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Construction Supervision Certification Training Course

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Course Overview

What does construction supervision mean?

Construction supervision entails taking responsibility for on-site management, logistics, smooth operations, and safety in addition to other issues and duties in a highly risky and challenging environment. This Zoe course will help the participants to hone the skills to handle these responsibilities effectively and understand standards and best practices to keep their project site safe. It will help them stand out with unique skills from their peers.

Construction supervision course will involve rigorous and well-prepared training that will be poised to help those who will be taking the course to gain practical knowledge which can elevate their careers. It will feature the necessary and important practical strategies that are required to achieve professional competency in construction supervision. Supervision is part of the life cycle of any project, which includes preliminary designs, procurement, feasibility study, advanced design, and construction, and therefore, it is considered a very important part of the project.

What is supervision in civil engineering?

The nature, importance, and level of supervision that is required in any construction site will majorly depend on the expected outcome by the client and management. It will consider the risk management level that is carried out by the main contractor on the site. Supervision should be specifically assigned to a certain individual or group of people to avoid vagueness as it can be risky. Important questions such as who will be supervising or which kind of supervision plan is in place are critical to the success of any project. Different workers require different types of supervision; it is, therefore, important to have a supervision plan in place to answer these questions.

Some typical functions of a supervisor that professionals will learn to include planning, allocating work, compliance, building teamwork, monitoring performance, making critical decisions, and ensuring everyone is involved. Everyone is important and critical in ensuring the successful completion of any construction project; learning these skills will help the participant to handle everyone properly and effectively.

Supervision’s main task is to understand both managerial and supervision skills in addition to technical knowledge that is compulsory for construction sites supervision. Any construction site must be well managed to ensure the environment is risk-free and increase the chances for the project to succeed. With poor supervision, the risk and impact of it failing is very high. This course will introduce the participants to the practical tools and techniques to control the construction process and cost during the project’s time.

The course will highlight the following:

  • Managing complex and challenging changes, disputes, and claims
  • Collaboration and coordination strategies
  • Methods to meet deadlines and how to multitask at the site
  • Practice in construction project management techniques and methods

 Course Objectives

The main objectives of this course are to enable the participants to be able to:

  • Learn cost control
  • Assess and control work methods, systems, collaborations, and resources to meet site work detailed requirements
  • Learn and understand progress payment administration
  • Manage changes, evaluate claims, resolve disputes amicably, and develop a welcoming and productive working relationship
  • Effectively manage the performance of every individual and team by leading team meetings

Training Methodology

Zoe will ensure that this course is delivered by industry best professionals who are experts in their areas of domain. This course will be delivered through the utilisation of lectures, class notes, short videos, photos, and presentations. Case studies will be provided where necessary.

All those who will be undergoing this course are encouraged to be active and engaging during training facilitation to ensure maximum understanding. Like all our acclaimed courses, this program also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations that will have professionals who have undertaken this course stands to benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved site supervision handled by well-trained professionals with experience
  • Reduce construction costs by reducing costs arising from legal issues due to poor management and consequently increasing profits
  • Beter risk mitigation and navigation by skilled professionals on the complex construction projects with better handling of issues, problems, claims, and challenges
  • Improved the credibility of the organisation and enhanced development
  • Better client satisfaction
  • Better and high-quality site supervision to ensure smooth running and coordination by different construction stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement of other works due to working alongside experienced and professionals employees

Personal Benefits

Participants who will be taking this course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Thorough understanding of the main concepts of construction supervision
  • Better understanding of how to handle issues, challenges, and problems in complex construction sites
  • Milestones management such as planning, scheduling, and resourcing at different stages of the construction process
  • Effective communication and challenging environment handling
  • Effective supervision and better management of projects
  • Improved technical skills to elevate them into new career levels
  • Better application of dispute resolution tools and techniques, improved counterclaim handling, and better changes application
  • Improved confidence and skills backed up with knowledge

Who Should Attend?

This course will be a great fit for the following professionals, but it is not in any way limited to only them:

  • Construction managers who would wish to upscale their skills
  • Site Engineers
  • New construction project professionals
  • Cost engineers who would wish to cut down the expenditures
  • New construction project professionals to effectively manage their projects
  • Site superintendents

Course Outline

Module 1: Control, Planning, Monitoring, and Scheduling

  • Site compliance and corrective action
  • Communication and updating the existing schedules
  • Managing the foreseeable and anticipated risks
  • Gathering information using the feedback plan
  • Managing non-foreseeable and unanticipated risks
  • Factors affecting progress and how to monitor the KPIs
  • Scheduling and resourcing issues
  • Dealing with challenges and the way forward

 Module 2: Health and Safety in the Organisation

  • Healthy compliance management
  • Contractual issues and exposures in any new or existing construction site
  • Ensuring safety of construction equipment
  • Clear characteristic and types of roles and responsibilities
  • Safety and sustainability compliance management
  • Jobsite conditions to remove all hazards
  • Environmental safety compliance
  • Basic safety guidelines

Module 3: Dispute Resolution, Claims, Changes, and Developing Counterclaims

  • The ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods and techniques
  • How to handle claims
  • Resolving disputes in an amicable way
  • Dealing with complex changes
  • Dispute management and handling
  • Causes of rapid changes and how to manage this kind of changes
  • Negotiation strategies to handle various challenges and disputes

Module 4: Handling the Key Site Players

  • Team phases and how to handle them
  • Leading an owner and contractor meeting
  • Controlling various security hazards
  • Managing and matching expectations
  • How to deal with confined spaces, utilities, lack of services, and structures erected for temporary use
  • Harmonization
  • Master schedule
    • Line-of-balance
    • Network logic
    • Bar chart
  • Developing a good development plan

Module 5: Technical Skills Requirement

  • Skills checklist
    • Soil investigation handling and report writing
    • Construction elements synchronisation
    • Reading design drawings
    • Introduction to reinforced concrete use and concrete
  • Soil investigation development and soil mechanics challenges
  • Project cash flow and progress payment
  • Observing precaution during construction foundations
  • Handling quality issues when it comes to concrete

Module 6: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Tools for Construction Dispute Handling

  • Arbitration
  • Med-adjudication
  • Conciliation
  • Third-party opinion and mediation
  • Neutral fact finding
  • Consumers rights act
  • Early neutral evaluation
  • Outside court settlement

Module 7: Work Scheduling

  • Quantitative scheduling
  • PERT (Program evaluation and review technique)
    • Expected time
    • Most likely time
    • Optimistic time
    • Pessimistic time
  • Resources oriented scheduling
  • Using Gantt charts
  • Last planner system
  • Critical path method

Module 8: Handling Workers

  • Celebrating wins
  • Engaging the workers regularly
  • Utilise collaborative systems
  • Reducing stress in workplace
  • Daily tasks assignment
  • Setting clear expectation

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