The process of searching for jobs has changed drastically over the past couple of years, and it will never be the same again. One of the biggest things that have changed in 2021 is everything has gone remote and online. The traditional process where you come into the office for rounds in person is gone. More and more companies are asking for you to submit a proposal or a video resume. The company looks at it and then gets back to you.

One of the biggest changes you need to make in 2021 regarding your online job search is to stop putting all this extraneous information that looks like you are trying too hard to show who you are. When you are doing an online job search on job search sites in 2021, you need to narrow it down and be very concise because recruiters no longer have time to go through lengthy resumes. With more and more people trying to replace their jobs or finding new ones from scratch, you are up against more and more competition. You want your resume to be seen and that is best done by communicating more with less content.

What should you know about getting your resume in front of hiring managers and recruiters?

The key to getting a job in job search sites is to answer specific questions, achievements, and accomplishments that relate or align to the position you are going for. If you are using many job search sites, it will help you in your job search, but if your resume is not top-notch and tailored to those specific job postings, you will never get the interview.

If your resume is not compelling and is not selling your skills and experience nicely, you will never get the interview. Unless you are going for a videographer, graphic designer, do not be very artsy on your resume because this is unnecessary. Simple templates and simple sentences are often communicating a lot more than distracting graphics.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind right now as a job seeker?

As a job seeker in 2021, you have got to make sure that you do everything in your power to build that natural, authentic confidence. I know it is very debilitating to find a job, especially when all these changes are happening. Adaptation is the key, and you have to adapt. But when you lose confidence, they smell it cooking. If you don’t believe what you are saying and don’t have that body language and energy, you won’t go too far.

People don’t hire accolades, people don’t hire your degrees, people don’t hire your credentials, but they hire your energy. Don’t forget that it’s the epicenter of your success. You need to do everything in your power to feel good about yourself when you are talking about your experience. You need to do everything in your power to sell the most valuable product on planet earth, YOU.

If you are doing an online job search in 2021, then don’t think of yourself as a job candidate seeking employment; think of yourself as a business of one, selling your services for a fair compensation. This puts you in the mindset of making it all about them, not about yourself.
Too many people on the job interviews make it all about them, but you should make it about the organisation. How does what you do adapt and align with what they need? What problem can you solve? If you communicate in that fashion, your confidence is going to bleed in naturally.

After getting yourself ready, all you need is the right places to find your dream job. So here are the best job search sites in 2021.

20 Best Job Search sites in 2021

1) Monster

This is a job site that has been around for decades. You can use tabs like salary tools, resume help, career advice. There are a lot of great things that you can do with while making sure that you have the right kind of tools ready for yourself. You can also get a free resume assessment here, which is very needy and helpful. is a great start. It has got all of the job search engines, which is a great aggregate of a lot of jobs.


2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important job search site. It is pretty much everything, and I can not stress this enough. You can search for jobs in a great variety and specialty. One of the most amazing things there is a tag that says ‘Easy Apply’; anytime you see that right there essentially means that you can apply directly with your LinkedIn profile. That is a massive bonus.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is polished and looks very clean. Don’t just make a profile and forget about that because LinkedIn is not Facebook. You are supposed to give your time over there and build connections.


3) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a very renowned job search site. Here you can connect your Facebook account as well. You will find more than anonymous reviews of over 600,000 companies from the actual people who work there.


4) Indeed

Indeed aggregates from sources all over the internet. It is a great place where you can set up your profile. It copy-pastes your resume instead of uploading, so make sure that you upload a pdf as well. So that when employers do, check out your resume, especially if you have got a specialised template or creative design to stand out.

Don’t be afraid if the format looks off; it is just indeed using what you have on your pdf for their internal use in their algorithm. Indeed will allow you to search for whatever job, title, keyword, company, or state. You can find remote jobs as well. Indeed is also one of the places where you can set up your job alerts to be notified of new jobs that appear which are relevant to what you are looking for.


5) Muse is an exciting job board that they have taken advantage of building their brands. They have created an entire infrastructure where they are doing career coaching and resume rewriting, LinkedIn profile coaching, etc. They have a special kind of news feed where they are posting the most recent job posts.

