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Course Overview

What is Grants Management? Grants Management are established mechanisms and processes that national governments and their development partners agree on to maximise the effectiveness of external aid for development at national or sector levels.

It is a subset of development coordination like policy creation and implementation, governance, accountability, etc., which ultimately produce and deliver development results.

This Zoe course will explore the fact that the need for aid coordination and/or partnerships has become a recurrent theme in recent discussions and strategic meetings of national and international aid agencies. Donor coordination has gained prominence in order to make aid more effective in developing organisations.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this Certificate in Grants Management Training Course is to empower professionals with—

  • Additional knowledge and information about aid coordination
  • The necessary exposure to international aid and aid-providing/coordinating organisations, thus enhancing knowledge and potential to be part of these renowned organisations in future
  • The required information about important principles of aid coordination to derive maximum benefit from these processes
  • The essential understanding of the different types of aid to enable successful achievement of the end objective by employing correct means and methods for coordination
  • Managing Grants Lifecycle

Training Methodology

Like all Zoe Talent Solutions’ courses, Experiential learning obtains prime focus and attention. However, the training method is flexible and customisable according to the professional experience of the audience and their roles in their respective organisations.

A highly experienced trainer delivers the course and trainee participation is fostered through group debates, contests, presentations, role-plays, active and relevant case study discussions, etc.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefit

  • Effectively and efficiently report grants management progress to stakeholders
  • Ensure adherence and compliance with donor terms and conditions including providing supporting documents; correct procurement of goods and services; and meeting financial reporting requirements
  • Explore the emerging issues and trends in the Grants management process

Personal Benefit

  • Get equipped with the knowledge of good Grants management practices
  • Understand and learn the Primary functional areas of Grants Management
  • Explore and master the Grants Management Cycle
  • Identify and gauge the critical terms and conditions of grant aid for donor-funded projects
  • Ensure compliance and fulfilment on the funder requirements

Who Should Attend?

  • Program/ Project Managers managing Grant activities
  • Senior members and top management of donor organisations and government entities managing grants
  • Officers/ Specialists responsible for Aid Coordination and Donors Relationship Management
  • Financial advisors and Finance Officers responsible for Financial Grant Management
  • Members of internationally renowned aid coordination organizations who need further understanding of best practices of Aid Coordination
  • Any other professional who would like to know more about Grants Management and aid coordination

Course Outline

The course will have the following modules that are critical to understanding ‘Grants Management and Aid Coordination’:

Module 1 – Basic Concepts of Grant Management:

  • Why is Grant Management important?
  • Different Types of Grants
  • Different Roles and Responsibilities in Grant Management

Module 2 – Grants Lifecycle

  • Pre-Award activities
  • Planning
  • Proposal Submission
  • Award of Grant
  • Post-Award activities
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Amendments
  • Reporting
  • Closeout

Module 3 – Importance of deploying technology in Grant Management:

  • Project Planning and task assignment
  • Financial Planning and management
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Improved tracking and ease of reporting

Module 4 – Principles of Effective Aid Coordination

  • Alignment with national strategies and planning
  • Flexibility to establish donor coordination groups
  • Compliance with international standards and guidelines
  • Association and involvement of national leadership and display of ownership
  • Improved harmonisation and coordination to ensure synergy among different aid programs and maximize development results

Module 5 – Factors for Aid Classification

  • Intended purpose
  • Terms or conditions of receipt
  • Sources
  • Urgency

Module 6 – Different Types of Foreign Aid

  • Bilateral aid
  • Military aid
  • Multilateral aid
  • Humanitarian assistance

Module 7 – Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Aid

  • Leveraging advantages
  • Minimizing disadvantages and Risks mitigation

Module 8 – Obstacles to Donor/Aid Coordination and means to overcome/ minimize them

  • Division of labour issues
  • Political concerns about direct budget support
  • Lack of inter-agency coordination
  • Personal disincentives
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