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Construction Project Management Training Course

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Course Overview

What is meant by project management in construction?

As a Construction project manager, you are responsible for managing the construction project lifecycle from start to finish. From the initial process of working with the clients on their requirements, through the design, procurement, and construction stages, to the final handover, and everything in between. Building competency to manage these areas enhances your skillset as a construction professional, and the ability to ensure successful project completion.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of all construction management aspects, to effectively and successfully handle construction projects. The course curriculum ranges from planning and scheduling, procurement, and cost management to project close-out. You will delve into each stage for awareness, and learn the tools/techniques to effectively manage each step.

What should I learn from project management?

This course will empower construction project managers to become effective, and adept at applying project management principles and techniques to projects of various sizes and complexity. Participants will be introduced to all the various modules/elements that encompass Construction Project Management. These will form the necessary reference for every step faced in the construction project. The course is designed to offer project managers, and the participants, a comprehensive overview of construction project management, and the essential competency, and skills, required for managing a construction project.

The unique aspect of the course introduces you to the aspects of Lean Construction and Lean Design behaviours, technological advances, and modern trends in the Construction industry.

In addition, the course offers hands-on experience in the management of the construction project through case studies and scenarios.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this training course are to empower professionals with:

  • A functional overview of the core elements of construction project management and the skills required to coordinate building projects
  • The onset knowledge of the role of a Construction project manager, and the competencies needed to set yourself apart in construction management
  • Knowledge on how to become adept at applying project management principles
  • Knowledge on techniques for projects of various sizes and complexity
  • Ability to achieve successful project delivery
  • Practical experiences through the management of the project with cases, scenarios, and challenges
  • Fundamental and advanced knowledge of managing stakeholders of construction projects.
  • The ability to capture and understand the needs of clients and stakeholders, and create reporting structures accordingly
  • The skill and ability to communicate and manage change even among construction workers, thereby supporting project functions seamlessly
  • Time Management and cost management skills to avoid falling behind schedule, and over budget
  • Advanced skills in how to identify risks & mitigate them
  • The experience and knowledge to oversee the health and safety of all construction workers, project team members, and other stakeholders
  • The knowledge and experience to effectively and successfully closeout the project

Training Methodology

This collaborative Construction Project Management Masterclass will comprise the following training methods:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises

Like all our acclaimed courses, this masterclass also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Through this course, the respective organisations through the trained professionals will benefit as follows:

  • Trained and experienced professionals who deliver successful projects on time, and within budget
  • Lean operations, and cost-improvised advanced technologies, thereby contributing to better productivity, output, and reduced costs
  • Being at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies to secure a competitive edge in the Construction industry
  • Key Construction team members, and stakeholders, being aware of the elements and complexities of construction project management
  • Better risk assessment profiling and management of risks
  • Seamless project delivery through better project planning, negotiation with vendors/contractors, and communication with stakeholders
  • Increased credibility in the industry, through trained professionals, hence leading to potentially greater investments through investors

Personal Benefits

Professionals taking this course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased understanding and knowledge, a comprehensive overview of the construction project management process
  • Gaining the essential skills required for managing a construction project
  • Becoming effective, and adept at applying project management principles and techniques to projects of various sizes and complexity, to achieve successful project delivery
  • Increased knowledge, and experience to train construction workers on industrial best practices
  • Enhanced perspective and foresight to effectively assess future risks so that they don’t negatively impact the organisation
  • Enhanced skill and ability to introduce lean operations, and lean behaviours
  • Enhanced career prospects, boosting your project management skills
  • The ability to bring all your projects to successful conclusions – in time, under budget, and to the expectation of the key stakeholders
  • Increased your professional marketability through the certification

 Who Should Attend?

  • Current Construction project managers managing large or small projects, wish to extend their marketability through the certification
  • Construction Project Managers, looking to advance their knowledge of modern techniques, improved tools and ideas for managing projects, to administer the delivery of successful projects.
  • Management and/or senior management of organisations who must understand the importance of all elements that need expertise in construction project management
  • Professionals looking to develop their careers in Construction Project Management
  • Ambitious junior engineers/project managers who wish to enhance their knowledge and advance in their careers
  • Civil Engineers, Designers, Architects, Construction Clients, Consultants, Contractors, and other stakeholders, who would like to get a comprehensive overview of the construction project management process, and the key elements within it
  • Any other professional, who would like to find out and learn more about project management in the Construction Industry

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Construction Management

  • Overview of the construction industry.
  • Project & Life Cycle
  • What is Construction Management

Module 2: Project Delivery Method / Management of a Construction Project

  • Project management methods
  • Project delivery methods
  • Payment and procurement methods
  • The design-bid-build method
  • The design-build method
  • Construction manager at risk (CMAR)
  • Integrated project delivery (IPD)
  • Embracing Change

Module 3: Planning & Scheduling / Construction Scheduling 

  • Project Planning
  • Types of schedules
  • Planning versus scheduling
  • Bottom-up & Top-Down Scheduling
  • Work Breakdown Structure “WBS”
  • Network diagrams
  • Schedule activity start and finish dates
  • Assigning duration, costs, and resources
  • Establishing early start, late start, and finish times
  • Identify the critical path
  • Bar Charts, Precedence Diagrams

Module 4: Time Management

  • Time management Cycle
  • Time management factors
  • Schedule Level of Reporting
  • Progress Reports
  • Progress Report Analysis
  • Project Crashing
  • Examples & Solutions
  • Schedule Update

Module 5: Construction Finance – Cost Estimating, Planning & Control

  • Managing Construction Costs
  • Costs Types
  • Types of Estimates
  • Pre-Estimate Process
  • Factors that Impact the Estimation
  • Estimation Process
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Labour Cost & Control
  • Equipment Cost & Control
  • Materials Costs & Control
  • General Overhead Cost & Control
  • Reports
  • Earned Value
  • EV Example & Solution

Module 6: Procurement Management

  • Public Projects Vs Private Projects
  • Procurement Selection Methods
  • Vendor Selection
  • Types of contracts
  • PDM & Selection Methods

Module 7: Quality Management

  • Quality in Construction
  • Quality Shortfall
  • TQM
  • Six Sigma
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control

Module 8: Safety Management

  • What is Safety
  • Safety Reports & interpretations
  • OSHA
  • Incidents & SDS
  • Safety Manager Plan
  • Safety Plan in Project Phases

Module 9: Construction Risk Management

  • Defining risk
  • The role of the construction manager
  • Risk vs. project type
  • Risk vs. project delivery method
  • Risk analysis approaches
  • Establishing a documentation system
  • Methods of controlling risk
  • Understanding risk transfer

Module 10: Introduction to Lean Construction

  • Introduction to lean
  • Lean in Construction
  • Embracing lean productivity
  • Lean processes
  • Identifying wastes
  • Minimizing wastes at the project level
  • Empowerment of the field workers
  • Pull planning
  • Continuous improvement

Module 11: Construction Technology on the Jobsite

  • Use of Tablets, rather than printed drawings
  • Laser scanning vs tape measurements
  • Bringing VR into perspective
  • Benefits of using technology
  • Ways technology has changed the field

Module 12: Project Close-Out

  • Closeout Process
  • Punch List
  • Substantial Completion/Final Completion

Module 13: Innovation in the Construction Industry

  • Types of the construction projects
  • Productivity challenges in the construction industry
  • Megatrends of the construction industry
  • Technological and innovative trends rising in our construction industry
  • Case studies

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