Muse is interesting because they are an all-in-one place where you can search for a job, set up a profile, get career advice, and resume advice. This is a climbing and growing company that is helping the users in the long run.


6) ZipRecruiter

If you listen to any podcast out there, you have probably heard an ad for ZipRecruiter. This is a fantastic site for not only job seekers but primarily for employers who post jobs. A lot of jobs there can be mid-level to upper level on ZipRecruiter, so you can find different types of jobs for those levels. But if you are an entry-level job seeker looking for entry-level positions, you don’t need to be afraid because ZipRecruiter has everything.


7) Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the best job search websites right now that you can join to find remote work and flexible job opportunities. With remote work becoming increasingly popular ever since the pandemic stopped the world in its tracks, you can expect more and more sites with remote and flexible job opportunities to come and challenge the traditional job sites.

This is one of the best websites for those looking for a job search website that is a bit different from the big dogs like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster. If you are looking for very specific remote and work-from-home jobs then flexjobs might be the perfect place for you.


8) SimplyHired

Simplyhired is another place that has fantastic reviews. They have made search engine optimization simplified. You can have customised and localized job searches which is very effective. They also have free online resume builders. It’s one of those places that’s an all-in-one and a one-stop-shop.

The first thing to notice is that you can choose your country right off the bat, and it will direct you to your local website. The feature that struck me the most is that it saves your search, so if you are looking for jobs every week, you don’t have to retype everything and remember all the filters you used last week.

It also gives you a salary estimator because it provides related jobs as well as their salaries too. So if you think you are going after a role which is too senior for you then you can always downgrade using this table.


9) Career Builder

This is another fantastic website that is an excellent place for you to find your next job position. You can sign up and take advantage of their great job search engines. If you like simplicity, it’s your place to go because they have made searches very simple by adding certain trendy and relevant tags. They also provide you with the top hiring companies to which you can easily apply.

For those looking for academic positions, or teaching positions, this is a great job site for you. It’s never been easier to apply and get the gig of your dreams, and it’s never been more accessible and more customised to your needs and desires out of what you’re looking for a job.


10) Google for Jobs

This is something that a lot of people don’t understand. Did you realise that the number one search engine on the planet is also pretty adept at finding job opportunities? All you need to do is simply search terms like a job position, title, industry, location, or company, and Google will crawl other job sites to gather those listings for you.

For instance, You can open google and type ‘Project Manager Jobs near me,’ and you will get an entire window full of jobs with filters. With those filters, you can look at full-time, part-time, or whatever you want. Here you will get the location of the posted job with the salary, and it aggregates all the job boards from all of the places you mention.


11) Dice is a technical website that specialises in both startup companies and tech jobs. You can post your resume and let people come to you. You can also use their personalised salary predictor tool to figure out what salary to expect or demand.

This is a great site that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s mostly for techs, so for those in software development, IT, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, etc., this site is ideal for hanging out and doing some job hunting.



This website is also an excellent option to look at. Some employers and recruiters often choose to post their job openings only on sites that specialise in their field of business. Perhaps, that’s one way of making sure that candidates who apply are dedicated to that type of work. is a long-time leader in posting non-profit jobs.

Not just non-profit but government agencies and the like can also post here. So if you are looking for a non-profit type of gig, or looking to work for a non-profit, this is a fantastic site for you.


13) Media Bistro

This is another industry-specific site, but the media job listed here includes journalism, marketing, advertising, social media, television, and film. Searching and browsing here is 100% free.

But if you want, you can pay for a membership that includes online courses, a couple of member discounts, and many other features. It also gives you access to a freelancer marketplace and also articles about pitching articles to publications.


14) Coroflot is a site specifically for the niche of design job listings from all over the world. It also allows designers to build portfolios on the site or show off a single project gallery which can’t hurt as they try to catch the eyes of the future.

So coroflot is a fantastic job site for designers and people who are looking for designer positions. If designing is your specialty or area of expertise, then you must check this one out.


15) Workapolis

Workapolis has the most interesting filters out there in my list. It lets you filter by salary distance and job type. If you have just got out of school and not considering any job less than 50K, it is a personal preference, then you must know well about workapolis because it would save your time.

