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E-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course

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Course Overview

What is e-Learning Instructional Design? With the growing need for learning and development at a global as much as segmented level, the training industry must keep up with innovative, engaging and technologically supported integrated learning. At Zoe, we regard this as the essential requisite for anyone in the 21st Century learning and development industry.

Hence, our e-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course is built uniquely to cover all aspects of online instruction right from identifying training and development needs to identifying the best-suited approach.

This course further equips participants in understanding systems, technology and facilitation techniques that can be exploited to further the integration of training programmes into the growth of knowledge, skills and behaviours in employees.

What does e-learning Instructional Design and Developer certificate course cover? This e-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course is created systematically to cover all elements and skills needed by training teams globally to adhere to the learning needs of employees.

The success of a good instructional designer is found not only in their ability to create animated training modules and learning content but also in identifying audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning needs of participants and structuring content in a way that optimally meets these needs.

This course will also support you with ideas, case studies and projects with real-time feedback from an expert. In addition to understanding e-learning, the approaches and techniques of building instructional design online, we will teach you marketing techniques, creating bite-sized training modules and also ways in which you can continuously be updated with creative and innovative ideas.

This Zoe training course will therefore empower you to create and manage e-learning tools in a structured manner. Through this course, you will be able to apply advanced technology, techniques and also role-model aspects of integrated design to mentor others in your team.

By ensuring the use of the right models, approaches and evaluation, you will attract a high level of excellence, as desired. You will resultantly be better positioned to contribute to your organisation through your projects with your stakeholders and your customer.

Course Objectives

Foremost objectives of this ‘e-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course’, are to empower professionals with—

  • the ability to reach a higher level of competence in instructional design
  • real-time feedback on the application of theory and skills aligned with ID models taught in class, via projects
  • the ability to recognise specific learning needs and creatively cater to these via online platforms
  • capability to correct oneself and improvise towards a higher level of competence
  • understanding of the requisites of a good training platform, along with various methodologies of training and a variety of training content
  • ability to express ideas confidently on any subject in a digital format
  • the skill to innovate, offer feedback through assessments, respond to change and reward participants in a virtual environment
  • understanding the potential of integrated learning

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions creates training courses to cater to our learning audience and their distinctive professional background, experience and needs. Classroom sessions with presentations by a seasoned facilitator form a major part of our training programmes.

We encourage participation through group discussions, role-plays, collaborative activities, assessments and more. Trainees are also requested to share their experiences, concerns and best working practices from their respective teams, which can be facilitated by the trainer to optimise learning for the entire learning group.

In accordance with Zoe Talent Solutions’ unique training methodology, this course abides by the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations whose professionals undertake this ‘e-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course’ will benefit in many ways as follows:

  • Individuals will be able to understand e-learning, it’s the application and be able to create content in a structured and integrated manner
  • More calibration in mindset, aligned with the learning needs of your organization
  • Greater value and return on investment on training
  • Decrease in ambiguous communication as a result of a calibrated learning experience
  • Market credibility increase owing to ongoing technological improvements in learning and development
  • Improved trainer/training team performance owing to the better skills of managing instructional design
  • An overall positive sense of esteem for the organization owing to integrated and continuous learning

Personal Benefits

Professionals attending this ‘e-learning Instructional Design and Developer Certification Course’ will benefit in the following ways:

  • A vivid understanding of the elements of e-learning instructional design
  • A tested model to understand the learning needs of an audience
  • Access to videos and projects exclusively owned by Zoe Talent Solutions, access to your own projects as included in this Professional Training Course
  • Ability to work on integrated platforms to create e-learning content
  • Understanding the impact of design thinking on a successful e-learning project
  • A new and relevant skill in training and development, to suit the need of the global learner
  • Identify how gamification can help integrated learning online
  • Become a competent marketing expert of e-learning training content

Who Should Attend?

  • e-learning managers, Trainers who are looking to bring their work online
  • Managers, Senior Executives and Team Leaders across learning teams
  • Administration executives responsible for e-learning
  • Executives who are aspiring trainers in the virtual space
  • Trainers, teaching staff, educators and administrators responsible for interacting with students and learners
  • Human Resource Managers and teams responsible for conducting employee training, performance and organisational development
  • Government officials responsible for e-learning development in government sectors
  • Hospital staff, support staff in volunteer camps and faculty in charge of online training
  • Any other professional who is looking to be a specialist in e-learning instructional design and development

Course Outline

The course will cover the undermentioned modules, uncompromisingly necessary to equip an individual with the knowledge of instructional design and development for e-learning.

Module 1 – Introduction to e-Learning

  • What is e-Learning?
  • Identifying your best learning approach
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Defining your learners
  • Assess your understanding

Module 2 – Finding your best e-Learning Approach

  • Introduction to TNA
  • Articulating e-Learning Scopes and Objectives
  • Identifying Elements of Learning
  • Assembling your e-Learning Team
  • Drawing up a Training Plan
  • Project & Feedback

Module 3 – Developing your e-Learning Content

  • Developing your tone of instruction
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Including Facilitative Engagement
  • Multi-media tools and Gamification
  • Practice and Feedback

Module 4 – Applying Models and Theories

  • Using ADDIE
  • Applying SAM to your e-Learning Structure
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Andragogy Application
  • Classroom set-up (Virtual and Physical)
  • Practice Project & Feedback

Module 5 – Building scope for interactivity

  • Creating an accessible online presence
  • Constructing an Active Learning plan
  • Community Awareness via Discussion Boards
  • Self-Guided Assignments and Feedback

Module 6 – Post Training Assessments

  • Elements of a good online assessment
  • How to develop effective assessments?
  • Summative Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
  • Project and Feedback

Module 7 – Marketing Bytes Online

  • Byte-Courses and How to Market them
  • Instruction Design Event
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Presentations and Feedback

Module 8 – Continuous Innovation Through Design

  • Using Design Thinking to grow e-Learning
  • The Language of Design
  • Creative thinking and Application – Technique and Tools for Success
  • Project
  • Knowledge and Practical Assessment & Feedback

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