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Course Overview

Valuation of banks and other financial institutions is crucial yet complicated. Their financial statements are different from those of other organisations. The approach required to model and value is very different and needs specific expertise and knowledge.

Bank valuation is an internal regulatory tool for lenders to view and predict retrievable funds in case of sale of property in a distressed state. Bank valuation is different because the outflow and inflow involve money, and hence, specialised study of this area is required.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a complete understanding and knowledge of bank modelling and valuation. Through this course, you will understand, review and execute important aspects of various functions related to bank modelling and valuation.

This Bank Modelling and Valuation Certification course will prepare you to undertake higher roles and responsibilities promoting career growth and development. It will provide you with the confidence and exposure to compete with other certified professionals at a global level, inviting further opportunities for career progression.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Bank Modelling and Valuation Certification training is to empower professionals to—

  • thoroughly understand all critical features and functions of bank modelling and valuation
  • inspect and improvise on existing systems and processes of bank modelling and valuation, to stay updated with changing demands of the market and existing competition
  • establish robust processes, documentation and systems to sustain business and continuously and frequently value one’s organisation
  • mentor existing professionals to adopt best practices for working in roles related to bank modelling and valuation
  • audit and identify major challenges that could affect bank modelling or valuation and hamper organisational development
  • compete with other certified professionals at a global level, thus fostering career progression and growth
  • contribute to organisational credibility and overall customer satisfaction and security
  • apply modern techniques and technology to enhance the efficiency and quality of bank modelling and valuation processes
  • define various roles along with their key responsibilities and key performance indicators to bring about transparency and ensure that modelling and valuation happens as per the required standards and benchmarks
  • analyse financial statements and devise strategic plans for business development and long-term business planning

Training Methodology

The approach used for training at Zoe Talent Solutions is unique because it encourages the active participation of trainees through group activities and assignments. Further, the content is thoroughly reviewed before the commencement of each training session to ensure that it is closely relevant to the professional backgrounds of the training audience.

The training is delivered by experienced professionals from the relevant field of study. To enhance the learning experience of trainees, role-plays and case study discussions are introduced into the format of training.

This format of training stands out from the conventional approaches adopted by other institutes and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefit

With professionals undertaking this Bank Modelling and Valuation course, organisations will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Effective and efficient bank modelling and valuation carried out and/or managed by experienced and trained professionals
  • Robust systems and processes, well-documented and explained, to be followed for effective operations
  • Frequent training of other employees on important concepts and best practices concerning bank modelling and valuation
  • Application of advanced technological systems to make operations leaner, contributing to operational excellence
  • Protection against major challenges and risks that could hamper bank modelling and valuation processes
  • Regular audit of existing processes and systems to ensure that they meet required standards and benchmarks
  • Competitive advantage and organisational credibility because of regular audits, effective risk management and operational excellence
  • Organisational growth and development because of seamless operation and appropriate modelling and valuation functions managed by trained, experienced professionals

Personal Benefit

Professionals opting for this Bank Modelling and Valuation training course will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Detailed understanding of banking modelling and valuation approaches and concepts
  • Increased confidence and knowledge to work with advanced technologies to make operations smarter and leaner, contributing to organisational growth and development
  • Better understanding and knowledge to train other professionals on best practices and important concepts of bank modelling and valuation
  • Greater knowledge and attention to detail to review existing processes and systems and improve them to ensure they meet market standards and benchmarks
  • Enhanced skill and capabilities to compete with other certified professionals in the market at a global level, encouraging faster career growth and progression
  • Improved foresight and perspective to identify possible risks and set plans to prevent grave impact on the organisation, thus increasing organisational credibility and development
  • Enhanced strategic and analytical skills to review and analyse financial statements and other financial instruments to devise long-term business plans for one’s organisation
  • Increased skill and potential to assume higher roles and responsibilities involving the management of various functions related to bank modelling and valuation, thereby contributing to greater opportunities for career growth and development

Who Should Attend

  • Strategic management of organisations responsible for taking high-level, growth-related decisions for the organisation
  • Managers and executives working in asset management functions
  • Investment bankers and officers who should thoroughly understand modelling and valuation processes
  • Quality managers and auditors responsible for ensuring adherence to required standards and benchmarks
  • Legal officers responsible for inspecting and settling legalities and legal issues of banks and other financial institutions
  • Bankers intending to specialise in bank modelling and valuation as careers
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about bank modelling and valuation

Course Outline

The Bank Modelling and Valuation Certification Program covers the following topics regarding bank modelling and valuation:

Module 1 – Objectives of Financial Modelling

  • Profitability planning
  • Liquidity planning
  • Credit planning
  • Valuation of companies
  • Valuation of financial instruments

Module 2 – Steps to Building a Financial Model

  • Start with historical facts
  • Isolate parameters
  • Identify cost behaviours
  • Determine inter-relationship between parameters
  • Provide a range for all parameters
  • Scenario analysis

Module 3 – Financial Statements and Their Analysis

  • Balance sheets
  • Income sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Statements of shareholders’ equity

Module 4 – Top Financial Models

  • Three statement model
  • The discounted cash flow model
  • Merger model
  • Initial public offering model
  • Leveraged buyout model
  • Sum of the parts model
  • Consolidation model
  • Budget model
  • Forecasting model
  • Option pricing model

Module 5 – Stages in Valuation Procedures

  • Preparatory stage
    • Data collection
    • Management interviews
  • Analysis stage
    • Economy and industry analysis
    • Understanding transaction background
  • Calculations stage
    • Valuation approaches
  • Final stages
    • Report preparation
    • Client presentation

Module 6 – Approaches Used in Bank Valuation

  • Asset-based approaches
  • Market approaches
  • Income approaches
  • Contingent claim valuation

Module 7 – Drivers of Bank Valuation

  • Economic growth
  • Level of nominal interest rates
  • Competition
  • Financial innovation
  • Stock market
  • Sound judgement

Module 8 – Trends to be Considered During Bank Valuation

  • Historical and expected growth
  • Competitive environment
  • Regulatory environment

Module 9 – Valuation Techniques in Investment Banking

  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Precedent transactions analysis
  • Comparable companies analysis

Module 10 – Methods to Calculate Expected Return On Equity/Discount Rate

  • Gordon growth model
  • Average profitability
  • Cost of foreign funds
  • The capital asset pricing model
  • Arbitrage pricing theory model
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)