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Course Overview:

Happy employees are highly engaged and motivated leading to better outcomes for Organisational growth and success.

People are the most valuable asset of a business and when they leave for home every day, they can choose not to return to work basis the way they are treated, and the work environment provided to them.

Organisations must focus on not only building business but also on building a culture that attracts people. While fancy perks like free food and cab facility can appeal to anyone, these superficial offerings are not always enough to entice talented workforce.

Honest and clear communication with employees leads to trust thereby improving morale and productivity.

Different people come with different motives and needs, having a foundation that serves the needs of people, supplies them with support and resources to perform their job efficiently.

It’s imperative that organisations provide autonomy for creativity, empower decision making and help to strike a right balance between work and personal life.

This Zoe training course will empower you in learning what does an organisation culture mean, why it is important, how it can be developed by growth-oriented, progressive organisations that are striving to succeed in this competitive world by leveraging on the strengths of people.

Who can be a catalyst in building a strong culture and how frequently should we revisit the need to address everchanging needs. Showing people you care helps to build a positive work relationship and an engaging work culture.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the Developing Corporate and Organisational Culture Training Program, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Define what is organisation culture
  • Elaborate on a proper way you want people to function in the organisation
  • Establish the importance of building corporate and organisational culture
  • Differentiate between developing a business vs. developing a corporate & organisational culture
  • Acknowledge the importance of adaptability for matching the needs of the socio-economic environment
  • Curate a strategy and build a structure that supports a set of beliefs that are widely shared and strongly held across the organisation and its key stakeholders
  • Learn how culture drives behaviour to influence the same
  • Enjoy the benefits of a culture that auto directs employee perception, behaviours and understanding with less intervention
  • Articulate your culture better to attract the right people to your organisation
  • Set the long-term direction for the organisation, keep reviving
  • Empower and enable leaders for creating and maintaining organisational culture
  • Engage, motivate, retain, and develop people who align their goals with the organisations

Training Methodology:

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed a Developing Corporate and Organisational Culture Training Program for individuals at all levels.

Participants from all cultures participate in this training program thus making it very interactive as they share their own office experiences and challenges.

Customized modules can be arranged for organisation specific learning requirements. This program involves group discussions, case studies, and role-plays.

At Zoe Talent Solutions, Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model is applied to incorporate the learnings into daily office workspace.

Organisation Benefit:

Organisational benefits of employees who participate in this Developing Corporate and Organisational Culture Training Program will be as below:

  • Establish the importance of organisational culture
  • Establish a difference between building business, family business and building an organisation and its culture
  • Develop a foundation based on core values important for you, your people and organisation
  • Consistently align assumptions and behaviours of employees to match the organisational culture
  • Learn the ways great organisations build and maintain a culture that attracts the right talent
  • Hire the right people who can flourish in and support the organisational culture for greater goals
  • Train and empower leaders to create and maintain a culture
  • Clearly distinguish between observable and non-observable aspects of culture
  • Identify the functions an organisational culture serves; integrate members & help the organisation adapt to the external environment
  • Influence and inspire people with some great stories of culture as an enabler for success
  • Engage with OD consultants to constantly reinforce the importance of culture
  • Develop an internal team that can assess culture and apply the right measures for improvisation
  • Save cost due to high employee turnover

Personal Benefit

Participants who enrol in this Developing Corporate and Organisational Culture Training Program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Define what is culture and how to build one
  • Develop a unique culture based on values and the way things are done in an organisation, that is hard to imitate or replicate
  • Organize the behaviour of people to match and fit into an organisation’s culture
  • Develop expertise in taking up new innovations, ideas, structures, and strategies to build an organisation’s culture for maximum impact
  • Initiate and master independently the consulting practices towards helping organisations build and maintain a culture
  • Build a brand for yourself and the organisations you consult with by visiting the past/ history to learn about values and create a culture to inspire future
  • Learn the elements of culture and build it in collaboration with stakeholders you engage with
  • Build a culture that is conducive to a healthy work environment by gaining the trust of employees
  • Reduce employee turnover and reduce the cost for the organisation
  • Sensitise organisations about the fact that culture eats strategy for breakfast (quoted by Peter Drucker)
  • Motivate employees who work with you/ organisation for more than a paycheck

Who Should Attend

  • HR and Line Managers
  • OD Consultants
  • Independent Trainers

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the Developing Corporate and Organisational Culture Training Program:

Module 1: Definition, Importance, and ways to Develop corporate and Organisational culture:

  • Define Culture
  • State the importance of culture
  • What happens to organisations that lack culture

Module 2: Elements of a Great Company Culture:

  • Balance
  • Trust
  • Values
  • Development
  • Leadership

Module 3: Significance of categories of organisational culture:

  • Consistency
  • Mission
  • Involvement
  • Adaptability
  • Achievement

Module 4: Benefits of Organisational culture:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Clear indicators of what is expected and appreciated
  • Reward acceptable behaviours, encouraging employees

Module 5: Ways to build great company culture: Case studies and experiential learning

  • Strong Company values
  • Trust and Transparency
  • Emphasis on Work-Life Balance
  • Emphasis on professional development
  • Exemplary leadership and management

Module 6: How to measure organisational culture?

  • Engagement Survey
  • Culture Survey
  • Climate Survey
  • Pulse check Survey
  • Build your own questionnaire or routine to get feedback; formally and informally for candid inputs

Module 7: Financial value of culture

  • Measuring the tangible value of organisational culture
  • Role of investment analysts
  • Employee turnover: how it reflects on organisational culture

Module 8: Role of a leader in creating and maintaining culture:

  • How leaders influence culture
  • Being a Role model

Module 9: Teaching Organisational culture:

  • Socialisation and organisational socialisation
  • Learning from management
  • Process and mechanisms
  • Supporting the process

Module 10: Mastering the art of storytelling for developing organisational culture

  • Recognizing exemplary behaviours
  • Story Telling
  • Experience sharing to inspire others

Module 11: Assessing and changing the culture for adaptability

  • Managing Symbols
  • Acknowledging the difficulty in change: resistance to change

Modules 12: Tips for building an Organisational culture from some successful organisations

  • Build a model that represents your culture to guide employees
  • Ask for and listen to feedback
  • Take like-minded people on board
  • Care about people and show you do
  • Get reviews from the team, also the people who leave the organisation
  • Stay consistent with routine
  • Set and track goals
  • Discuss challenges, be open and transparent, brainstorm
  • Build a customised list as per your industry and organisation to achieve success and meet your goals
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