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Business Networking Training Course

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Course Overview

Business enterprises don’t operate in isolation. They are vital players of any economic sphere. They interact with other businesses and commercial units continuously and their functions are intertwined together.

Thus, operating in an open system, it becomes necessary to build a strong healthy relationship with all players in the market to grow in the industry. Business networking takes care of this dimension of an organization.

Business networking involves making dependable and trusting connections with possible clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in a way that benefits the organization in a long run. In this information age, business networking has become a vital part of every organization.

How do you keep yourself informed of the latest trends in the market? How to search for opportunities in the market? How to find potential customers and suppliers? How to get access to resource persons that could provide valuable guidance for the business? How to make your organization more visible in the industry? All these issues are dealt with through business networking.

Business networking helps generate sales, especially for budding businesses through word of mouth. Side-lining the function of business networking can prove to be detrimental to the overall health of any organization.

Through Zoe’s Business Networking training course businesses and professionals can gain important skills that will allow them to excel in the field of business networking.

This course accentuates important aspects of business networking and instils in participants how they can build a trusting relationship with various associates in the industry.

This course provides knowledge of various models, tools and techniques used in business networking. It also focuses on how digitalisation can enhance business networks for an organization.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this Business Networking training course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the foundation of business networking
  • Understand various tools & techniques of business networking as well as their applicability in business situations
  • Using business networking for lead generation
  • Make themselves more noticeable in business through skills acquired
  • Maintain long-standing relationships in the industry that will help in the creation of a strong network for the organization

Training methodology

  • Interactive lectures
  • Presentations
  • Role-playing/modelling
  • On-field exercise
  • Management Games
  • Group discussions
  • Case studies
  • Brainstorming sessions

Organisational Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course participants shall benefit their organization in the following ways:

  • Organizations will be able to create mutually beneficial relationships with important players in the industry
  • Employees equipped with networking skills will be able to generate useful leads
  • It will help in increasing sales through word of mouth and referrals
  • Pragmatic business advice and guidance can be obtained from industry gurus and experts
  • It will help organizations stand out in the market and increase their business presence

Personal Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course participants shall benefit on a personal level in the following ways:

  • Develop proficient communication skills that will help them in establishing contact with various professionals
  • Identify growth opportunities available in the market
  • Help in developing self-confidence
  • Gain from the expertise and experience of industry heads and leaders
  • Learning how to make a big impact in a small span of time

Who should attend?

  • Budding entrepreneurs and new business owners
  • Start-up founders
  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Relationship managers
  • PR professionals
  • Event organizers

Course Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Business networking

  • What are a business networking and its need?
  • Benefits of business networking
  • Types of business networking- casual contacts, professional associations
  • Networking organizations
  • Understanding business concepts:
    • supply chain, customer relationship management, existing information system

Module 2: Building an efficient network

  • Establishing networking goals and expectations
  • Lead generation
  • Face-to-Face networking
  • Using networking to promote business
  • Finding reliable and dependable suppliers
  • Open networking
  • Networking strategies

Module 3: Networking on Social Media and Online

  • Building presence online
  • Joining networking platforms and communities
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Different networking platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc
  • Digital networking

Module 4: Developing communication skills

  • Types of communication channels
  • Types of communication network:
  • Single strand, grapevine, wheel
  • Using formal communication to reach contacts
  • Understanding various communication models
  • Linear model, interactive model, transactional model
  • Types of communication barriers
  • Developing presentation skills
  • Developing a pitch, elevator pitch

Module 5: Networking methods and strategies

  • Attending conferences, seminars, webinars
  • Organizing events, inviting prominent speakers and guests
  • Understanding the importance of word of mouth
  • Cold calling/emailing
  • Job fairs
  • Approaching online
  • Strategically positioning yourself

Module 6: Developing networking skills

  • Understanding the role of psychology and motivation in networking
  • Understanding the difference between face-to-face networking and virtual networking
  • Common networking mistakes
  • Behavioural styles
  • Creating a referral generation strategy

Module 7: Evaluating business networking and follow-up

  • Analysing internal and external business networking
  • Forms of networking: operational, personal, strategic
  • Identify issues in maintaining networking relationships such as the size of partners, diversity of partners
  • Linking incentives with lead generation
  • Network relationship management
  • Customer relationship management: IDIC model, QCI model, Payne’s five forces model

Module 8: Global practices of Business Networking

  • International networking
  • Applicability of networking approaches in real business situations
  • Case studies

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