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Effective Presentation Skills Training Course

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Course Overview

How do you create and deliver effective presentations? How learn to become a good presenter of your presentation? It is truly said- “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But a great presentation skill requires design and self-confidence.

If these two vital elements are not improvised upon, then it is time you develop your presentation skills through this training program offered by Zoe Talent Solutions. Presentation and oratory are not inherited skills but can be learned by working on these skills over a period of time. Even a quiet introvert can learn to deliver powerful presentations with confidence and excellence.

So what’s the worth of having good and effective presentation skills? Sales pitches, Internal training and development programs, business development presentations, cascading corporate communication and plans, all require good presentation and public speaking skills.

These skills are key influencers in the world of business. Delivering presentations is an inevitable part of corporate life. The most important purpose for you in having a very effective presentation is to have an upper hand over your competition, internal or external.

Board room meetings, product and sales presentations, Business reports analysis, motivational and inspirational speeches, they all require powerful presentations to go a step further in influencing and persuading others. Several of the most profitable businesses were started and established by influential presenters.

One of the examples is Apple Inc. Steve Jobs, a creative presenter, used his effective presentation skills to bring-up his organization to its zenith. Apple is known worldwide for its leading-edge technology, and Steve Jobs is credited for it as an exceptional presenter for Apple’s success. Success rides on the wings of effective presentations by outdoing the competition.

At Zoe Talent Solutions we have developed the Effective Presentation Skills Training Course to learn to design and deliver effective and powerful presentations.  Delivering presentations is no longer retained to top managers. No matter what area of work or position you hold, you are expected to be an effective communicator.

When individuals become good presenters, they become the persons to whom everyone wants to go to when it comes to making presentations. This follows recognition and elevates an individual within the organization and in all walks of life as a whole.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Effective Presentation Skills Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan presentations being mindful of the audience
  • Create clear-cut objectives for the presentation
  • Assess factors to construct presentations to deliver key ideas
  • Keep audience attention to have an enhanced introduction with attention-grabber techniques
  • Develop efficient slides, visual aids, and handouts
  • Learn methods, tools, and techniques for effective presentations
  • Learn relaxation and destress techniques
  • Understand the techniques of non-verbal communication
  • Develop body styles and have a confident body language
  • Learn how to improve the quality of the voice
  • Deal with challenging questions during and post-presentation
  • Understand the concepts of motivation and positive influence toward compelling actions

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed an efficient training program on Effective Presentation Skills Training Course. A customized program can be arranged to achieve organizational training objectives. Well experienced trainers will facilitate the program in imparting knowledge and skills to boost presentation skills.

This is a practical program and involving role-plays, group discussions, activities, games, and active participation of the participants during the program. Best share practices and experiences are shared during the course.

At Zoe Talent Solutions training programs follow the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model during the training programs to meet participant objectives.

Organisational Benefits

Organizational benefits of personnel who participate in the Effective Presentation Skills Training Course will be as follows:

  • Use of modern means of communication tools becomes part of employees daily work
  • Increased retention will be noticed among the employees within the organization
  • Employees learn the art of professionalism during presentations
  • A stronger customer relationship is built
  • There is an increased interaction with others and so the higher quality of communication
  • Vendors and clients are impressed with knowledgeable employees and have increased respect
  • There is boosted job satisfaction among employees
  • This training builds the morale of the organization’s staff
  • It builds self-esteem and confidence among the employees
  • With a skilful workforce, there is a greater company image
  • The organization creates a very skilled workforce for itself

Personal Benefits

Below are the Personal Benefits of individuals participating in the Effective Presentation Skills Training Course:

  • People start to recognize you as a leader with communications
  • Participants become more productive in social life
  • Entities have enhanced motivation and social satisfaction
  • There is healthier mental wellbeing and self-esteem
  • They will be influencers and motivators to the people around them
  • There is a display of teamwork around these individuals
  • Participants become the ‘go-to’ individuals when it comes to communications
  • This training help participants overcome stage fright and public speaking
  • There is all-round confidence and they become leaders for solutions

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for those individuals looking to enhance their influence through effective communication and presentations. All marketing and sales executives, Business analysts, financial analysts, consultants, managers, and supervisors at all levels including the technical staff should enrol for this training program.

In addition to that, individuals looking for progressive growth within the organizations and the frontline staffs whose job roles required them to make internal or external  presentations should be a part of the training program

Course Outline

Below are the modules that will be covered in the Personal Development and Productivity Training Course:

Module 1

  • Know Your Audience
  • Plan your Presentation
  • Be Organised
  • Technology- The Importance
  • Presentation Formation
  • Setting clearly defined Objectives
  • Audience Analysis
  • Importance of Openings and Closings
  • Logistics and Venue
  • Adapting yourself to the presentation space in advance

Module 2

  • Drafting your Presentations
  • Understanding the purpose of your presentation
  • Gathering substance and content for the presentation
  • Building the subject matter
  • Presentation of the presentation
  • Designing the presentation
  • Practise, self-rehearsals, and improvising
  • Controlling the space and environment

Module 3

  • The relation between Preparation, Relaxation, and Stress
  • Confidence and Control
  • Transforming nervousness to enthusiasm
  • Breathing exercises and nervousness
  • Psychology and Chemistry of stress and fear
  • Body Language
  • Tips to cope with nerves
  • The posture of the body and mind
  • Eye Contact

Module 4

  • Presentation Contents
  • Subject and substance
  • Types of presentations
  • Equipment and Venue
  • Creative Ideas – Brainstorming and Mind-mapping
  • Innovation and the dare to drive ideologies
  • Materials, props and visual aids
  • Exercises and case studies
  • Video and sound clips
  • Statistics, Surveys, and Diagrams
  • Quotations, jokes, stories, and analogies
  • Stories, Picture and animation illustrations

Module 5

  • Audience Participation
  • The audience needs and addressing general crises
  • Straw polls
  • Inviting a volunteer
  • Asking the audience to do something or engage
  • Prizes, awards and recognizing people and their achievements
  • Gamification
  • Recommendation of Books
  • Icebreakers and games- Knowing each other
  • Anticipating audience questions
  • Know your subject knowledge and reference points
  • Notes Arrangement- cue cards, sheet notes

Module 6

  • Body and Structure of the Presentation- Importance
  • Presentation Structure – Sections, Order, Headings
  • Presentation Body- Introduction, content, Closing
  • Principle of Repetition and the human mind
  • Points of Interest and early impact during Introductions
  • Speaking and Thinking like the audience and their profiles
  • Building trust, impression and credibility
  • Time Management
  • Fall-backs, Plan-B and Contingency plans
  • Dress rehearsals, feedbacks, Refining the structure

Module 7

  • Vocal Image and Impression
  • Qualities of the Effective Voice
  • Voice control and volume
  • Improvising on Articulation and language
  • Vocal variety and modulation
  • Developing Significance with voice modulation
  • Impactful voice
  • Matching body movements with voice
  • Encouraging participants to be vocal
  • Types of Vocals
  • Handling the soreness of voice and vocal cords
  • Noise, sound, and chaos

Module 8

  • Common Mistakes during Presentations
  • Breathing Fast or Holding your breath
  • Unacceptable facial expressions
  • Lackluster Visualization
  • The Uses and Abuses of Visual Aids
  • Talking too fast and neutralizing accent
  • Too much material in too short of a time
  • Admitting you know everything
  • Apologizing for mistakes, words, or actions

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