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Counter Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement Course

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Course Overview

Why is counter-terrorism so important today?

Terrorism – either domestic or foreign is a threat to peace, safety, lives and property. In today’s world, the act of terrorism has a highly significant security impact and threatens many countries worldwide; law enforcement officers are saddled with the responsibility of preventing or mitigating such actions. At every point in time, the act of terrorism is expected to be foiled or countered by a well-trained and tactical counter-terrorism team.

How is this Counter-Terrorism Training Course impactful?

This course provides law enforcement and security operatives with the required information and tactical knowledge about handling counter-terrorism operations. The threat of terrorism is ever-evolving with newer methods used by terrorists; this also requires law enforcement officers and other security personnel to be harmed to the teeth with modern practices that can effectively overthrow a terrorist attack.

This Zoe training course empowers officers and personnel with world-class leading information about effective counter-terrorism operations. It also provides participants with different techniques and exposes them to the last-minute details about the act of terrorism. In addition, case scenarios are employed to ensure the effective learning of the course participants.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the counter-terrorism course by Zoe Talent Solutions are to ensure that:

  • Security personnel understand the act of terrorism and countermeasure available for each form of terrorism
  • There is sufficient understanding of what terrorism means both domestically and internationally
  • Participants are exposed to some of the world-leading cases of terrorism and the method or technique applied in solving them
  • Newly established counter-terrorism units are well-grounded with the necessary information and practice for operation
  • There is adequate knowledge about the different counter-terrorism operations used in modern times
  • Participants can design robust and comprehensive procedures that are effective enough in handling terrorism threats
  • Designed processes and procedures can be effectively implemented in a counter-terrorism operation
  • Participants possess skills and tactical training that make them suitable for a counter-terrorism operation
  • They can differentiate between domestic and international terrorism and apply the matching procedure for such acts

Training Methodology

In delivering an important course such as counter-terrorism training for law enforcement, there is a need to have the best training techniques to ensure retention and complete understanding. Zoe Talent Solutions provides world-leading experts and professionals to deliver this training course in the best possible manner for participants. The details of this course are well curated to ensure that they match the need of the participants and are also relevant to the current situation.

Zoe Talent Solutions prioritises a learning methodology that allows rapid learning among the course participants. Participants will handle scenarios and case studies and also be able to provide necessary feedbacks that will optimise their learning experience. A unique learning approach of the Do-Review-Learn-Apply Model is employed to ensure that the learning moves beyond the classroom and is translatable to real-life practice.

 Organisational Benefits

Organisations and Institutions can benefit from having their personnel undergo this training in the following ways:

  • Security personnel who have sufficient knowledge about the act of terrorism
  • Terrorism can be differentiated as either domestic or foreign and approaches that match each type of operation
  • Understand what counter-terrorism involves and how to go about handling a terrorist attack
  • Ability to design processes that the counter-terrorism team should follow in the event of an attack
  • Successful implementation of design processes properly and effectively translated from theory to real-time practice
  • Participants enrolled for the course by an organisation can provide cascade training to other employees in the same organisation or institution
  • There is a constant review of the institutional processes in handling a terrorist operation
  • Have an official and well-thought-out organisational strategy and procedure that is effective for counter-terrorism operations
  • Standby tactical team well trained and available for counter-terrorism actions
  • Development of newly established counter-terrorism units and advancement of already established ones
  • Provide support in a joint or collaborative operation with similar departments and institutions

Personal Benefits

Personnel and individual who attend the training by Zoe Talent Solutions can gain:

  • Knowledge about what terrorism entails and how to identify the different forms of terrorism
  • Sufficient understanding of counter-terrorism to match up with the different acts of terrorism
  • Modern knowledge about counter-terrorism operations and tactical strike
  • Possess skills that are important in a counter-terrorism unit or department
  • Certification from the training course indicating competence
  • Ability to train others about counter-terrorism operations and tactics
  • Work interactively with different counter-terrorism groups, units, and departments to carry out operations

Who Should Attend?

  • Law enforcement officers who are usually in the line of counter-terrorism operations
  • Detectives who are lead investigators in terrorism cases
  • Military personnel involved in tactical counter-terrorism strikes
  • Security personnel who may be in the line of defence against terrorism
  • Analysts who are responsible for information distribution and patterns for counter-terrorism operations
  • Decision-makers in government supervising counter-terrorism operations
  • Any other personnel who are constantly engaged or involved in counter-terrorism operations

Course Outline

The following topics are going to be covered under this training course:

Module 1: Overview of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Domestic/Local
  • International/Foreign
  • History of Terrorism
  • Approaches of Terrorism
  • Introduction to Counter-terrorism
  • Domestic and International operations

Module 2: Terrorism Methodology

  • Conditions that accommodate the spread of terrorism
  • Recruitment patterns
  • Internet
  • Funnelling
  • Radicalisation and violent extremism
  • Drivers of violent extremism

Module 3: Counter-Terrorism Processes and Procedures

  • International Counter-Terrorism legal framework
  • The rule of law
  • United Nations Counter-Terrorism strategy
  • International legal frameworks
  • International human rights and humanitarian law
  • International refugee law
  • Regional Counter-Terrorism Approaches
  • Regional and national approaches
  • Inter-American region
  • European region
  • African region
  • The Middle East and Gulf regions
  • Asian region

Module 4: Threat Response

  • The United Nations and terrorism
  • Principles of international humanitarian law
  • International cooperation and United Nations counter-terrorism strategy
  • Armed conflict context

Module 5: Protective Formation and Defensive Tactics

  • Tactical shooting and weaponry
  • Categorisation of armed conflict
  • Classification of persons
  • Integration of humanitarian law, terrorism and counter-terrorism

Module 6: Terrorism Hostage Situation

  • Human right law
  • Limitations permitted by the human rights law
  • Counter-terrorism procedures for public emergency
  • Counter-terrorism involving civilians
  • Negotiation

Module 7: Right to Life, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment

  • Human rights instruments
  • International
  • Regional
  • Extra-territorial application of the right to life
  • Arbitrary deprivation of life
  • Death penalty and enforced disappearances

Module 8: Arrest, Detention and Fair Trial

  • Torture and cruelty
  • Prohibition against torture, inhuman and degrading treatment
  • International statures on civil and political rights
  • Convention against torture, cruelty, inhuman or degrading treatment

Module 9: Hazard Environment and Personnel Safety

  • Safety of personnel during operations
  • Asset security and protection
  • Empathy and cognitive functions
  • Post-Counter-terrorism actions

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