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Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course

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Course Overview

What does an administrative assistant do? The administrative assistant is a diverse role needed by almost every office to perform a variety of clerical and administrative tasks. There are an array of support tasks that have to be executed promptly and orderly to ensure coordination among the fundamental business functions.

Administrative Assistants may work on one on one basis with the executives, high ranking officials, managers or may work for a particular team, project, or department. Their job is to handle different interrelated interactions between the organization and it’s employees to ensure coordination and productivity.

They are professionals who have a knack for multi-tasking, with good business communication sense along with administrative finesse. As the name suggests, Administrative assistants assist others in clerical and administrative tasks but are more than pen pushers or paper shufflers.

They have to perform routine activities such as handling calls, arranging meetings, scheduling appointments, handling mail, making travel arrangements, keeping records, preparing databases, and many more. Other than these they may also be responsible for handling financial transactions on behalf of their managers or executives.

Administrative assistants reduce the strain of multitudes of responsibilities that lie upon the employer by taking care of activities that do not require direct involvement of the manager or the official. Doing so allows the officials to focus and perform only the important jobs. The assistants act as a coordinating link between the official and the rest of the company as they often convey messages or perform tasks on behalf of their officials.

What are the essentials to being an administrative assistant? What are the techniques for work planning? What are the basics of dictation and transcription? What are the effective ways of handling and screening calls? What is the vitals of bookkeeping, planning, and scheduling? What are the ways to best maintain efficiency at work? An administrative assistant is riddled with different issues in the duration of their duty. A proficient and skilled administrative assistant will know their way around different office procedures and will ensure smooth sailing for their employer.

Zoe Talent Solutions is conscious of the organization’s search for an efficient and well trained administrative assistant and has thus introduced an Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course. This industry-relevant certification course aims for transforming administrative assistants into tech-savvy, competent professionals with a promising attitude.

The certification provides hands-on practical knowledge of office procedures needed to be carried out, skills to be developed, and how to utilise those skills in the course of executing the duties.

The participant would acquire knowledge of tried and tested techniques and trends delivered by industry experts. The certification will impart two-way benefits to the participants as well as to the organization. It will add to the participant’s qualifications and enhance their employability. As for the organization, it will gain a talented professional capable of delivering specialized job duties.

Course Objectives

Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Develop organizational skills within the participant with a view of utilising organizational resources to the optimum
  • Prepare participants to be active in situations of stress with a problem-solving mindset along with a creative approach
  • Inculcate within the participants the basics of routine tasks such as answering phone calls, taking notes, arranging meetings, etc.
  • Preparing participants for specialized job responsibilities specific to certain industries such as Administrative Assistants to financial officials will be required to understand the basics of accounting and financial management, reading financial reports, gathering financial data, and so on
  • Release the Executives and managers from the burden of cumbersome tasks that don’t involve personal interference of the manager and thus allow them to focus on the most important jobs as the support tasks would be taken care of by the administrative assistants
  • To develop the participant into a personnel who acts as a connecting link between the manager and the rest of the organization

Training Methodology

  • Interactive sessions and lectures
  • Presentations
  • Management games
  • Role playing/modeling
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Problem solving sessions

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Successful completion of the Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course will help the organization in the following ways:

  • A well trained administrative assistant will systematically perform clerical duties and thus the rest of the team, managers will be able to dedicate their time and resources solely to major functions
  • A competent Administrative Assistant will be like the face of the company who greets clients on a regular basis. Specifically, due to this reason, the training program also focuses on helping the participants develop a candid and friendly demeanour towards the clients or visitors
  • With proficient communication skills, Administrative assistants are capable of turning into the nerve centre of business communication. Communication may take place through them and they can streamline the necessary information to required authorities timely.

Personal Benefits

Successful completion of the Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course will benefit the participant at a personal level in the following ways:

  • Participants will become adept at performing office procedures through practical knowledge acquired during the course of the certification
  • Gain familiarity with various technical and computer skills
  • Develop a creative mindset that promotes innovation and problem solving
  • Gain the prestige of becoming an asset for the company, thereby boosting self-confidence
  • Enhanced skill set will increase the employability of the participants and help gain an advantage over peers

Who Should Attend?

  • Administrative assistant
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Office assistants
  • Office clerk
  • Office secretary
  • Front office managers
  • Receptionists
  • Supervisors
  • General managers
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders

Course Outline

Module 1: Need of an Administrative Assistant

  • Recognising the employers’ need
  • Getting well-versed with employer’s responsibilities
  • Job duties
  • Setting up of a workstation
  • Work planning
  • Dictation

Module 2: Telephone Handling and Etiquettes

  • Taking and screening calls
  • Taking messages
  • Telephone manners

Module 3: Handling of Mail

  • Inward and outward mail
  • Email etiquettes
  • Physical mail
  • Electronic mail

Module 4: Records Management

  • Filing system
  • Filing equipment
  • Documentation
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Module 5: Business Communication and Networking

  • Business correspondence
  • Drafting business letters
  • Internal business communication
  • Preparing business reports
  • Business networking on behalf of the employer

Module 6: Computer and Technical Skills

  • Word processing applications
  • Spreadsheets software
  • Presentation skills
  • Internet skills
  • Using the internet for research
  • Office equipment

Module 7: Introduction to Book-keeping

  • Recording financial transactions
  • Basics of accounting
  • Source documents
  • Financial statement
  • Reading financial reports

Module 8: Time Management

  • Prioritizing projects
  • Time management strategies
  • Planning ahead

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