Sometimes you will get to the first round of interview then second round interview, and you have done all the research but at the end they will tell you the salary, and it is out of your range. This wastes a lot of your precious time, so it will help you find and target the specific companies and jobs that you really want with these filters.

Another great feature of this site is seeing the benefit and skills you need right at the top of the job posting. It makes tailoring your resume for these job postings easier because you already know all the skills they need. For a point to be noted, this website is for Canadian jobs only, so if you are interested in working in Canada, that would be perfect for you.


16) Opportunity Feed

This one is actually an app and not a website. It is the one of the most reliable and complete apps out there because companies have to pay to put their job postings in there. This reduces the chances of scam jobs from getting posted, or even outdated job posts because as soon as the position is filled, they will remove it because they don’t want to pay extra.

You can find only relevant jobs out there because no one will pay to put random jobs on a job board. What I like the most is that you can find all sorts of opportunities instead of just regular jobs and that’s why it is named as opportunity feed. You can search for scholarships, internships, volunteering opportunities as well as networking events.


17) AngelList

AngelList was founded in 2010. It is the best site for startup jobs because not only it is trusted by over 100,000 startups of all sizes, including some of the big names like Spotify and Slack. It provides an unmatched level of transparency by offering candidates with salary ranges and equity options upfront. It allows job seekers to reach out to CEOs and hiring managers directly.

To apply for roles on an AngelList, you must create an account and complete your profile . Your AngelList profile then serves as your resume for the jobs you apply to. It caters to remote local job seekers in various tech sectors such as online publishing, health, beauty and fintech. You can browse through open positions by job, title and time commitment. For every job you will apply to, AngelList will also give you the name and title of the person who will read your submission materials.

This website is completely free to use for job seekers and is a fantastic way to start a conversation and network with early-stage startups.


18) Scouted

Scouted was founded in 2014 with the philosophy that people are more than just their resumes. It’s unique matchmaking style approach to hiring makes it the best website for college graduates who are looking to land their first entry-level full-time job opportunity after graduation.

You can start by building your scouted profile by uploading a copy of your resume, adding a link to the website or portfolios, or other platforms like LinkedIn.

It requires answering scouted virtual interview questions. Although answering these questions is not mandatory, Scouted claims that candidates who answered the questions are 58% more likely to get an interview with a job poster. Once your profile is complete, you can check open job opportunities on the find job tab and then click apply on the listings that seem to fit your crtieria.


19) The Ladders

The Ladders is best for experienced managers. The Ladders was founded in 2003 and is dedicated on providing job listings for the work positions that pay at least $100,000 per year. Presently, The Ladders serves as a job website, career news storm, and networking platform.

The Ladders is probably the best site for experienced managers due to its focus on connecting job seekers. It provides job listing for dozens of sectors, including finance, software engineering, digital marketing, HR, data science, and industrial engineering for some of the major firms like Morgan Stanley, Google, and Cigna.

Upon creating an account with the ladders, you will be prompted to the list of job titles you are most interested in. your jobs in The Ladders will automatically present you with the job listings that match those titles. Some listings are free to apply, but others require a paid subscription to the platforms.


20) Upwork is a highly competitive place to find a job. They have tons of posted employment, whether you are looking for a full-time job or just looking for an extra side income. Opportunities on Upwork range from low-paying to high-paying jobs, so make sure to spend extra time looking for a job that suits you depending on your work experiences and skill set.

You have to submit an application directly to the client. Upwork will go between you and the client when it comes to the hiring process; they now require what they call connections to apply for jobs, and different jobs may require a different number of connections, but if you are new, you will get 60 connections free for a month. Right after that, you have to buy connections to continue applying.

You need to create an account for the application process and complete your profile, including your past work and portfolios. It would help if you also took some tests, and once your profile is complete, you are now ready to browse for jobs and apply. You must build a good profile on Upwork, start low just enough to get experience and get good client reviews and feedback.


Concluding Thoughts:

One important thing is making sure that you have a presence because it’s an attention game. Get as many resources as possible because one site may not have the job you want, whereas the other will. Many job search sites mentioned here function similarly, but it’s all about getting yourself out there, grabbing attention, and making sure that you don’t overlook anything.