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Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training Course

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Course Overview

What does Records Management mean? Records Management is an area of management responsible for the well-organized and systematic control of the creation, retention, conservation, utilization, and disposition of records.

The process also includes obtaining and retaining data and information that arises from those records and other business transactions. Records Retention is part of Records Management.

How important is this concept in today’s businesses? In 2013, IBM statistically reported that 90% of the world’s data was created in 2 years alone. Below are some other eye-opening facts on data and records management:

  • Challenges with records management account for 21.30% productivity loss
  • 5 % of all physical documents and records get misplaced or lost
  • 77% of top managers and business owners want to access files remotely
  • Records and data of 184 million systems around the world were affected by ransomware in 2017
  • The US economy gets hit by $3.1 trillion yearly on poor and unstructured data quality
  • 95% of today’s businesses have challenges with unstructured data
  • 80-90% of the records managed today are unsystematic
  • By 2020, the world will have around 40 trillion gigabytes of data (that is 40 zettabytes)

While the world moves towards digitalization of records, and more offices look to become paperless, physical records management is still an important aspect in today’s businesses. 80% of all information is still paper-based in many companies.

The employees of your organization may be spending excessive time on file retrievals, document maintenance, and scanning, and document disposition than they really should. Without the frequent scrutiny of your records, such enormous volumes of records and data become practically impossible to manage.

In addition to data overload, increasing compliance regulations is another reason why records management is becoming imperative for many companies. Records management procedures and records retention policies that are not in place can result in unnecessary audits and loss in productivity of work.

Many businesses tend to be more reactive to such situations than being proactive when it comes to implementing records management systems for managing their records and data. Cases of lost records, misuse of information, and leaks of confidential information may give rise to legal consequences. This can also result in a loss of trust among business clients and customers.

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training Course. This training program is crucial for office administrators and records management professionals because this function has become ever more important from digital documents to storing physical records in record management vaults.

With the increase in uncertainty, organizations are more and more focused on business continuity plans and risk-mitigation plans that require major support of structured data and records management. Records Management can empower your organization to be more profitable, more compliant, and even decrease operational costs.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training Course, participants of this training program will be able to:

  • Learn comprehensive knowledge of records and archives management
  • Understand how to monitor and have effective control of the movement of records
  • Create and implement a records management roadmap and framework
  • Learn the skills to manage and preserve records
  • Obtain knowledge on how to digitalize and manage electronic records
  • Manage the process of digitalizing records and archiving electronic files
  • Learn the usage of Records management software and technologies
  • Understanding retention processes and setting retention schedules
  • Implement a compliant records destruction process
  • Understand the different types of records and the risks associated with it
  • Implement effective audit and compliance programs
  • Understand the various records management standards
  • Have an awareness of the legal environment and ethical issues that may arise
  • Learn the best practices and tools for record management

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has developed this training program on Records Management and Records Retention to be a very insightful and practical learning experience for professional office administrators and records management specialists.

This program is as per the industry standards and is very updated in its content. Global best practices and techniques of Records Management will be discussed as case studies, practical scenarios, organizational experiences, strategies, and other adult-learning methods to achieve the learning objectives.

This workshop encourages group participation and involvement. Depending on your current organizational challenges, a customized program can be designed to meet learning requirements.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model in all our training programs, including a pre-course and post-course assessment to ensure your learning objectives are met.

Organisational Benefits

Organizational benefits of employees who take up the Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training program will be as below:

  • Employees learn to reduce unnecessary records volume
  • There will be an elimination of unnecessary file storage, saving on storage costs
  • Participants of this program learn effective retrieval and retention of records processes
  • They are more compliant with the regulations of control placed
  • Employees are always ready with business continuity plans
  • They understand the importance of workflow automation
  • Employees save productive time as they have timely access to required information
  • The organizations get more systemized with their work processes
  • They can easily access emails, documents or information when needed
  • Employees can easily determine the most recent version of a document through retrievals
  • Analysts can access historical data from the records and take appropriate management decisions

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training workshop will benefit in the below ways:

  • Individuals become specialists in systemizing their tasks
  • They are well organized in their tasks
  • They save ample time with the tasks assigned to invest in other activities
  • There is reduced stress as the process is maintained
  • Individuals learn innovation and improvisation techniques
  • They are better coordinators and delegators of tasks
  • They develop a better service attitude
  • Participants of this program become experts in their area of work
  • They foster professionalism in the tasks they perform

Who Should Attend?

