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The number of groups of population that are affected by conflicts and other humanitarian conditions have been increasing rapidly since the past decade. With more conflicts, humanitarian situations, and emergencies, the need for humanitarian workers with expertise in child protection in emergencies, also referred to as CPiE, has been increasing.
This course is designed from the ground up to be a practical learning experience to fulfill this gap and ensure the availability of skilled workers.

We are also able to customize, merge, and tailor this course to the specific needs of your organization. Please get in touch with our course registration team for more details.

Who is this course for?

This course is best suited to all humanitarian workers, social workers, and NGO staff who are interested in committing to child protection and seek to improve on their understanding and skills on how children are affected in situations of emergency. This course will empower the participants with the necessary knowledge of child protection in the broader humanitarian spectrum and will deliver a clear understanding of the tools and strategies from CPiE.

This Child Protection in Emergencies class is equally beneficial for those who are already involved in the sector or are likely to be involved. Decision makers and reporters dealing with or expecting to have to deal with child protection issues in humanitarian situations can also benefit greatly from taking this course.

Having a basic understanding of general child protection issues and the conditions and situations that increase the vulnerability of the children is beneficial but not required, before taking this course.

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Learning Objectives

By attending this course, the participants will gain knowledge of:

  • Various factors responsible for the vulnerability of children in humanitarian situations.
  • Develop and improve the understanding of the best approaches to preventing and preparing for providing protection to vulnerable children in situations of emergency.
  • Learning on practical steps and actions to be taken to ensure protection and wellbeing of the vulnerable children.
  • Discovering and setting up of the minimum standards to be used to protect the children under threat due to situations of emergency and conflict.
  • Understanding the importance of coordinated efforts and teamwork while undertaking the roles of protection of vulnerable children.
  • Develop teamwork, coordination, and leadership skills in both formal and informal settings of child protection.

Course Module Highlights

  • Principles and Approaches to Child Protection in Emergencies
  • Being prepared for an emergency with a Child Protection lens
  • Addressing Child Protection needs
  • Developing Child Protection strategies
  • Mainstreaming Child Protection in emergencies
  • The Child Protection Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Action
  • Preparedness and Risk-Informed Programming
  • The Minimum Standards and Preparedness
  • Coordinating in Humanitarian Settings
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