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Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course

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Course Overview

Why are HR KPIs and Metrics required? The role of any HR professional is to effectively manage the deliverables and to do that they have to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of HR functions, and design improvement initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes.

To exist in this competitive world organisations, need to track everyday progress. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help to identify and bridge the gaps leading to the desired outcome.

What are the KPIs for HR? KPIs are the strategic metrics that impact the Organisational strategy. It is a metric that shows HR contribution to the organization. HR KPIs help to measure Organisations’ performance.

It provides insight on what exactly the organization needs to achieve in the long term. Generic metrics track and provide data for the business to analyse, monitor and strategize, however, it is not as impactful as clearly defined KPI’s. KPIs align with the goals and vision of the organisation.

At Zoe Talent Solution you would be able to learn the most effective way of setting the right KPI’s to measure the strategy and success.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Define what is KPI and Metrics
  • Know the importance, difference, and benefits of KPIs and metrics
  • Understand the role of HR in measuring the effectiveness of KPIs for success
  • List of KPIs to be measured by Human Resource function
  • Defining and calculating the KPIs for critical processes
  • Effectively calculate and develop financial contribution and flow in the organisation
  • Developing and improving the employee satisfaction index to maintain employee morale
  • Control employee turnover and develop strategies to attract and retain competent candidates
  • Develop employee engagement and innovation index
  • Identify business needs and improve productivity rate for the business to a standstill

Training Methodology

Our differentiator at Zoe Talent Solutions is a custom-designed training program on the Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course. Participants can range from individuals in recruitment, employee engagement, HR business partner and management roles in any organisation.

This workshop is an activity-based workshop providing hands-on practice on defining KPIs and evaluating its’ impact on organisational success. Customized modules can be arranged for organisation/ industry-specific learning requirements. This program involves various activities for experiential learning.

At Zoe Talent Solutions, we use the 70-20-10 methodology of learning to best support the experience of participants.

Organisational Benefit

Organisational Benefits of employees who participate in Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course will be as below:

  • The organisation would have the best-recruiting procedure with clearly defined expectations
  • Strategically analyse the cost and time involved in hiring and training the employees
  • Effectively amend the procedures to improve the outcome for organisational success
  • Efficiently track the overall effectiveness of each job to increase productivity
  • Maintain and improve the quality and quantity of deliverables (Planned Vs. Delivered)
  • Plan promotion and succession planning based on alignment with KPI and help employees progress in their career
  • Assess the deviance from expected outcomes and implement timely course correction
  • Groom diverse population with niche skills with measurable standards
  • Maintain the record of employee turnover – assess the gap with the right measures
  • Plan and design the training and developmental interventions
  • Elevate the growth of the organisation by remunerating the employees well, basis performance achieved

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Effectively evaluate and monitor employee performance
  • Participants would be able to analyse the quality and quantity of the work done by the employees
  • Learn to track workforce effectiveness and keep the employees motivated by training them well for the next level
  • Participants would be able to learn to analyse the need and find the perfect fit to save resources ensuring a better return on investment (ROI)
  • Assess and design the strategy to improvise the deliverables
  • Participants would be able to revisit and design the realistic KPIs & metrics by collaborating with the best performers in that role
  • Learn to design and monitor the training process and analyse the effects
  • Learn the tools that help automate the process saving resources

Who Should Attend?

Experts and professionals in the HR arena within corporates and consulting space.

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course:

Module 1: Introduction to HR KPI and Metrics

  • What is HR KPI and Metrics?
  • Importance and benefits of HR KPI and Metrics
  • Difference between HR KPI and Metrics
  • Framework for KPI & Metrics
  • Blunders of not having these in place

Module 2: Types of HR KPI’s

  • Compensation
  • Salary competitiveness
  • Healthcare and employee benefits
  • Employee productivity rate Return on Investment
  • Employment
  • Employee tenure
  • Absenteeism rate
  • Termination rate
  • Cost per employee
  • Training cost and effectiveness
  • Cultural
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Leaves provided and availed
  • Organisational culture training
  • Employee promotion rate
  • Performance
  • Competency percentage
  • Internal job posting (IJP’s)
  • On Job Training (OJT)
  • Feedback mechanism

Module 3: Steps to Designing KPI’s

  • Identifying the key strategic objectives
  • Defining success for each objective
  • Deciding on how to measure the success
  • Writing the KPI’s
  • Defining levels- [example: 1(Basic)-5(Expert)] and clear description of each level
  • Identify the level of performance expected for each role in a particular department

Module 4: Key Areas to Track and Monitor

  • Sales and marketing KPI’s
  • Financial KPI’s
  • HR and change management KPI’s
  • IT and customer service KPI’s
  • Health and safety KPI’s

Module 5: Important Metrics to Consider

  • Determining whether on track to reach the goal
  • Evaluating the success of the strategies based on the key metrics
  • Analysing and assessing the area of improvement
  • Recognizing opportunities and challenges
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Organisational success

Module 6: Most Important Financial KPI’s

  • Revenue Growth calculation
  • Source of income
  • Revenue concentration
  • Tracking profitability over time
  • Working capital

Module 7: Important Training KPI’s to Track

  • Qualifying ratio of activities
  • Average test score
  • Percentage of training completion
  • Competency rate
  • Compliance rate
  • Absenteeism rate
  • Complete training duration

Module 8: Types of Performance Indicators

  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Input and output indicators
  • Process indicators
  • Directional and actionable indicators
  • Financial indicators

Module 9: Strategically Planning the KPI’s

  • Focusing on performance metrics
  • Using the right tools and software
  • Appointing a responsible employee to track and maintain reports

Module 10: Basic KPI Formulae to Quantify Performance

  • Counting
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Accidents at workplace
  • Total sales
  • Percentages
  • Percentage customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • The positive outcome of the sales call
  • Sums or Totals
  • Time spent in sales calls
  • Sales revenue invoiced
  • Averages
  • Average customer satisfaction
  • Average days lost
  • Average sales revenue against the call made
  • Ratios
  • Sales revenue received divided to revenue invoiced
  • Sales revenue divided by the time required in generating revenue

Note: These are sample metrics. We can discuss industry/ function-specific metrics during the workshop.

Module 11: FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies and Discussions

Meet with experts from different industries who have worked on developing KPIs. Discuss case studies to arrive at the benefits of KPIs. Develop KPIs from scratch, get them evaluated by industry experts.

Group activity: Work on a case with a group to measure and track the success of an organisation with KPIs in place.

Individual Activity: Develop KPIs and Metrics for one of the roles in your organisation for hands-on practice.

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