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Business Development Manager Training Course

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Course Overview

What is the difference between Sales and Business Development? It is more than often misunderstood that Sales and Business Development are the same. While sales are one of the most important aspects of Business Development, but it is way more than just sales numbers.

It is a long term strategy that ensures business profitability, takes new initiatives, increases client stickiness and converts new prospects. Companies need to carve out a business development strategy that aligns with the organisation and establish a business development institution that cuts across all departments.

But having said that, where do company’s actually start? How do they align the company’s values in business development practices? How companies can not only generate but also converts leads?

These are just some samples of the queries that any company would have for their business development team and strategy. The business development efforts are to be looked at from a strategic perspective rather than a transactional perspective.

The Zoe training course will equip you with the core concepts of Business Development and how to manage it with the right techniques and managerial framework. This course will also give deep insights into the best practices followed globally by the most successful companies in the world.

This course will translate the theory-based learning to a practice-based approach thus transforming you into a true Business Development Manager who not only knows to chalk out the right strategies but also know how to deliver results.

Course Objectives

Post completing this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Understand in details what exactly Business development in the current environment means
  • Changing the landscape of the business development and understand best practices from the leaders
  • Know the core principles of Business Development Management with an approach to apply it
  • Along with knowing new price communication methods, get to know the core of communication and other techniques that have stood the test of time
  • Position of Business Development and strategy as a way of increasing/defending market share and profitability
  • Shift from Tactical Business development to a more Strategic Business development approach
  • Measure the efforts through managerial tools
  • Using the latest tool and tech in the remote working environment
  • Have a multidisciplinary mind-set

Training Methodology

The certification course shall comprise of the following training methods:

  • Interactive Sessions and Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions / Role Plays
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Peer Learning
  • Hands-on use of latest tools

Similar to all Zoe training courses, this course will also follow the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Employees taking up the Business Development Manager Certification Training Course will benefit the organisation in various ways like:

  • Understanding why Business Development is way more than Sales
  • Equip your Business development managers and employees with the right managerial skills and frameworks to act upon
  • Align business development efforts across the functions and have an Omni-channel approach
  • Start measuring business development related KPIs which are more than just sales figure but will also include other parameters like CLV, Customer churn, Cross/Upsell
  • Analyse the competitors more holistically
  • Know the best practices
  • Understand and target your customers better with the right business development strategy that works towards increasing/defending market share
  • Align business development strategy with the company’s vision and mission

Personal Benefits

  • Become more relevant in the current changing Business Development landscapes
  • Know the real meaning of Business Development specific terminologies
  • Identify the current business development challenges and address them with the latest techniques, management tools and frameworks
  • Devise new business development strategies that work best for your organisation
  • Collaborate more with the internal departments and external sales agencies working for your organisation
  • Effectively track your business development initiatives in the competitive landscape
  • Get to know the best Brand Practices in and around you and relate them to your business development strategy

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Marketing leaders / CMO/ CXOs
  • Business Development manager
  • Head of Business Development / Sales
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales Analyst
  • Client service manager
  • Manager of a contact centre
  • Advertising experts
  • PR Professionals
  • New Business Owners
  • Brand Influencers
  • Start-up founders

Module 1: The Truth about Business Development in today’s world

  • Why converting a lead is more important than generating one?
  • Set expectation based on the client and not the organisation
  • Why technology is not a foe but a friend?
  • Importance of Word of mouth in Business Development
  • Why Recruiting is now a part of Business Development
  • Keeping Social-Media in your arsenal
  • Handling complaints is now more important than ever.
  • How to be a trustworthy business development manager?

Module 2: Mastering the most important tools and techniques for Business Development

  • Focusing on making the business profitable and not only winning business
  • How pricing can be communicated effectively?
  • Why values and service of the offering need to communicated differently?
  • Benchmarking the competition on Price
  • How to use discounts and deals effectively for profitability and not just increasing the business?
  • Evaluate various pricing methods

Module 3: Converting leads into a profitable business

  • The 5 steps of converting a lead
  • Sales funnelling
  • Handling enquiries
  • Converting enquiries into leads
  • Capturing feedback in each step of conversion
  • How to take a call and say ‘No/Yes’?
  • Overview of Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV)

Module 4: Increasing customer stickiness

  • Why it is important to make more business from existing clients?
  • Different ways to know your clients – both through process and research
  • Differentiating between high touch clients and one-off clients
  • How to use the model of referral from your existing clients?
  • How to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers?
  • Keeping clients happy – in an ethical way!

Module 5: What Skills are important for a Business Development Manager?

  • Skill 1: Sales Skills – Ensuring you do the most important task of selling
  • Skill 2: Writing Skills – From gathering client requirement, feedback, enquiries, this skill will help you document
  • Skill 3: Communication Skill – This skill is important considering presentation is an important aspect of a business development manager
  • Skill 4: Negotiation Skill – Hard and Soft negotiation both for your clients and your organisation
  • Skill 5: Persuasion Skill – Helps understand more from your client and ensure repeat business

Module 6: How to execute?

  • Avoid getting into the trap of ‘Analysis-Paralysis’ and focus on execution
  • Have your business priorities first
  • How to always plan for contingency?
  • How to extract assistance from various stakeholders?
  • How to track the progress through the CRM solution of your organisation?
  • How to have tangible targets for your priorities?
  • Ensuring consistency in business development in remote working

Module 7: Identifying the key responsibilities of a business development manager

  • How to work with other internal departments?
  • Maintaining the cycle of the business development process
  • Focus on key systems involved in business development and enhance them
  • How to effectively delegate?
  • Importance of regular reviews
  • How to work closely with the marketing, brand and PR team of the organisation for enhancing your business development strategy?


Module 8: Integrating Business Development

  • Why business development is an organisation vide initiative?
  • How to link business development efforts with the organisation’s goals, mission and vision?
  • Why proper internal communication of business development is important?
  • Showcasing strong leadership qualities in delivering not just sales but value to the organisation
  • Keeping the company’s belief and values in the centre of business development strategy

Participant Reviews
Aljohara Alsheikh
Zoe Talent Solution is an excellent and professional building organization I will recommend at any time for capacity development, mentoring and coaching to any institution. I just took The Business Development Manager training course in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I was honoured to meet and be taught by talented professional Achraf El Azzouzi. His teaching methods, knowledge, and techniques are outstanding 😍. A special huge thanks to Mevrick 👏🏼 for his continuous support throughout my experience. Starting from my registration process till after receiving my certification. He ensured that my journey went well and smoothly, worth protecting its image and competitiveness. The training course I undertook, ably facilitated and delivered by George Wentworth, backed by Lijo, in Minneapolis for two weeks, was timely and exemplary packaged for my work. The approach and training environment were friendly but professional, and I am satisfied with the quality and knowledge gained from the training.
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