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Course Overview

Once the contract has been awarded and signed between the parties, it is important to ensure that the contracted works need to be delivered for its intended purpose. This is where the contract administration comes into place to monitor the contracted works or services which must be effectively delivered.

Contract administration includes the activities needed to implement and determine the fulfilment of the contract requirements by the parties of the contract. The contracted works are a team effort which involves all the contractual parties to work towards the common goal of delivering the completed works ready for its intended use.

The basic responsibilities of the parties are generally stipulated within the contract documents. Depending on the project deliverables, the selection of procurement route may differ. The role of the contract administrator does not begin until the contract is in place between the parties. However, in practice, such roles will begin before the existence of the contract.

Based on the scale of the project, the appointment of a contract administrator will vary. Generally, the contract administration services are provided as a part of the consultant’s service. In the case of large-scale projects, the employer may hire a full-time representative to administer the contract.

The contract administrator is not the same as the project manager, the project manager is the added participant in the process and the contract administrator is usually an integral component of the basic services agreement between the parties.

This Zoe course will provide a holistic education/training to the delegates for the best practice in dealing with the contract implementation, payments, valuation of variations, administering claims, dispute resolution and project closeout.

In order to understand the contract administrator’s involvement in the project and for successful completion of works or services, it is essential for all the developers, contractors, consultants to train their employees on the procedures involved in the administration of contracts.

Zoe Talent Solutions have designed this module in an easier way to understand all the approaches involved in the administration of contracts throughout the project cycle.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental obligations of the contract administrator
  • Effectively implement the signed contract to achieve the employer’s requirements
  • Gain sufficient knowledge in the valuation of variations, payments, and claims
  • Application of contractual techniques in dealing with the risks involved in the projects
  • Understanding the requirement of insurances, bond and guarantees
  • Understanding the importance of dispute resolution techniques
  • Effectively communicate with the parties on their contractual responsibilities
  • Identify the process involved in the project closeout

Training Methodology

This is a collaborative Contract Administration Certification Training program and will comprise the following training approaches:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises

Similar to all our courses, this course also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefit

Enterprises who nominate their employees to partake in this Contract Administration course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Procedural management of a contract during the execution of a project
  • Ensure compliance with contractual provisions related to the flow of adequate information and submission of notices
  • Get valuations and payment assessments, submission of claims for additional payment, and extensions of time

Personal Benefits

Professionals attending this course on Contract Administration can benefit in the following ways:

  • Comprehend all the approaches involved in the administration of contracts
  • Ensure compliance with the contractual obligations and manage all the risks
  • Ensure all parties are alert of how the project is developing, including any shortfalls by either party and any areas of concern which may have an unfavourable effect upon progress

Who Should Attend?

This course would be suitable for:

  • Contract specialists and professionals
  • Contract and project coordinators
  • Bid managers
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Consumers and other purchasing officers
  • Contractors and Sub-contractors
  • Cost Controllers
  • Company Executives

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Introduction to Contract Administration

  • Overview of contract administration
  • Who is a contract administrator?
  • The role and responsibilities of the contract administrator
  • Requirements to become a contract administrator
  • Implementing the contract

MODULE 2: Contract Administration – Interim Payment Certificates

  • Purpose of interim valuation
  • Application for payment
  • Contractor’s entitlement
  • Valuation of interim payments
  • Withholding payments

MODULE 3: Contract Administration – Variation

  • Initiation of variation/instruction
  • Measuring variations
  • Adjustment of provisional sum, preliminaries and etc.
  • Contractual provisions relating to variations
  • Valuation of variations

MODULE 4: Contract Administration – Claims

  • Type of claims
  • Initiation of claims
  • Admissible item under a claim
  • Assessing the value
  • Claims in case of suspension or termination under the contract

MODULE 5: Contract Administration – Final Accounts and Reports

  • Preparing for final account
  • Structure of the final account
  • Final account adjustments
  • Defects liability
  • Delay damages

MODULE 6: Contract Administration – Insurances, Bonds and Guarantees

  • Purpose of insurance, bonds and guarantees
  • Types of insurances
  • Insurance requirement under the contract
  • Bonds and guarantees
  • Indemnity

MODULE 7: Contract Administration – Dispute Resolution Techniques

  • Circumstances and sources of disputes
  • Addressing the disputes under the contract
  • Amicable settlement
  • Alternative dispute resolution techniques
  • Litigation

MODULE 8: Contract Administration – Project Closeout Procedure

  • Participants roles
  • Closeout meetings
  • Close-out documentation
  • Post completion services
  • Project feedback
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