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Assertiveness Skills and Confidence Training Course

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Course Overview

This course focuses mainly on helping you build self-confidence, communicate better and achieve goals. Assertiveness is regularly referred to as a communication skill. The course outline meets marketplace requirements, offering coverage of all training needs met in this area.

So, what is Assertiveness? Assertiveness is being able to express your thoughts and needs suitably and is an important skill. Interactions with people at home, at work, employers, customers; this skill can help you to express yourself clearly and reasonably without offending others. This means finding the balance between apathy and aggression.

This skill means standing up for yourself even in the most difficult circumstances. How can I develop my Assertive skills? It likely won’t happen immediately but, by practising these skills, you will build up the self-confidence that you need to become assertive in life. You will become more constructive and competent as well.

Self-confidence and assertiveness are the two most important skills that are essential for success in many facets of life. Your ability to make decisions, based on understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and being able to balance out your feelings, can make a substantial difference in being stress-free and enjoying your life.

The main principle to remember is that- it’s okay not to please everybody, for as long as we are not stepping on their rights. Individuals with low self-esteem look at the world as a tough place to live in and consider themselves as victims to it. Consequently, they are hesitant to express themselves due to which they miss out on life opportunities.

Do you think that you have poor self-esteem? There are several things that you can do to boost your confidence and set free from the downward spiral.

This course is designed to assist you and empower you with the knowledge that can change your outlook towards life. We can customize this course to suit the training requirement of your participants and organization.

This Zoe training course will empower you with detailed information and knowledge about being assertive. Through this course, you will not only be able to understand the importance of assertiveness but also apply it in day-to-day life.

The knowledge and exposure gained through this course will also give you the required skill to demonstrate your potential in your career opportunities for growth and progression.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to—

  • Learn the interpersonal skill of assertiveness and become self-confident
  • Recognize the main categories of behaviour and how to react to them
  • Try out the assertiveness techniques in their organizations
  • Create an action plan to build on their new skills
  • Understand the skills for a Win-Win solution
  • Learn to be better problem-solvers and managers of people

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions customises all training courses to suit the training audience and their professional backgrounds and experience. Classroom sessions with presentations by a highly experienced trainer form a major part of the training. However, trainee participation is encouraged through group discussions, troubleshooting for questions, group activities, projects, etc.

Trainees are also encouraged to share their experiences, issues, concerns and best practices from their respective organisations, which are discussed in detail by the trainer.

This course follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model like all Zoe Talent Solutions’ courses.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations will benefit in the following ways:

  • Build people managers who are more skilled and equipped to manage activities and initiatives for the organisation where assertiveness is most required
  • Perform more effective assertive tasks as per the requirements of the organisation
  • More employees with stronger emotional intelligence and confidence
  • Increased independence and better judgments by employees
  • Better employee-employer relationship management
  • Better crisis management
  • Increased transparency at workplaces

Personal Benefits

This course will benefit the participants in the following ways:

  • Helps individuals to earn self-respect and confidence
  • Better controlled emotions in stressful situations
  • Learn to set boundaries with better judgments
  • Enhanced body language and professionalism
  • A sense of balance of responsibility and accountability
  • Learning to strike a balance between passive and aggressive
  • Build a stable mindset to tackle pressure and say a ‘No’.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals looking to be more influential and take more control of their professional and personal life. Managers and leaders who would like to gain respect and have a balance between assertiveness and aggression.

Employees who would like to be more confident in achieving their desired outcome during their communication and dealings with others.

Course Outline

The course will cover the following areas that are critical to understanding the importance and effectiveness of being Assertive:

Module 1 – Behaviour Types and Management

  • Passive or submissive Behaviour
  • Passive-aggressive Behaviour
  • Aggressive Behaviour
  • Assertive Behaviour
  • Advantages, Benefits and Disadvantages of each type of behaviour
  • Internal beliefs and their influence
  • Handling different people

Module 2 – Formulating Assertive Sentences

  • Positive phrasing
  • Do’s and Don’ts of sentences
  • Body language and voice tone
  • Assertive communication etiquettes
  • Using ‘I’ statements
  • Avoiding under-valuing words and sentences
  • Escalation

Module 3 – Assertiveness Techniques

  • Good Questioning
  • Distance and personal space
  • Broken Record Technique
  • Fogging Technique
  • Assertive Body Language
  • Active Listening
  • Guiltless ‘No’

Module 4 – Characteristics of Assertive leadership

  • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Maintaining excellent relationships
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Personal and Professional development
  • Opportunities to collaborate
  • Vision and passion
  • Managing conflict
  • Honest and constructive feedback

Module 5 – Handling difficult people with Confidence and Negotiations

  • Understanding Underlying Causes
  • Establishing boundaries and setting limits
  • Taking Control of Conversations
  • Choosing the right battles
  • Negotiation Planning and Effective Negotiations
  • Personal Negotiation Skills

Module 6 – Assertiveness Tools and Strategies

  • Assertive approaches
  • Personal Level of Assertiveness
  • Levels of assertion
  • Combating Fear of Assertiveness
  • Personality Model
  • Behavioural Change Model

Module 7 – Building Confidence

  • Self-confidence Defined
  • Self-Esteem Defined
  • Confidence and Behavior
  • Situational Behavior and Impact
  • Confidence-Boosting Life Goals

Module 8 – Case Studies and Practice Sessions

  • Understanding and Recognizing People Types
  • Practising scenarios for Assertiveness
  • Walking and Talking with Confidence
  • Personal SWOT Analysis

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