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Course Overview

Operations analysts at banks have a very critical role in ensuring smooth, seamless operations in terms of risk-free implementation and execution of key functions. As such, financial operations are closely monitored to identify early warning signals of fraudulent transactions and other risks that could lead to huge financial losses.

Financial analysts, on the other hand, examine the financial information of an organisation and make suggestions for investments and other plans. Statistical data and various analytical methods are applied to reach fruitful conclusions for one’s organisation.

This Zoe training course will empower you with detailed information and knowledge of all functions handled by operations and financial analysts.

This course will provide you with the required knowledge, confidence and experience to undertake roles of operations and/or financial analysis for your organisation, thereby demonstrating your talent and ability to multitask between the two important functions, securing greater growth opportunities.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Certified Bank Operations and Financial Analyst training course is to empower professionals to—

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of all functions handled by operations and financial analysts
  • closely review and enhance operations to make them smarter, faster and safer
  • effectively observe and flag untoward instances or risks that could lead to financial losses, thereby promoting organisational credibility
  • mentor other professionals on functions concerning operations and financial analysis
  • successfully multitask between many roles and functions related to operations and financial analysis, in turn demonstrating one’s capabilities to undertake greater responsibilities and higher roles, promoting career progression
  • introduce and work with advanced technology to introduce operational efficiency and productivity
  • thoroughly understand and apply various concepts of analysis of financial statements to reach fruitful conclusions, helping one’s organisation grow and develop
  • devise and build strategic plans and models for operational management and financial modelling for the effective forecast of investment opportunities and risks
  • understand expected standards of operation, ethics and safety and ensure that one’s organisation is aligning with this
  • compete with other professionals in the market, carving a niche for oneself at a global level and increasing one’s scope for career progression

Training Methodology

All training courses at Zoe Talent Solutions are customisable as per the professional backgrounds of the audience. Before each session, the content is thoroughly reviewed and edited, if necessary.

Training is delivered by highly experienced professionals, using detailed audio-visual presentations for ease of reference. Two-way participation is encouraged through group projects and assignments. Role-plays and experience sharing form an important part of the training method.

This customisable training format was devised by Zoe Talent Solutions and is used for all its training courses. It is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefit

With professionals undertaking this Certified Bank Operations and Financial Analyst course, organisations will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Seamless operations and effective risk management by trained, experienced professionals
  • Accurate financial analysis and appropriate conclusions regarding investments and other future plans
  • Application of advanced financial concepts and models to review available data to make accurate decisions
  • Introduction of new and advanced technological systems to increase security, reduce human error and make the overall process faster
  • Regular training of other professionals on best practices of operations and financial analysis
  • Protection against fraud and other risks that could result in business losses, thereby increasing organisational credibility
  • Organisational development because of increased credibility and better risk management
  • Adherence to regulations and universal benchmarks of operation
  • Continuous review and enhancement of existing processes to adopt best practices in the industry

Personal Benefit

Professionals opting for this Certified Bank Operations and Financial Analyst training course will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Complete knowledge of bank operations and financial analysis to undertake major roles in these domains
  • Increased understanding and confidence to review and enhance current systems and processes to adopt best practices of the industry and adhere to all legal and operational standards
  • Improved analytical skills and understanding to review various financial statements and the information therein to decide on fruitful investments and other activities for one’s organisation, thus contributing to organisational growth and development
  • Greater knowledge and understanding to mentor other professionals on responsibilities handled as part of operations and/or financial analysis
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skill to work with new technology to increase operational efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced foresight and attention to detail to identify risks and prevent them from impacting the organisation, thus increasing organisational credibility
  • Better understanding and knowledge of modern financial concepts of various financial instruments of the organisation
  • Increased multitasking skills to handle several responsible across operations and financial analysis, demonstrating one’s capabilities to assume managerial responsibilities promoting growth within and outside the organisation

Who Should Attend

  • Strategic leadership of organisations responsible for taking major decisions for the organisation
  • Banking executives working in other functions in the industry, with a keen interest in establishing a career as operations or financial analysts
  • Managers overseeing several functions involving risk management and financial analysis
  • Internal and external auditors responsible for ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory guidelines
  • Legal and financial advisors playing a key role in providing expert advice to the strategic leadership at the time of need
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about the responsibilities of bank operations and financial analysts

Course Outline

The Certified Bank Operations and Financial Analyst course offer the following training on functions handled by bank operations and financial analysts:

Module 1 – Types of Banks

  • Specialised banks
    • Retail banks
    • Central banks
    • Commercial banks
    • Shadow banks
    • Investment banks
    • Cooperative banks
    • Credit unions
    • Savings and loan associations
  • Ownership
    • Public sector banks
    • Private sector banks
  • Scope
    • National banks
    • Multinational banks
    • International banks

Module 2 – Types of Banking Services

  • Business loans
  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Merchant services
  • Treasury services

Module 3 – Five C’s of Credit Analysis

  • Capacity
  • Capital
  • Collateral
  • Conditions
  • Character

Module 4 – Sources of Operational Risks in Banks

  • People
  • Information technology
  • Organisational structure
  • Regulation and processes

Module 5 – Challenges of Operational Risk Management

  • Rising costs of compliance
  • Access to relevant information and reporting
  • Development of loss databases
  • Lack of systematic operational risk measurement
  • Implementation of operational risk management systems

Module 6 – Aspects to Consider when Building an Analytical Framework for Operational Risks

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Appetite and policy
  • Clear definition and communication of policy
  • Periodic evaluations as per internal and external changes
  • Structure
  • Execution

Module 7 – Core Principles of Accounting

  • Revenue recognition principle
  • Historical cost principle
  • Matching principle
  • Full disclosure principle
  • Objectivity principle

Module 8 – Types of Financial Statements of Banks

  • Balance sheet
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Ownership equity
  • Income statement
    • Revenue
    • Net income
  • Others

Module 9 – Process to Build a Financial Model

  • Gather historical facts
  • Separate parameters
  • Identify cost behaviours
  • Determine inter-relationship between parameters
  • Determine a range for all parameters
  • Perform scenario analysis

Module 10 – Methods of Financial Statement Analysis

  • Horizontal analysis
  • Vertical analysis
  • Ratio analysis

Module 11 – Steps of Capital Budgeting

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Collection of investment proposals
  • Decision-making process
  • Capital budget preparations
  • Implementation
  • Performance review
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)