This course focuses on all administrators and assistants who are responsible for records in their offices. The course also targets all individuals who want to improve their record management skills or get into this field of work.

  • Archive Managers
  • Records Management Specialists
  • Information Technology Staff
  • Auditors and Compliance Officers
  • Quality Control Specialists
  • Document Controllers & Administrators
  • Registry Officers
  • Departmental records coordinators
  • Information Governance Professionals
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Librarians

Course Outline

Below are the course modules that would be covered during the Certificate in Records Management and Records Retention Training Program:

Module 1: Document and Records Management

  • Definitions and Core concepts: Archival terminology
  • Evolution of Documentation and Archiving
  • Understanding Documents and Records
  • Archiving
  • Identification of Documents
  • Tracking of Records
  • Managing security classified records
  • Digital preservation

Module 2: Records Lifecycle

  • Lifecycle of Records
  • Capture of records
  • Registration of records
  • Classification of records
  • Storage of records
  • Access to records
  • Secure Destruction
  • Record life cycle management: Best practices

Module 3: Records Management Compliance and Standards

  • Records Management and Archival Standards
  • Legislation Governing Records Management
  • Information Governance
  • Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP)
  • Conducting records audit using GARP
  • Implementing Standards: ISO30300, ISO30301, ISO15489
  • DIRKS System (Developing and Implementing a Record Keeping System)
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Review Information Security ISO27001

Module 4: Records Management Responsibilities and Functions

  • Role and Responsibilities of a Records Manager
  • Creating records management audit register
  • Creating filing plans and metadata plans
  • Creating Retention schedules
  • Understanding security and compliance
  • Communications and change management
  • Setting-up a robust Records Management framework

Module 5: Classification of Records: Defined

  • Paper-based records
  • Cartographic records
  • Audiovisual records
  • Caring for magnetic media
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Diskettes
  • Optical media
  • Micrographic records
  • Audio-visual records
  • Scanned images
  • Digital signatures

Module 6: Creation of Records

  • Complete and accurate records
  • Segregation of documents and records
  • Applying security classification
  • Active and Inactive Records
  • Filing Systems and Naming Conventions
  • Indexing and capturing data
  • File Storage and Tracking

Module 7: Records Storage

  • Storage Facility
  • Safety and Security Standards
  • Preservation standards
  • Long-term preservation
  • Storage requirements for different kinds of records
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

Module 8: Records Retention

  • Complete and up-to-date inventory
  • Operations management: Process
  • Records retention and destruction schedule
  • Legal and Functional Requirements
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Records Retention Policy
  • User Training and Technology Automation

Module 9: Destruction and Termination of Records

  • Retention and Disposition
  • Vital documents protection plan
  • Creating retention schedules
  • Records disposal implementation
  • Records management process documentation
  • Approval and Permissions to destroy
  • Destruction of records
  • Transfer/Movement of Records
  • Compliance, Monitoring, and Auditing of secure destruction
  • Proof of termination

Module 10: Records Management Systems

Participant Reviews
Glory omorogieva
Zoe talent solutions are Exceptionally good with our instructor Ramsey Dsouza who took us in Mail Room Record and Compliance with Customer Service which was amazing. His English speaking is very clear and understandable.
Siomara Avila
My experience with Zoe Talent Solutions was the best training experience I've ever had. Since my registration process, I was supported with the best attention, and even after the course service was over I still had it. I did an online session with a very professional instructor who was extremely competent to teach and oversee my objectives and expectation of the course. Overall this training institute manages good communication and follow-up with their clients, They manage experienced professionals as your instructor They have a close follow-up with you after the course, and it's the first time I see the dynamic of an action plan after your learning to your daily activities as homework. This has helped me really get out and practice what I have invested in, learning benefits and obtaining results from your own benefits. If this is a good online experience, I would definitely recommend both, this and a presential experience with Zoe Talents. Thank you.
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