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Customer Service Manager Training Course

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Course Overview

Customer service is the assistance provided to customers before, during and after the purchase of a product. Gone are those days where mere communicating support through telephone with customers was considered as customer service. Presently any enterprise that aims to gain traction in the industry and wants to set itself apart from its competitors will have to make sure that the spirit of customer service is deeply embedded into its genes.

Customer satisfaction is the key to long-term customer retention and customer service forms an integral part of that. Customer service gives provision to read the customers better and tap various marketing opportunities from them. The customer service manager plays a pivotal part in delivering this element to the organization.

How customer service can be used to convert prospects into sales? How customer service need to be moulded to various modes of purchases such as online shopping, in-store shopping? How customer service can be used to upsell and cross-sell? How competent customer service can placate an upset customer?

What is an efficient customer service work environment and how teams should be developed? These are a few of many facets of customer service that needs to be addressed by a manager. Without adequate training on how to handle the customer base, managers may find themselves at a loss.

To convert the workforce into valuable resources that are capable of delivering competent service in dynamic circumstances, it becomes imperative for the managers to get themselves thoroughly acquainted with distinct gradations of customer service.

Zoe Talent Solutions understands the importance of developing a skilled customer service workforce in an organization and has thus introduced a comprehensive training course for customer service managers. This course aims to instil within the participants better decision-making skills by providing insights regarding various norms of customer service.

The course shall enhance communication skills needed while interacting with customers and will build the right attitude and temperament required for dealing with them. This course will train managers on connecting well with their customers, timely identifying their needs and delivering prompt services to them. The course prepares participants to face various challenges adeptly and thus add value to the firm.

Course Objectives

Customer service manager training course aims to fulfil following objectives:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of customer service and its importance to the organization
  • Grow deep acumen regarding customer behaviour and timely provide dynamic service with changing behaviour
  • Ensure customer retention through complete customer satisfaction
  • Identify and tap various opportunities resulting from repeat sales such as upselling, cross-selling
  • Foster a long-lasting relationship with customers that adds value to the organization
  • Amplify brand image of organization with enhanced customer support
  • Making better profits as customers tend to pay more for better experience and support

Training Methodology

  • Interactive sessions and lectures
  • Presentations
  • Management games
  • Role playing/modelling
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Problem solving sessions

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organization Benefits

Upon successful completion of the Customer Service Manager Training Course, participants shall be able to benefit their organization in following ways:

  • Better customer retention as customers receiving responsive service tend to return for more business
  • Enhance the company’s reputation as well-trained customer service managers are more adept at handling customers in different situations
  • Provide the organization with a dynamic customer service manpower that appreciates diversity of the customer base
  • Build a durable and sustainable relationship with company’s customers and understanding their importance as essential stakeholders
  • Develop various strategies and ways on providing customer service through non-traditional modes such as electronic media, social media
  • Generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations from current customers regarding responsive customer service hence attracting more customers

Personal Benefits

Successful completion of the Customer Service Manager Training Course, will benefit the participants at a personal level in the following manner:

  • Develop adequate communication skills needed while interacting with customers. This consists of written, verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Acquire skills needed to handle distressed and upset customers
  • Inculcate better stress management habits
  • Develop critical thinking skills that allows participants to make insightful decisions
  • Cultivate a dynamic skill-set and professional stance that will let participants manage different customer queries at once

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Customer support staff
  • Customer relationship managers
  • General managers
  • Budding entrepreneurs and new business owners
  • Start-up founders

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Customer Service

  • Why customer service? Customer service as a tool to differentiation
  • Analysing the customer base
  • Identifying customer expectations
  • Developing customer centricity
  • Forms of customer service

Module 2: Developing Communication

  • Developing written communication skills- writing emails, reports
  • Developing elevator pitch and presentation skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Non-verbal cues and body language
  • Eliminating barriers to communication

Module 3: Managing Customer Relationships

  • Dealing with distressed customers
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Dealing with diverse customers
  • Ensuring customer loyalty
  • Creating strong impressions
  • Improving customer experience
  • Follow up

Module 4: Customer Service Skillset: Telephone Skills

  • Listening skills
  • Developing greetings
  • Providing solutions
  • Problem-solving techniques

Module 5: Customer Service through Internet and Social Media

  • Use of technology in customer care
  • Customer support through email and chats
  • Online support
  • Automated support
  • Shopping cart abandonment

Module 6: Measuring Customer Service

  • Service recovery
  • Defining KPIs
  • Metrics for measuring customer service: average resolution time, customer retention rate, customer service abandonment rate, resolution rate, etc.

Module 7: Stress Management

  • Developing positive attitude
  • Symptoms of stress: mental, physical, behavioural
  • Time management
  • Anger management and keeping cool with difficult customers

Module 8: Developing Customer Service Team


Participant Reviews
Lombe Nkunde
Great experience. The training was relevant and met all expectations! ZTS went the extra mile into organizing and arranging for the whole program from start to end. Hotel bookings done. shuttle done and excursions planned. Budgets were analyzed until a suitable program that was relevant was identified. Not only were we totally satisfied with the training content and the Trainer but the training venue was also very well planned out! Definitely recommend ZTS for any form of training needs required
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