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Course Overview

What is Office Technology? And, how good are you with your technical skills as an administrator? The position of the administrative professional has rapidly progressed over the decade with the integration of technology and office automation invades corporate lives.

Even with these changes, the primary tasks for administrators and executive assistants have remained consistent. Responsibilities like coordinating office administrative activities, responding to phone calls, handling messages and transferring of calls, scheduling event, meetings, appointments, and updating calendars, handling mails and faxes, enrolling memos, preparing reports, ensuring document accuracy, maintaining databases and filing systems whether electronic or paper, integrating information for distribution to employees and customers and performing basic bookkeeping.

With new technological enhancements in today’s modern office, an administrative professional must multi-task to fill in many roles. An administrative professional works with the management and other executives in planning, decision making, and organizational communication tasks, and needs to take full advantage of the current office technology to make things easier for all.

Technology is inevitable and is everywhere. The contemporary office is no exception to this. Nowadays, many companies view information technology as the path to achieve a competitive edge over their competitors. As a result, the position of an administrator has become even more technology-based.

To be a star administrator in today’s office environment, you will need to have exceptional oral and written communication skills, industry expertise, software knowledge, and basic hardware knowledge. Would you like to be groomed in being that star administrator in this digital age?

Whether you are entering the workforce or updating your skills, this career-focused Office Technology and Management Course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions provides vital training in business office processes, business communications, business writing, proofreading and editing, customer service skills, keyboarding and document processing, business etiquettes, problem-solving, records and data management, File management, and basic cutting-edge office software programs.

This program is designed to empower you with the knowledge necessary to achieve top-level administrative positions and help you develop the skills that are crucial to prepare you for tomorrow’s job market.

Course Objectives

By the close of the Office Technology and Management Course, participants of this course will be able to:

  • Characterize the importance and new roles of Office Executive and Administrators
  • Learn the use of technology to achieve maximum productivity
  • Learn the use of technology to network and connect with the office and customers
  • Demonstrate the skills to use a variety of software applications
  • Use applications and technology to create, design, and format documents
  • Create and edit printed and electronic business communications
  • Perform and scrutinize basic office accounting duties and tasks
  • Develop basic technical skills in word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, database, and information management
  • Demonstrate keyboard and data entry skills
  • Increase customer service performance and impact through the efficient use of technology
  • Have a better command on written English by the use of technology and Softwares
  • Develop critical-thinking skills for a modern office setting
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal, social media and networking skills

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on the Office Technology and Management Course for individuals looking to upgrade themselves and better position themselves for tomorrow’s job market.

This workshop is a very practical and interactive session as participants will share their office challenges and learn technical knowledge to simplify and better the office processes. This is an intensive and technical program. Customized technology-specific topics can be organized to achieve organizational training requirements.

At Zoe Talent Solutions training programs, we follow the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model, and participants are required to get their laptops to have practical experience of the learnings.

Organisation Benefit

Organizational benefits of participants who take part in this Office Technology and Management Course will be as below:

  • There is automation in business processes
  • It makes work faster and saves time for other tasks
  • There is a great efficiency of office operations
  • It encourages innovation and creativity among the administrators
  • There is a better inter-departmental coordination
  • Technology brings in uniformity and consistency at work
  • It ensures ‘almost perfect’ accuracy in the jobs done
  • Efficiency increases profits for the business
  • There is better communication with customers
  • There is a competitive advantage in the industry
  • Increase in customer satisfaction levels is noticed
  • There is increased mobility and flexibility
  • There is a feeling of motivation among employees when using new technology

Personal Benefit

Participants who enroll in this Office Technology and Management Program will benefit in the below ways:

  • The communication gets more effective and clear
  • There is increased knowledge and opportunities
  • Individuals save time while doing their tasks
  • There is an improved work-life balance
  • Access to information  and knowledge is more easily available
  • Individuals develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Individuals can access data from anywhere and there is an ease of Mobility
  • Better technology can bring in cost efficiency
  • Individuals become more innovative in many areas of their life
  • They tend to learn better techniques with the use of technology

