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Consultative Selling Skills Training Course

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Course Overview

Do you want your sales team to act as consultants to present the right solutions in the most compelling way possible to your customer/client and prospects?

We are surrounded by a plethora of information in the digital business age of today. We just need to search for a particular product or service on the internet, and we get loaded with so many options and details which makes it difficult to choose from. As compared to earlier times, where we used to see the sales professionals pushing their products and services, now we witness the world of business been taken over by the wave of a new approach to selling. This new approach is consultative selling methodology.

So, what is the benefit of consultative selling methodology? This methodology helps the sales professionals diagnose the need of the customer/client by asking the right questions and suggest the right solutions to the customer/client – both the existing and prospective ones. It certainly is the most preferred option for the customer/client and the prospects when the product or the service is not being pushed at them rather their needs are first understood before providing them with the actual solution.

This training program designed by ZOE Talent Solutions will take the participants away from delivering the canned pitches to offering a more consultative approach to their selling skills. This will help them earn the faith, trust and credibility of the customers/clients for regular business.

Course Objectives

The course objectives for Consultative Selling Skills Training Course are as follows:

  • Build Trust with different types of customers/clients/prospects
  • Understand what factors are responsible for getting the sales
  • Identifying and envisaging the needs of the customer
  • Guide the customer towards right solution
  • Handling Objections
  • Close more sales at higher profit

Training Methodology

To meet these objectives, this program offered by ZOE Talent Solutions will make the participants learn how to stop “pushing” and start “pulling” customers. The experienced facilitators will use several tools and techniques as presentation, role-plays, exercises and case-studies to ensure effective learning and application. Interaction and round-table discussion with other participants will give an advantage of understanding the point of view of others.

ZOE Talent Solutions uses the methodology of ‘Do-review-learn-apply’ in their training programs.

Organisational Benefits

The organisation will be able to get the following benefits:

  • More Opportunities to expand Business and discovering unrecognized needs
  • Drive Higher Margins and Revenue
  • Drive a culture of sales aligned to the market needs
  • Build a customer-centric organisation
  • Give a competitive edge and market presence
  • Build buyer confidence consistently by shortening sales cycle
  • Differentiate your company, products and services from your competition
  • Develop the ability to offer more creative solutions

Personal Benefits

This program will benefit the participants in understanding:

  • The new concept of consultative selling
  • How will it help in personal branding and adds value to the prospects?
  • Decipher how to sell in the digital world
  • Learn how to
    • Earn trust by asking the right questions that will make the buyer understand as to why they should buy from you
    • Use the power of storytelling techniques to position you as thought leader
    • Sell value and not the cost of the product or service
    • Build sales pipeline and practical steps on how to apply them
    • Open and close sales
  • Techniques for Action planning to ensure you achieve your sales target

Who Should Attend?

This training course must be attended by:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Consultants who want to sell without appearing as salespeople
  • Professionals who need to generate revenue but are not from sales
  • Strategic Account Managers or Account Managers who want to grow their existing client accounts

Course Outline


  • What is Sale?
  • Objective of Selling
    • It is not what you want from your customer/client, it is what you want for them
  • Difference between transactional and consultative sales
  • Understand the mindset behind – consultative is an inside out process
  • Integrity in selling and How to achieve it?
  • Establishing Trust and Credibility- The imperative in any business


  • Understand the right mindset to connect with people
  • Do’s and Don’ts of connecting with people
  • Mindset of consultative salesperson
  • Habits of the consultative sales professional to ensure success


  • A systematic and organised approach to preparing for customer/client meetings
  • Understanding the objective of the call
  • Anticipating customer/client needs
  • Opening with impact
  • Establishing rapport in the interaction
  • Building credibility and trust in the first few minutes
  • Preparing for objections


  • Developing effective listening skills
  • Identifying the right solution
  • Engaging the prospect by exploring the problem in detail
  • Discussing the initial ideas and concepts clearly
  • Focus on the benefits of the option suggested by linking it to the customer’s/client’s need
  • Involving the customers/clients in understanding the loss due to inaction


  • Learn how to present solutions persuasively
  • Understand the skills required in positioning solutions


  • Making the points of resistance as a part of your call / presentation
  • Planning for objection handling in advance
  • How to
    • Develop a positive mindset toward objections
    • Respond to doubts, misinformation and genuine concerns


  • How to increase the close ratio?
  • Enhance the skills needed to ask for the business
  • How to ensure the understanding of the customer/client at the end of each call with a next step to advance the sale?


  • Skills to apply the Consultative Selling Framework effectively
  • How to leverage your natural strengths to create a dialogue, foster the openness and trust needed to understand customer/client needs, communicate in a compelling way, and close profitable business?
  • Sales Leaders are Readers
  • Reflection- What went well? What can be improved? What can be left at the curb?

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