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Customer Service Management Certification Training Course

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Course Overview

In the early 18th century, the production concept of marketing prevailed, wherein the firms focused on production efficiency and assumed that customers will purchase products that are inexpensive and readily available to them. The production concept gradually shifted to the product concept which then deviated to selling concept.

Up until the selling concept, needs of customer were never the focal point of the marketing operations of the firm. However, with the onset of the marketing concept in the mid-1950s the scenario began to change. It was recognized that for the long term survival of the company, customer needs should be prioritized.

Instead of merely manufacturing products and convincing the customer to engage in transactions all the while disregarding their need, experts highlighted that companies should be more active in creating value for customers. Before the marketing concept gained traction, once the transaction was done customer ceased to be of any importance to the firm.

Their feedback, satisfaction wasn’t taken into consideration. Now, this has changed drastically. It has been acknowledged that since today’s customer has a wide range of options when it comes to brands and products, a firm needs to differentiate itself from competitors by providing distinctive customer service.

In simple terms, customer service is providing assistance to customers before, during and after-sales. However, the art of customer service requires a much deeper apperception. Customer service management requires segregating customers on the basis of the customer lifecycle, analysing customer data to provide services most valuable to them and developing long-lasting customer relationships. If done correctly, customer service management results in word-of-mouth marketing and customer retention which ultimately drives company sales.

How to identify customer expectations? How to recognize the phase of the customer life cycle in the case of different customers? How to approach customers with regards to each phase? How can potential customers be acquired? What are various analytics used to identify their needs?

How to convert regular customers into brand advocates? These are some critical questions faced by the management while training their employees. The staff should be trained such that they are well equipped to meet customer needs. Customer service is no longer limited to only being polite to customers.

It has a much wider scope and requires actively dealing with both potential and confirmed customers in a manner that would result in repeated sales. It has been settled by many types of research that companies that tend to focus on customer satisfaction are much more profitable.

Zoe Talents’ Customer Service Management Training Course appreciates that customer service has become an elemental part of companies in today’s marketing era with the majority of firms turning into customer-centric organizations.

Customer service training is becoming an intrinsic part of employee training not only for new recruits but also for experienced managers to impart knowledge of leading-edge tactics and strategies. The sales team should be prepared with the correct attitude and skills while interacting with customers.

This is precisely the aim of this certification course. The course will develop competence within participants with the latest tools and techniques to efficiently deliver sustainable service to their customers.

 Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the ‘Customer service management training course’, the participant shall be able to:

  • Develop skills for generating customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Understand the importance of customer follow-up and feedback
  • Convert prospects into customers and cultivate a long-lasting relationship with them
  • Utilize various metrics and tools such as customer lifetime value, churn rate, customer service satisfaction rate, etc.
  • Inculcate persuasive communication skills
  • Learn to effectively resolve customer complaints
  • Successfully retain customers and achieve repeated sales from them

Training Methodology

  • Interactive lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Problem solving sessions
  • Management Games
  • Role playing/modelling
  • Presentations

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organization Benefits

Participants who successfully complete the Customer Service Management training course will benefit their organization in the following manner:

  • Help in driving up sales through customer retention
  • Develop competitive edge in the industry through differentiated customer service
  • Help cost-cutting through lowering the cost of acquisition of customers
  • Instil brand recognition in the market
  • Develop customer advocacy
  • Increased word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers

Personal Benefits

Successful completion of the course shall benefit participants in the following ways:

  • Cultivate a dynamic and adaptable attitude as the needs of customers differ from person to person
  • Develop positive and persuasive speaking skills
  • Acquire the ability to emotionally connect with the customer
  • Learn the ability to use various marketing metrics and analytics

Who should attend?

  • Senior marketing managers/Marketing heads
  • B2B marketers
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales analysts
  • Aspiring marketing and sales professionals
  • Relationship managers
  • Start-up founders, entrepreneurs

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Customer Relationship Management

  • Generations of CRM: functional CRM, social CRM, etc.
  • Customer value
  • Strategic CRM
  • Customer service management as a part of CRM

Module 2: Overview of Customer Service Management

  • Types of customer needs
  • Customer values
  • Types of customer services
  • Customer service channels
  • Training for customer support-tips and tactics
  • Team building for success

Module 3: Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

  • Stages of CLM
  • CLM implementation
  • Understanding purchase funnel
  • Customer retention
  • Strategies for customer retention

Module 4: Customer Service Management Strategy

  • Identifying customer touchpoints
  • Setting up customer service KPI’s
  • Building a reliable feedback system
  • Understanding customer journey
  • Customer portfolio management

Module 5: Technological Tools for Customer Service Management

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer perceived value
  • Developing customer loyalty
  • Data mining
  • Salesforce automation

Module 6: Marketing of Services

  • Relevance of customer service in hospitality, banking
  • Understanding service customer and delivery process
  • Common encounter situations
  • Positioning of services
  • GAP model of service quality

Module 7: Customer Service Evaluation

  • Measurement of customer service effectiveness
  • Customer waiting time
  • First, call resolution
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Benchmarking of services

Module 8: Customer Service in E-business

  • Online supply chain management
  • Customer relationships on the internet
  • Rating and reviews
  • E-commerce service tools
  • Case study

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