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Certificate in Fundraising and Grants Management Training Course

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Course Overview

Fundraising and Grants Management refers to established mechanisms and processes that national governments and their development partners agree on to maximise the effectiveness of external aid for development at national or sector levels.

It is a subset of development coordination. On that note, development coordination refers to a combination of aid coordination and national government systems, such as policy creation and implementation, governance, accountability, etc., which ultimately deliver development results.

Need for aid coordination has become a recurrent theme in recent discussions and strategic meetings of national and international aid agencies. Donor coordination has gained importance in order to make aid more effective in developing organisations.

A recent suggestion was the development of partnerships by donor organisations, aligning to the policies and institutions of recipient organisations and harmonising aid procedures. These partnerships are developed between donor and recipient governments or between donors and civil society.

Increased and better coordination between donor governments and multilateral aid organisations could make global development assistance more effective and efficient. Fundraising is a means to raise funds or other resources.

It is also referred to as the efforts and activities undertaken to garner the interests of potential investors. Fundraising is an extremely important initiative undertaken to help sponsor a cause of goodwill or charity and help balance the quality of life and distribution of wealth within a nation.

Fundraising has various sources, such as grants from agencies, foundations and corporations; individuals and through sales and services. Funds are raised through various innovative and appropriate channels such as special events, focused campaigns, relationship building and networking events, professional fundraisers, etc.

For maximum effectiveness, choosing the most appropriate event or method for a particular cause is extremely important as not all causes can be met through all events or methods. Maintaining transparency in the usage of funds and publishing reports to relevant stakeholders helps garner trusts and future commitment from donors.

This Zoe training course will empower you with complete knowledge and information about Fundraising and Grants Management. It will provide you with the necessary experience, perspective and skill to undertake critical roles in aid coordination and/or fundraising, thus helping your organisation achieve its objectives and paving a path for your growth and progression.

The knowledge gained about international organisations involved in raising and coordinating aid will also increase your skill set, capability and preparedness to be able to be part of these known organisations in future.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to empower professionals with—

  • Additional knowledge and information about aid coordination and fundraising from donor organisations
  • the required exposure to international aid and aid-providing/coordinating organisations, thus increasing knowledge and potential to be part of these renowned organisations in future
  • the required information about important principles of aid coordination and fundraising to derive maximum benefit from these processes
  • the required understanding of the different types of aid to enable successful achievement of the end objective by employing correct means and methods for coordination, collection and delivery
  • Managing Grants Lifecyle
  • Write winning Grants Application
  • the capability and confidence to contribute to developing organisations and nations as well as the underprivileged through effective aid coordination and fundraising
  • the necessary exposure to partake or independently drive events and activities for raising funds from donor organisations or other forums for charitable purposes
  • the necessary skill, experience, exposure and confidence to undertake critical roles in aid coordination and fundraising for the organisation, thus proving potential and achieving rapid career progression and development

Training Methodology

Like all Zoe Talent Solutions’ courses, the training method for this course is flexible and customisable according to the professional experience of the audience and their roles in their respective organisations.

A highly experienced trainer delivers the course content through a presentation, and trainee participation is fostered through group debates, contests, presentations, role-plays, active and relevant case study discussions, etc. Experiential learning receives prime focus and attention.

This course follows Zoe Talent Solutions’ Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals attending this course, their organisations will benefit in the following ways:

  • Experienced and trained employees to carry out aid coordination and/or fundraising for developing organisations and nations
  • Faster and more appropriate aid coordination efforts and fundraising activities and methods
  • Greater aid or help and/or funds available for use by developing organisations and nations
  • Better compliance and alignment with international aid coordination and fundraising organisations
  • Get success on your Grants Application
  • Greater credibility and brand image because of help provided to those in need or for a charitable cause
  • Better alignment with organisational or national plans to avoid loss or disruption of usual business or government operations, respectively
  • Improved harmonisation and coordination among organisations and countries
  • Recognition at an international level or platform
  • Compliance with international standards

