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Course Overview

It is critical for any business to understand the concepts and business needs for communicating the needs and developing the effective specification.  The business needs to plan out the bidding process to derive the best outputs and also be aware of the legalities and practical issues regarding the tendering process. Apprising the various stakeholders about the actions and also should plan for risk management should the unforeseen circumstances occur.

This Zoe training course will empower you with accurate information at the different stages of the tendering process such as inviting bids, selecting criteria & weightings, evaluating of tenders, shortlisting, awarding the successful tender, debriefing, auditing, transparency and probity.

Course Objectives

By the end of ‘Bid, Tender and Specification Writing Course’, you will be able to:

  • Understand the criteria constituting the formation of a contract
  • Learn the essentials of making an Effective Bid Management
  • Be informed of the legal status of invitation to tender
  • Be aware of legal issues in the tender process
  • Understand the process of contracting and documentations
  • Know the legal obligations of owner and bidders
  • Obtain understanding on drafting specifications in Bid Preparation
  • Ethical conduct on the Bidding process
  • Acquire the principles of evaluation of tenders
  • Sharing the best practices on Tender and Bid Management

Who Should Attend?

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions develops courses to cater to a broad audience. Before each training session, the course is meticulously reviewed to check for relevance to the audience. Training is delivered by a highly experienced professional in the related domain, using audio-visual presentations.

Trainee involvement is encouraged through group assignments and projects. Role-plays and relevant case study discussions boost the relevance to the topic. Experiential learning is encouraged as well.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

Professionals attending this course, organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • Know how to tender and how to bid
  • Be mindful of legal issues in the tender process
  • Acquire the principles of evaluation of tenders
  • Understand and Know the process contracting and documentations
  • Determine real needs, document requirements and write specifications
  • Develop their communication, stakeholder management and negotiation skills

Personal Benefits

Professionals enrolling for this course will benefit as follows:

  • Gain understanding on drafting specifications in Request for Tender (RFT)
  • Be informed of the legal status of invitation to tender
  • Understand the rules, regulations and guidelines to follow in bidding and tendering
  • Look at the Bid and Tender process from both a buyer and a supplier perspective
  • Identify potential suppliers and potential customers
  • Learn the essentials of making a contract

Course Outline

Module1- Introduction to Specification

  • Understanding Business needs
  • Cross functions inputs to specification
  • Stakeholders inputs to be considered in specification
  • EBI & ESI
  • Types of Specification:
  • Conformance Specifications
  • The technical specification for product and service
  • Performance Specification
  • Pro and Cons of Conformance and Performance Specification
  • Use of Standards in Specification

Module 2 – Developing Sustainable Specifications

  • Incorporating – HSE considerations when developing the specification
  • Context of Right Specification to meet the business needs
  • Consequences of wrong/inadequate specification
  • Developing KPI’s and SLA’s
  • Use of Benchmarking to develop effective specifications

     Module 3 – Pre-Tender Assessments

  • The rationale for Tendering Process
  • Anti-competitive agreement (Competition laws)
  • Collusive Tendering and Bid-Rigging
  • Transparency & corruption
  • The Scope of the Contract (Scoping)
  • Type & Quality of Goods and Services required
  • Mode of Delivery of Services
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Construction/ Works / Service contracts
  • Factors affecting the contract
  • Cost, complexity
  • Project drivers
  • Time constraints

    Module 4 – Introduction to Tender

  • Strategies governing Tender
  • Tendering governance in Procurement Policy and Procedures
  • Type of Tenders
  • Tender Working Group
  • Cross functional input to Tender
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Invitation to Bids – ITT/ IFB
  • Preparation of Pre-qualification process
  • Developing on the RACI Matrix

   Module 5 – Defining Tender Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Presents the Goal of Evaluation and Selection Methods
  • Provides A List of Policies and Related Legislation
  • Stresses the Departmental Guiding Principles and Best Procurement Practices
  • Defines the Role and Responsibilities of Personnel Involved Within the Evaluation and Contractor Methodology Process Identifying the Requirements to Prepare the Bid Solicitation Document
  • Discusses the Structure and Content of The SOW Provided by The Client
  • Explores the Importance of The Requirement Definitions
  • Exploring the Time line before

  Module 6 – Detailed List of Elements of a Bid Solicitation Document

  • Define Players and Responsibilities of The Bid Evaluation Team
  • Technical criterion
  • Commercial criterion
  • Joint Evaluation Matrix
  • Key Principles in the Evaluation of Tenders
  • How to Evaluate Non-Price Criteria
  • Clarifying Tender Submissions that may be unclear
  • The weighting of Criteria and Scoring
  • Pre-Tender negotiation
  • Post Tender negotiation
  • LOI / Contract Finalization
  • Process of De-briefing

Module 7 – Evaluating the Bid Responses

  • Explores in Depth the Evaluation Process
  • Presents Examples of Bid Scoring Grids and The Evaluation Summary Report
  • Introduces Negotiation Procedures
  • Discusses the Options of Bypassing, Cancelling, Reissuing and Extending Bids
  • Lists the Considerations Prior To Awarding A Contract and Most Common Complaints
  • Provides an Introduction and Lessons Learned from Past Bid Challenges
  • Review of Bids and Recommend the Awards

  Module 8 – Cost Plus Evaluation and Principles on Contract & Negotiations

  • Cost Plus Factors
  • Fixed Price Mechanism
  • Negotiation in Price and Contract Terms
  • Introduction to Contract
  • Indemnities & Liabilities
  • Contract Management

Module 9 – Risk Management in Tender Bidding Process

  • Binding Process Contract
  • Non-binding relationship
  • Flexibility within the Tender Guidelines / Specifications
  • Documentation
  • Diligence in Drafting Tender Documents
  • Fair & Equal Treatment to all Bidders in Tender Process
  • Training to highlight Risks
  • Misrepresentations to Bidders and Tenderers
  • Reducing risk being non-compliant bids

Module 10 – Sharing Best Practices in Bidding

  • How to Win Bids? What 7 things client wants …
  • Bid or No Bid?
  • What is the strongest strategic tool?
  • Guidelines for Bidding
  • Points to look out for in Tender Documents
  • Managing Bid & Bidding team
  • 6 Key features of bid summary
  • Sharing Ethical Moral principles
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