5G New Radio Access Technology

5G Introduction

  • What is 5G?
  • Evolution of 3GPP Technologies
  • Cellular networks and the internet of things
  • Internet of things applications (IoT) Intro only
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Intro only
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) Intro only
  • Machine to Machine Communications (M2M) Intro only
  • 5G Drivers- Application and Use Cases
  • 5G High level requirements
  • 5G Technologies and Spectrum Overview

5G Radio Access Architecture and Interfaces

  • Deployment scenarios
  • New RAN based on gNB
  • RAN-CN interface (SDN, NFVetc)
  • NG Interface
  • Xn Interface
  • Network slicing in RAN
  • Interworking with non-3GPP systems

5G Physical Layer Aspects

  • Duplexing modes
  • Probable Radio Frame Structures
  • DL/UL Modulation and Physical layer channel
  • DL/UL Performance evaluation of multiple access
  • 5G PHY Technologies: Coding schemes
  • 5G PHY Technologies: Dynamic TDD
  • DL/UL Performance evaluation of channel coding
  • DL/UL Performance evaluation related to MIMO

5G Radio Interface Protocol Aspects

  • Radio interface protocol architecture (CP and UP)
  • Overview of New Layer 2 functions
    • New MAC Sublayer
    • New RLC Sublayer
    • New PDCP Sublayer
    • New AS Sublayer
    • New TTI durations

5G RRC Sublayer

  • Functions
  • UE states and state transitions
  • System information broadcast
  • Access control
  • UE capability retrieval framework

5G Initial access with minimum latency

  • Cell search
  • Cell selection
  • Random Access Procedure with minimum latency

5G Radio access network procedures

  • Dual Connectivity between NR and LTE
  • Xx interface
  • Intra-system Mobility
    • UE based mobility
    • Network controlled mobility
  • Inter-system Mobility
  • PDU Session Management
  • Initial UE Access
  • 5G QoS architecture in NR and NextGen Core
  • QoS impact on handovers

5G Key performance indicators definations

  • Peak data rate
  • Peak Spectral efficiency
  • Control plane latency
  • User plane latency
  • Latency for infrequent small packets
  • Handover interruption time
  • Inter-system mobility
  • Reliability
  • Extreme Coverage
  • TRxP spectral efficiency
  • UE energy efficiency and battery savings
  • Area traffic capacity
  • Network energy efficiency

5G Key Features

  • mmWave
  • Massive MIMO
  • 3D Beam Forming
  • Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)
  • LTE-WLAN Aggregation (LWA)
    • LAA LTE and WIFI Coexistence
    • LWA User Plane
    • LWA Signalling flow
  • LTE-WLAN Radio level integration with IPSec Tunnel (LWIP)
    • LWIP Protocol Architecture
    • LWA vs LWIP

Introduction to Cloud RAN

  • Overview
  • What is C-RAN
  • Traditional Mobile Network
  • Architecture of CRAN
  • Advantages and Challenges of C-RAN

Network Slicing

  • Introduction
  • Network Slicing requirements
  • Network Slicing Architecture
  • Radio Access Aspects
  • Resource Management

5G Supplementary-Services

  • Emergency communications
  • Public warning/emergency alert systems
  • V2X communication

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