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Creativity and Innovation Training Course

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Course Overview

Creativity and innovation are fundamental elements of success for a business. Most successful businesses develop a Culture of Creativity and Innovation. In today’s world, creativity and innovation are more important than ever before with the rapidly changing global systems. If you don’t constantly be creative and innovate, someone else will overtake the industry and you will run behind schedule.

To be useful and efficient in any business requires employees to have creativity and innovation skills. Developing a business’s creative thinking and innovation can lead to enhanced efficiency, constant improvements, develop business ideas, improvise the quality of current processes for swifter output in business services.

What is Creativity? And how can you improve your Creative Skills? Creativity is what drives ideas through distinct thinking of individuals which opens the doors to new opportunities in and round them. It is the ability to adopt new processes which results in more efficient production or develop a new product or a new service.

Intelligence need not be the reason for creativity. Individuals with a low IQ can also be creative in their own approaches. Creativity is the fuel that will keep your business moving in the current fast-changing and competitive world.

So, what is Innovation? And how can you be more innovative in your approach? Innovation is the execution of creativity. Innovation comprises of tactics, procedures, techniques and approaches. These strategies when implemented brings out Innovations. And these strategies are born through creative thinking.

Innovation can be an implementation of a new idea to an already existing product or service. You can have wonderful ideas, but still, you may not be innovative if you cannot bring those ideas to reality. You have a very effective business meeting, but there is no innovation until things get implemented by businesses.

Through this Creativity and Innovation Training Course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions, you will better on your competencies and knowledge so that you are well-positioned to take a lead in business opportunities offered by the fast transforming world.

Your Innovation and creativity will separate you from the others. Skills of putting your creativity to work make you Innovative. Creative thinking skills and problem-solving techniques can be developed and learned, and the most innovative companies run regular training programs to develop these skills among their employees.

Course Objectives

The objective of this Creativity and Innovation Training is to enable you to—

  • Define Creativity and Innovation
  • Use your Imaginative ideas and convert it into strategies
  • Find inspiration and self-confidence
  • Understand the Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivators
  • Learn on how to ‘gamify’ your ideas
  • Overcome Mental Blocks towards difficult situations
  • Remove Procrastination by creative thinking
  • Remove the fear of failure from your minds

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solution courses can easily be customised to suit the training audience and their professional backgrounds and experience. Our sessions involve presentations that are delivered by highly experienced trainers.

However, trainee participation is encouraged through group discussions, troubleshooting for questions, group activities, projects, etc. Trainees are also encouraged to share their experiences, issues, concerns and best practices from their respective organisations, which are discussed in detail by the trainer.

Zoe Talent Solutions uses Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model in our Training Methodology.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations whose employees take up this program will benefit in the following ways:

  • The employees will contribute to the development of the organization
  • They will implement different techniques in managing processes and stakeholders by being more Innovative
  • Employees will understand and analyze every step of a project from preparation, implementation and evaluation
  • The change in their approach towards work will thereby increase work quality
  • With the new way of thinking, employees will develop innovative practices that increase effectiveness within the organization
  • Individuals will use practical rules and tools  to help them structure successful innovation and increase business profitability

Personal Benefits

People attending this program will have the below advantage:

  • Creative thinking and innovative ideas is a life skill that individuals can use in their daily life
  • Individuals will have improved performance and outcomes through innovation and creative thinking in different spheres of life including family and work
  • Individuals will be able to step-up to support their managers to think in creative and innovative approaches related to business development
  • Individuals will be able to impact the efficiency of their activities in their day to day life
  • They will be more confident, systematic and focus-oriented in their life

Who Should Attend?

Individuals looking to become more pro-active and productive in their lives and workplace. Business thinkers, strategists, innovators, planners, top management, managers, supervisors, consultants, executives and officers would require these practical sessions to improve their skills.

Every Individual looking to think out-of-the-box and contribute to a growing business or community must undergo this training program in Creative thinking and Innovation.

Course Outline

This training program will cover the following areas that are essential to understanding the key skills of Business and Corporate Etiquettes:

Module 1

  • What Is Creativity? Thinking Differently
  • What Is Innovation? Acting Differently
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Imagination and Motivation
  • Creating ideas out of resources available

Module 2

  • Developing Creativity Skills
  • Getting and drawing Inspiration
  • Removing the Mental Block
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • Skills that inspire Skills

Module 3

  • Developing Innovative Skills
  • Developing strategies for creative ideas
  • Thrashing out Procrastination
  • Purging excessive clutter
  • Deleting self-imposed limitations
  • Building on successes step by step
  • Starting from the end
  • Foundations for the beginning

Module 4

  • Having an open mindset
  • Being critical and judgemental
  • Positivity of a positive mind
  • Critical questioning
  • Problem-solving questions
  • Analysis and evaluation

Module 5

  • Associating with the right people groups
  • Maintaining a thought journal
  • Assumptions and being practical
  • Creativity and Confidence
  • Developing a vision and strategy

Module 6

  • How to ignite curiosity?
  • Use of curiosity to engage in Creativity
  • Laying down ideas as building blocks
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Understanding the functions of the brain
  • How to engage the brain effectively

Module 7

  • Risk-taking
  • Steps to success
  • Fake It Till You Make It
  • Handling criticisms and discouragement
  • Believing in yourself and your goals

Module 8

  • Environmental factors in Innovation
  • Implementing Creativity and Innovation at work
  • Using Innovation to climb up the ladder
  • Self-discipline and focus
  • Challenges and how to overcome them

Module 9

  • Corporate and group creativity
  • Having an effective meeting and contributing ideas
  • Brainstorming and gathering collective ideas
  • Mind Mapping
  • Visualisation
  • Organising and bringing ideas together to work
  • Project Implementation and management for Innovation

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