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Competency Based Management Training

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Course Overview

What is competency-based management? Competency based management (CBM) identifies key skills required for an employee/ executive to achieve a set target; develop and optimise these skills and align to organisations strategies and goals.

What is the competency-based approach? Competencies are skills or abilities that enable and enhance efficiency or performance. Having clearly defined competencies allows employees to know what is expected and how to achieve the expected. What is the purpose of a competency management system?

Competency based management accelerate organisational growth and efficiency through workforce planning. Having a well-compiled employee repository enables the management to successfully analyse a project and assign employees based on their competencies.

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this course on Competency based management training to uncover employees’ capabilities and character that can activate their performance to achieve the business goals. Efficient implementation of competency-based management benefits the development, learning and workforce planning of an organisation.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Competency Based Management Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Understand, manage, and implement the difference between competencies, abilities, and chores
  • Apply competencies in an administrative framework
  • Distinguish between management, core, operational and standard competencies
  • Align competencies to organisational goals, objectives, and values
  • Determine competencies in public and private corporations
  • Discern between management, technical and behavioural competencies
  • Implement competencies for a range of HR processes
  • Build HR practices that endorse strategic planning
  • Enhance selection and evaluation processes
  • Apply pragmatic approaches to enhance employee’s contribution
  • Develop effective procedures for talent management and succession planning
  • Implement practices for motivating and empowering employees

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has thoughtfully designed the Competency Based Management Training course for professionals and organisations that strategically plan to build a niche and stay ahead in the industry.

Various frameworks related to competencies are introduced, participants are exposed to the behavioural and technical competencies. Through group activities, assignments and roleplays participants work on key profiles and define competencies that are required to perform the job successfully.
The experiential learning methodology at Zoe Talent Solutions enables participants to imbibe the learning and translate it into their work-life.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the methodology of ‘Do-review-learn-apply’.

Organisation Benefits

Organisational benefits of employees who participate in Competency Based Management Training Course will be as below:

  • Reduce employee turnover through amplified efficiency and employee value alignment
  • Effectively identify training gaps and needs
  • Develop personal development plans to accelerate employee development
  • Effortlessly identify employees geared up for promotion
  • Design competency-concentrated succession plans
  • Anticipate and develop workforce plans for future needs
  • Establish effective and clear communication between employees and management
  • Provide the organisation with superior capacity range and control by amplifying employee flexibility
  • Illuminate employment requirements for performance appraisals
  • Establish a 360-degree feedback framework on regular basis by management
  • Delineateemployee development and persuasive trails within the organisation
  • Record the employee’s procurement of the skills, knowledge, safety, and other procedures relating to each task
  • Ensure goal-oriented, productive, and intentional employee development plans and trainings are deployed for maximum profitability
  • Clearly define competencies and measurement criteria ensuring high competence and performance
  • Set clear expectations, reducing costs of failure due to miscommunication

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Competency Based Management Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Acquire and exhibit expertise in a particular skillset through appropriate training
  • Attain integrated enhancement through a holistic approach
  • Learn the pragmatic application of developed expertise to become pertinent in the real world
  • Empower employees to make effective decisions and enhance workability by setting clear performance expectations
  • Develop a structure to recognise employee’s abilities; track and acknowledge training milestones
  • Establish a system to safeguard employee’s professional development
  • Enlighten employees to acquire new job skills thereby improving potential job satisfaction
  • Motivate employees by providing insights on overall strategies for growth
  • Learn to identify skills required to perform well and succeed in their specific role
  • Improve ability to evaluate skills, and design training plans for employees who lack them
  • Learn to reduce errors and issues by developing effective leadership plans
  • Enable upskilling, proactive progression, and mindset that helps perform beyond current roles and equip for challenging roles

Who Should Attend?

HR & OD consultants, Leadership and Management, HR and L & D Professionals

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during Competency-Based Management Training Course:

Module 1: Basics of Competency-Based Management (CBM)

  • What does competency mean?
  • Understanding competency-based management
  • Understanding competencies in the administrative framework
  • Need and importance of competency-based management
  • Evolution of business (after Competency-based training)
  • Identifying competencies

Module 2: Designing Competency Framework

  • Adapting a competency framework
  • Identifying and associating competencies to talent management
  • Designing a program to identify and align competency to each job role in the organisation
  • Establish Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements

Module 3: Implementing CBMT

  • Determining the correct course of action (Training employees or actions at managerial level)
  • Analysing training and coaching needs
  • Deploy a measure to assess level of competency expected vs. demonstrated
  • Aligning competencies to organisations goals and values
  • Policies and procedures bolstering the competencies
  • Effective communication throughout the process

Module 4: Aligning Competencies

  • Competencies in Recruitment and Selection (Behavioural Based Interviews -BBI)
  • Connecting Performance with outcomes – via Behavioural Based Reviews (BBR)
  • Competencies for and within performance management
  • Feedback and development with a competency focused approach
  • Regular assessment and evaluation to stay on course

Module 5: Supervising and Leading Teams

  • Guidance and encouragement
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Develop and communicate succession plan
  • Monitor performance and Motivate
  • Safeguard business standards

Module 6: Recruiting and Hiring

  • Job description and specification
  • Identifying Candidates training needs
  • Preventive actions for conflict, deploy disciplinary measures and procedures for grievances
  • Developing compensation packages
  • Aligning recruitment to organisations needs and goals
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Adapting competency framework for recruitment
  • Assessment centres for recruitment
  • Onboarding, induction, and orientation

Module 7: Talent and Career Management

  • Competency-based approach for Talent Management
  • Identifying talent through competency-based assessments
  • Career Management and Succession Planning
  • Develop effective competency-based learning and development frameworks
  • Aligning motivation, performance, and results
  • ROI from competency framework implementation
  • Talent Strategy and Planning
  • Developing and Deploying Talent
  • Retaining and Acquiring Talent

Module 8: Managing Ventures

  • Formulate comprehensive operational plans
  • Supervise financial and human resources
  • Examine performance alongside objectives
  • Reports, propositions, and modifications
  • Identify external funding environment
  • Strategies project

Module 9: Performance Management

  • Performance management competencies
  • Performance management steps: defining objectives, giving feedback, coaching, review
  • Performance review
  • Establishing performance management processes

Module 10: Action Planning for Success

  • Analysing competency management firmness
  • Applying an innovative competency framework
  • Devise an action plan to tackle challenges thereby ensuring success
  • Effective communication and execution strategy
  • Evaluating next course of action
  • Re-evaluate, understand, and curate individual action plan

Module 11: Behaviour and Culture

  • Boost Employee Motivation and Morale
  • Reward appropriate behaviour for reinforcement
  • Empower through autonomy and accountability
  • 360° Review for consistency

Module 12: FAQ’s, Case Studies And discussions

  • Individual project on developing competency for key job roles
  • Group activity of defining measures of success for each competency, and plan of action for any discord
  • Q & A with experts
  • Role plays on scenarios; competency-based Interviews, feedback/ behaviour-based reviews, etc.

Participant Reviews
Maika Kubota
Very detailed and organized content to learn. The trainer was knowledgeable and open-minded to any questions. I highly recommend this.
Wyanet Wong
I've thoroughly enjoyed the Competency Management based training with Hina. It's been a very fruitful five days.
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