Personal Benefits

Through this course, professionals will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased understanding and knowledge of aid coordination and/or fundraising from donor organisations
  • Greater understanding and more information about internationally renowned aid coordination and/or fundraising organisations, thus increasing opportunities for future participation in these
  • Detailed understanding of purposes of aid coordination and methods of fundraising to be able to derive maximum benefit from these
  • Enhanced skillset and greater experience to undertake critical roles in one’s organisation and contribute to the success of its aid coordination or fundraising initiatives, thus fostering career growth and progression
  • Greater ability, exposure and perspective to contribute to developing organisations and nations and to the underprivileged
  • Become an expert in Grants Management – End to end Grants Lifecycle
  • Increased confidence and exposure to successfully and independently drive events and activities for raising funds for a noble cause and to help fight local problems and poverty, thus increasing the credibility and image of one’s organisation at an international level

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior members and top management of donor organisations and governments who need to understand the importance of appropriate aid coordination and fundraising
  • Non-for-profit and non-governmental organisations who need to thoroughly understand fundraising and the best ways to achieve maximum benefit in this
  • Account managers and financial advisors responsible for advising organisation management of monetary and other resource contributions to charity or developing organisations or nations
  • Event managers and organisers who may be recruited for organising charitable or special events for a particular cause
  • Human resource professionals and organisational committees responsible for conducting corporate and social responsibility activities
  • Members of internationally renowned aid coordination and fundraising organisations who need further understand best practices of involving more donor organisations and nations
  • Any other professional who would like to know more about aid coordination or fundraising from donor organisations

Course Outline

The course will cover the following areas critical to understanding ‘Fundraising and Grants Management’:

Module 1 – Principles of Effective Aid Coordination

  • Efficiency
  • Alignment with national planning
  • Flexibility to establish donor coordination groups
  • Compliance with international standards and guidelines
  • Involvement of national leadership and display of ownership
  • Improved harmonisation and coordination

Module 2 – Factors for Aid Classification

  • Intended purpose
  • Terms or conditions of receipt
  • Sources
  • Urgency

Module 3 – Different Types of Foreign Aid

  • Bilateral aid
  • Military aid
  • Multilateral aid
  • Humanitarian assistance

Module 4 – Advantages of Foreign Aid

  • Helps fight local problems more effectively
  • Creates an independent world
  • Benefits donor nations
  • Stops effects of poverty
  • Creates a positive relationship
  • Saves lives

Module 5 – Disadvantages of Foreign Aid

  • No guarantee of benefit
  • May lead to display of favouritism
  • Often under-utilised
  • Can create dependency
  • Donor interference in governance
  • Can perpetuate conflicts
  • No consistent relationship with investment and growth
  • Can eliminate free market price controls
  • Can affect global trade
  • Can be used for future influence
  • Can increase local costs for basic supplies
  • Can be destructive on the local environment

Module 6 – Obstacles to Donor/Aid Coordination

  • Division of labour issues
  • Political concerns about direct budget support
  • Lack of inter-agency coordination
  • Personal disincentives

Module 7 – Sources of Fundraising

  • Grants from agencies, foundations and corporations
  • Individual donors
  • Sales and services

Module 8 – Methods of Fundraising

  • Special events
  • Donor relationship and cultivation
  • Capital and comprehensive campaigns
  • Accountable fundraising
  • Professional fundraising

Module 9 – Best Practices of Fundraising

  • Use credible, cost-effective fundraising methods
  • Be accountable
  • Respond quickly to questions and complaints
  • Publish annual reports
  • Update paper work
  • Express gratitude

Module 10 – Deterrents to Fundraising

  • Lack of patience
  • Insufficient planning
  • Poor communication
  • Poor networking
  • Lack of appeal/credibility
  • Lack of long-term planning

Module 11 – Grants Lifecycle

  • Pre-Award activities
  • Planning
  • Proposal Submission
  • Award of Grant
  • Post-Award activities
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Amendments
  • Reporting
  • Close out

Module 12 – Elements of Grants Application

  • Grants Preparation and Planning
  • Developing Goals, and Objectives
  • Finalizing and Submitting Grants Application

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