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Course Overview

What is a Human Resource (HR) Strategy? A Human Resource strategy is a business’s overall plan for managing its human capital to align it with its business activities and objectives. The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR including Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Succession Planning, Reward & Recognition and Organizational Development. The Human Resource strategy is a long-term plan that dictates HR policies, processes, practices & systems throughout the organization.

Why is Human Resource (HR) Strategy important? The HR Strategy ensures closer alignment between HR & an organization’s overall business strategy. Hence it provides a competitive advantage to the organization by creating the capability to proactively anticipate & respond to customer needs and needs of the other stakeholders.

Human Resource Strategy helps to direct the behaviour and actions of all employees towards fulfilling end goals & objectives of the organization. An effective HR Strategy creates differentiating culture for attracting, developing and retaining the best talent and fuels the growth of the organization.

This Human Resource (HR) Strategy course by ZOE Talent Solutions will provide you with in-depth knowledge about various key aspects of HR Strategy so that you can design, develop & execute well-defined HR strategies that are in alignment with the larger organizational strategies which will give a competitive advantage to HR and the organization.

These added skills & competencies will enable HR professionals in playing a proactive & strategic business partner role for helping the organization achieve its ultimate business goals and objectives.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Human Resource (HR) Strategy Course, the participants of this course will be able to understand:

  • Foundations of HR Strategy
  • The basis for arriving at proposed HR Strategy for the organization
  • Techniques & Methods used for creating HR Strategy
  • Key considerations while developing an HR Strategy
  • Organizational Culture
  • Various initiatives under Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Attract
  • Various initiatives under Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Connect/Quality Communication
  • Various initiatives under Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Engage/Develop
  • Role of HR Analytics in HR Strategy
  • Measuring Effectiveness of HR Strategy

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent Solutions utilize variety of established and proven adult learning approaches for enhancing participants overall learning experience. This program will be experiential and interactive. The techniques and tools used for learning will involve presentations, individual and team activities, case studies, audio-video clips & knowledge reinforcement evaluation tests (MCQs/Quiz).

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

The organization will reap the following benefits by taking this HR Strategy course for their employees:

  • A proactive approach to managing human capital to avoid disruptive surprises which can interfere with achieving organizational goals
  • Ability to anticipate and respond faster to dynamic business environment & customer needs to maintain competitive advantage
  • Providing a sense of direction to everyone results in motivation and commitment
  • Ability to attract top talent for various critical roles
  • Ability to implement holistic onboarding process for new joiners to grow their engagement level
  • Focus on Performance Enhancement and not just implementation and execution of Performance Management System
  • Availability of a larger & deeper pool of talented resources across the organization who are ready to take leadership positions
  • Competent & Skilful Workforce which ensures higher business revenue & profits
  • Maintaining employees focus on organizational goals & ensure higher productivity for overall organizational success
  • Inculcate culture of resilience, innovation & continuous learning and growth
  • Increased level of overall employee satisfaction
  • Increased retention rate of business-critical talent

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Human Resource (HR) Strategy Training Program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Equipped with required knowledge and skills to design, develop & execute well-defined HR strategies which are in alignment with larger organizational strategies
  • Ability to design a plan of strategic HR initiatives to achieve and promote the behaviours, culture and competencies required to achieve organizational goals
  • Improved job satisfaction and sense of achievement
  • Expertise to help organizations in becoming ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Understand innovative and effective ways to attracting top talent
  • Learn ways and means for creating an organization’s unique identity in the job market and ‘Employer Value Proposition’
  • Learn how to design & implement the ‘Integrated Onboarding’ process for increasing new joiner’s engagement level & chances of long-term service
  • Learn to design & implement an appropriate Performance Management System which will help in continuously raising the performance bar of employees and the entire organization
  • Understand holistic approach towards Talent Development
  • Comprehend how to use HR Analytics in the entire employee life cycle
  • Learn how to create a pool of potential employees who can take leadership positions in the company through the implementation of a holistic Succession Planning process

Who Should Attend?

Zoe Talent Solutions recommends this course for:

  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Generalists
  • Human Resources Managers
  • HR Leaders
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Organization Development (OD) Professionals
  • Learning and Development (L & D) Professionals
  • HR Consultants
  • CEOs
  • Line Managers
  • Organizational Leaders across industry
  • Management Students

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the HR Strategy Certification Training Course:

Module 1: Understanding Basics of HR Strategy

  • What is HR Strategy?
  • Importance of HR Strategy
  • Relationship between HR and Business Strategy

Module 2: Basis for arriving at Proposed HR Strategy for the Organization

  • HR’s role in creating ‘World Class Organisations’
  • SWOT analysis of the organization
  • Strategic change in desired behaviours throughout industries
  • Changing role of HR in organizations

Module 3: Techniques & Methods used for creating HR Strategy

  • SWOT Analysis
  • VRIO Analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • And other techniques

Module 4: Key Considerations while Developing an HR strategy

  • Assess the current situation
  • Envision and articulate a desired future
  • Conceptualize and implement a strategy and key strategic objectives
  • Establish a mechanism to evaluate progress

Module 5: Vision, Mission & Key Values of the Organization

  • Defining Vision, Mission & Key Values
  • Importance of well-defined Vision, Mission & Key Values

Module 6: Organizational Culture

  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • Characteristics of Organizational Culture
  • Role of Vision, Mission & Core Values in creating culture
  • Culture Mapping Tool for designing culture change

Module 7: Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Attract

  • Employer branding
  • Quality of hire
  • Candidate experience
  • Integrated Onboarding
  • Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey
  • Lucrative Compensation & Benefits

Module 8: Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Connect/Quality Communication

  • Organizational updates
  • HR Connect forums
  • Manager connects
  • Other Communication channels
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Module 9: Key Strategic Pillar in HR Strategy- Engage/Develop

  • Performance Management System
  • Employee Engagement
  • Capability building/development
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey action plan
  • Succession Planning

Module 10: Role of HR Analytics in HR Strategy

  • What are HR Analytics & its benefits/applications?
  • Key HR KPIs for measuring the effectiveness of HR Strategies
  • Importance of Lead & Lag indicators
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