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Business Process Analysis and Modelling Training Course

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17 Jun - 21 Jun, 2024Live Online5 Days$2050Register
04 Aug - 12 Aug, 2024Live Online7 Days$2867Register
02 Sep - 06 Sep, 2024Live Online5 Days$2050Register
25 Nov - 29 Nov, 2024Live Online5 Days$2050Register
23 Dec - 27 Dec, 2024Live Online5 Days$2050Register
14 Jul - 01 Aug, 2024Riyadh15 Days$13500Register
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11 Nov - 15 Nov, 2024Singapore5 Days$5125Register
09 Dec - 13 Dec, 2024Johannesburg5 Days$4345Register

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Course Overview

Do you want to improve the health and process efficiency of your business?

Do you want your business processes to achieve better business results?

Every business is on the look-out for efficient ways to get their work done. Customised way of doing things may hamper its progress. That is where Business Process Analysis and Modelling rescue the businesses. So, what is Business Process Analysis and Modelling?

Business Process Analysis and Modelling is an essential element of Business Process Redesign (BPR) and other related business process initiatives. It assesses the current processes of an enterprise, improves them, and automates them to achieve the goals of the organisation. These initiatives could be related to re-engineering, systems development, quality management and continuous process improvement.

This training course on Business Process Analysis and Modelling by ZOE Talent Solutions will empower the delegates to acquire the knowledge and skills to correctly model the business processes to improve not only the operations of the company but, also increase its competitiveness, efficiency, alleviate cost and enhance customer and employee satisfaction, thus ensure the success of your organisation’s blueprint.

Course Objectives

By the end of ‘Business Process Analysis and Modelling Training Course’, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of business processes analysis and modelling
  • Understand their components
  • Diagnose the health of a process for business
  • Analyse the requirements of the customer’s processes
  • Understand and apply the concepts, and techniques of process analysis
  • Accurately define the processes using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)
  • Develop the architecture of the business process
  • Identify the metrics of business process performance
  • Use process improvement techniques to transform business processes
  • Practice a Framework for Process Improvement
  • Identify and define complex business process steps
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential improvements
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions proposed

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent Solutions, offer a highly interactive presentation which is followed by experiential learning workshop. This is further complemented by the inclusion of several management games, paper-pencil exercises, activities, role plays, videos, and robust practice sessions. You get an opportunity to learn by other means as group work, individual work, participant discussion, facilitator interaction, and constructive feedback.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of Do-Review-Learn-Apply.

Organisational Benefits

The benefits of this training program for the organisations are as follows:

  • Develop a process-oriented culture
  • Management of conflict by identifying the roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate continuous improvement at each step in the enterprise
  • Achieve competitiveness in the marketplace

Personal Benefits

This training program will equip you with the literacy in business process analysis and modelling as follows:

  • A clear understanding of the concept, terms, tools, and techniques to apply to their business and work area
  • Understand the best practices for business process analysis and modelling
  • Accurately analyse and model the detailed workflow
  • Contribute effectively to the business initiatives for business process improvement
  • Develop skills to accurately model the architecture of the business processes for the organisation
  • Systematic implementation of the improved processes
  • Improved productivity

Who Should Attend?

Zoe Talent Solutions recommends this course for

  • Business Managers
  • Business Process Analysts
  • Business and Systems Analysts
  • BPM Project Team Members
  • Process Champions
  • Process Owners
  • IT Professionals
  • BPM Project Leaders
  • Quality Specialists
  • Team members – Quality Team
  • Database Administrators
  • Systems Analysts
  • Anyone who is responsible for handling quality in the department/s

Course Outline

This training program will include the following modules for a better understanding and application:


  • Overview and the concept of Business Processes
  • Benefits of Business Process Analysis
  • Types of Business Processes
  • Understand how to diagnose the business processes for improvement


  • Concept and benefits of BPM
  • Road map for Business Analysis
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Documenting the business knowledge
  • Choosing a framework for BPM


  • Understand how to develop Business Process Models using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)
  • Tools, mechanics, and events of BPM
  • Workflow management
    • Techniques – ANSI, Swim Lane, Business Process Diagrams, UML, SIPOC, and Value Stream Maps
    • Visual representation of current business processes (AS IS) using the various workflow analysis techniques
      • Understand the reasons for creating AS IS diagrams and models
    • Discuss the appropriate level of detailing required for each model
    • Review guidelines for visual process representation
      • Understanding the business rules when eliciting business process requirements
      • Understanding the Decision Model, decision tables, decision trees for complex business rules
      • Use data to analyse information
      • Identify and collate metrics to establish the business process baseline
  • Validate the business process model
  • Business Rules engine
    • Form generator
    • Collaboration
    • Analytics
    • Integration
  • Elements and symbols of BPMN using the modelling processes
    • Flow objects
      • Events
      • Activities
      • Gateways
    • Connecting objects
      • Sequence flow
      • Message flow
      • Association
    • Swimlanes
      • Pool or lane
    • Artifacts
      • Data object, group, annotation
  • Understanding how to use them
  • Handing Process Exceptions


  • The Business Process Architecture
  • Identifying and diagnosing Process Customers and Gaps
  • Challenging rules of Business Legacy
  • Diagnosing Health Process
  • Process Performance Analysis
  • Identifying Process Enablers


  • Identifying and Documenting Business Knowledge
  • Identifying and Documenting Business Processes
  • Identifying areas of improvement using Process Models
  • Transitioning from AS-IS to TO-BE Models
  • Documenting Improvements using Process Models
  • Implementing Improved Processes
  • Choosing the right tool for Modelling


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