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for all individuals working in office environments to enhance their practices and develop their skills for better performance. This training program is a must for individuals who fill in the below roles:

Course Outline

Below is the curse outline and the topics that would be covered during the Office Technology and Management Training Course:

Module 1: Office Technology: Introduction

  • Office Technology: Foundations
  • Use of Technology to Get Things Done
  • Office automation control system
  • Operating Efficiently in the Workplace
  • AI and Automations
  • Heading towards a Paperless system
  • Digital Transformation
  • Using Smart Apps for effective communication
  • Office Process Re-engineering
  • Office Change Management

Module 2: Basic Office Roles and Technology

  • Processing mails: Basics
  • Email systems and etiquette
  • Telephonic systems and etiquette
  • Enhanced written and oral communication skills
  • Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, Emails
  • Business Documents- Letters and Memos
  • Meetings Documents- Agenda, Meeting Minutes and Schedules
  • National and International travel arrangements
  • Travel Documents- Expense Reports and Travel Itineraries
  • Proofreading and editing business documents

Module 3: Advanced Office Roles and Technology

  • Event Planning and Project Management
  • Use of MS Outlook and functions
  • Keyboard Techniques and Data Entry
  • Keyboarding Techniques
  • Reading technical passages and letters
  • Copying and photocopying equipment and applications
  • Use of Smart Phones and social networking Apps
  • Synchronizing Smart Phones with your Computer

Module 4: Understanding Computer Essentials

  • Computer Basics
  • Understanding Operating systems
  • Understanding hardware essentials
  • Organizing and managing files and folders
  • Understanding the Internet
  • Browsers and Search engines
  • Problem-solving and research via the Internet

Module 5: Implementation of Office Technology

  • Office Technology: Creating the need
  • Planning and set-up: Nature of work
  • Budgeting: Core business and Priorities
  • Office layout and ergonomics
  • Desk Management
  • Overuse and Misuse of technology
  • Maximizing the use of office technology
  • Implementation and Training
  • Maintenance and IT support

Module 6: Customer Service: Moving to the Next Level

  • Integrating technologies with customer service
  • Business Professionalism
  • The polished digital media presentation
  • Cascading sensitive communications via electronic mediums
  • Using technology towards Customer Happiness
  • “Customer is Always Right” Philosophy
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Customer Service Representative challenges
  • Upgrading the Customer service approach

Module 7: Technology: Word Processing Applications

  • Word Processing program: Basic formatting features
  • Document creation and saving information
  • Using tools in Word for effective data processing
  • System File Management
  • File Formats and Editing Documents
  • Document Page layouts
  • Formatting Document text
  • Creating tables and using data
  • Using graphics that make sense
  • Working with Hyperlinks

Module 8: Technology: Spreadsheet Applications

  • Working with Worksheets and Workbooks in Excel
  • Using predefined Excel templates
  • Entering and editing data in worksheets
  • Formatting cell contents
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Working with rows and columns
  • Functions: Freeze, Hide/Unhide, Filter, Tables
  • Working with basic formulas
  • Understanding basic mathematical operations
  • Presentation of statistical information
  • Read, analyze, and interpreting graphs

Module 9: Technology: Presentations Applications

  • Preparing Powerful Presentations
  • Printing presentations and handouts
  • Presentation themes
  • Use of Art, Graphics, and Videos
  • Organizing the slide Layout
  • Managing slide Master
  • Creating charts and tables
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Death by Presentation Theory
  • Ground rules of presentations

Module 10: Office Accounting and Records Management

  • Records Management, Database and Data Analytics
  • Information and Data Management
  • Filing and Digitalizing Hard Copies
  • Indexing, Archiving, and Retrieving Data and Documents
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Computerized patient Information and Billing Practices
  • Importance of timekeeping and billing
  • Drafting legal documents: Use of document assembly software
  • Automated Accounting and Payroll
  • Handling Office Finances and Petty Cash
  • Analyzing and Journalizing Transactions: QuickBooks, Peachtree

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