently and in a professional way. So your arsenal should be equipped with the desired computer skills because a tremendous amount of responsibility falls on the office managers.

5. Communication skills

As an office manager, you should have strong communication skills as you would be the first person to see the visitors coming in case the respective professionals are out from the office. You will have to delegate the work as well within the organization and also give attention simultaneously to the other tasks.

You will have to communicate effectively within the organization both verbally and written in a friendly, efficient and professional way to make sure everything goes just fine. You will play the role of a bridge between the employees working in the organization.

6. Time management skills

As part of your job, you should have excellent skills in time management in order to utilize every minute of your duty to its fullest potential and squeeze out the maximum outcome. You should be able to properly allocate and handle every task on time without any wastage of time.

7. Out of the box thinking

As an office manager, you should think out of the box to cater to every business task effectively that can contribute towards the organization growth both in the short term and the long.

8. Leadership skills

As an office manager, you will always lead from the front to make ensure everything is going just fine within the organization. You will have to motivate the employees to get them to produce the best work results possible. Developing leadership skills will help you in better office management.

You will have to make teamwork happen and helping others to communicate well with one another in the organization to create a healthy and productive company culture. You have to set the standards for everyone in the organization to put the things up on the right track.

9. Interpersonal Skills

As part of your job, you should have social skills towards your employees involved in the company or outside visitors. You should use a positive approach and attitude which will result in great teamwork.

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June 1, 2020
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