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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Training

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Course Overview

Does your organization deal with a huge number of documents? Is your document control too complex to function smoothly? Then you would require an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) implemented within your organization.

For organizations that have intensive and complex business processes, EDMS should be implemented for effectiveness. Document control is very important to ensure that no out-dated documents are used and only the latest, correct, and approved documentation are used in circulation within the organization.

Out-dated and incorrect documents can cause confusion and affect business operations in terms of work quality, efficiency, and costs. These issues can bring in negative consequences like client loss, confusion within departments, and legal issues.

Internal and external auditors are employed to ensure that there is no non-compliance to avoid such situations. Because handling corporate and legal documents is so important, companies invest heavily in specialized software programs to keep such flow of documents in control. These software and systems are called the EDMS systems and are usually integrated with the organization’s existing systems.

EDMS is a software system used to create, manage, track, and store important documents and information. It keeps a track of the different versions modified by authorized personnel over a period of time. It involves the digitalization of information, standardizing document workflow systems, and records management systems.

It aims to get rid of the hard copy papers which consumes space and time. Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program for participants that belong to departments and functions that oversee back-office processes or involved in a lot of repetitive documentation processes.

Implementing EDMS is a kick-start to digital transformation goals within a company. Going digital with processes heads towards automation, analytics, and modernized technological business operations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Training, participants of this training program will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Document Management Systems
  • Learn the document lifecycle process
  • Comprehend the principles of unified archiving and indexing procedures
  • Create action plans for document and records management framework
  • Manage and control the flow of documents within departments
  • Understand the concepts of scanning, indexing and archiving of documents
  • Automate office support functions that involve documentations
  • Understand the compliance requirements of ISO 9000 and other regulatory bodies
  • Know the different technologies available and involved in EDMS
  • Engage in Automation of processed and business workflow systems
  • Ensure proper approval processes are followed during the document flow
  • Identify version and revision change during the history of the documents

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has developed this training course on Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to be very practical, engaging concepts and best-practices in the industry. With a balanced combination of lectures, presentations, and practical sessions, this program will ensure that you will learn end-to-end knowledge of EDMS applications.

Organizational experiences will be shared by all participants involved in the program. Active participation and involvement are encouraged. Customization will be offered based on the current requirements of the organization.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model in this training program including a pre-course and post-course assessment to ensure all learning objectives are met.

Organisational Benefits

Organizational benefits of employees who take up the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) program will be as below:

  • Lower archival, retrieval and storage costs of physical documents
  • Swifter processing of information in business and financial operations
  • Valuable staff time spent is saved and can be utilized for other tasks
  • Duplications of the documents are reduced due to effective control
  • Errors are marginalized with automation moving in
  • Access and control are centralized for effective control
  • Effective collaboration and coordination are followed
  • Document and Information security is prioritized
  • Customer and client services become more efficient
  • Documents have standardized formats and filing systems
  • Retrieving and accessing data and information becomes very easy
  • Standardization and compliance regulations are followed
  • Business process automation is encouraged

Personal Benefits

Participants who participate in this Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) will benefit in the following ways:

  • Individuals become more organized with their assigned tasks
  • They manage time very effectively
  • Individuals better understand innovation and automation
  • They become good coordinators and managers of tasks
  • Being compliant fosters discipline in the tasks they do
  • Participants manage their competencies in an effective manner
  • They are more technically sound when it comes to technology
  • They are effective in their work and are engaged in other tasks
  • There is a sense of job satisfaction and value to the roles they play

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for all working in a document filled work atmosphere and for all those looking to build their career in the field of document management. Below are a few roles that need to participate in this program.

  • Quality document controller
  • Administrative Document Controllers
  • Security Document Controllers
  • Information and Records Management staff
  • Office clerks and document handlers
  • Digital transformation executives
  • Office Managers
  • Management Assistants and Secretaries
  • Compliance Officers and Auditors
  • Information Security officials
  • Operations Managers
  • Librarians

Course Outline

Below are the course modules that would be covered during the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS):

Module 1: Foundations: Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

  • Information Management: Digitalization
  • EDMS: Definition
  • Purpose and Importance of EDMS
  • Concept and General Principles of EDMS
  • Benefits and Advantages of using EDMS
  • Differences between RMS (Records management system) and EDMS
  • Challenges of EDMS systems

Module 2: Electronic Document Management Standards and Regulations

  • Information and Data Risk
  • Quality management systems – Requirements
  • ISO Documentation Requirements
  • ISO 9000 and other regulatory Requirements
  • Control of documents and management
  • Internal and External Audits
  • Non-compliant documents
  • Corrective and Preventive Action plan

Module 3: EDMS: Implementation and Framework

  • Implementation of EDMS: Process and Strategies
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Analysis of the current processes
  • Reviewing of existing documentations
  • Revision of processes and documentation
  • Implementation: The change management
  • Implementation of Process maps and flow charts
  • Observation, measuring effectiveness, and analysis
  • Technology options

Module 4: Electronic Document Lifecycle

  • Extraction and Capture of data from documents
  • Registration of the document on EDMS
  • Classification of documents based on confidentiality
  • Storage of physical and digital documents
  • Access and permissions to documents
  • Deletion of expired Documents
  • Electronic Document Management: Best practices

Module 5: EDMS Operations

  • Document data capture and accuracy
  • Documents Scanning
  • OCR and Image Processing
  • Indexing, archiving and retrievals
  • Type of documents
  • Multimedia documents
  • Scanner technologies
  • Image Enhancement techniques
  • Revisions and versions
  • Historical Audit trails
  • Forms creation and Management
  • Document Distribution: Workflow Management
  • Document Tracking

Module 6: Tools of EDMS

  • Automated Information Capture
  • Federated Search & Retrieval
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Hierarchical File Indexing & Classification
  • Connected Archival Methods
  • Automated Workflows
  • Security & Audit Trails
  • Document Metadata
  • Version Control
  • System-Wide Integration

Module 7: EDMS and Business Operations

  • Intelligent business process management
  • Business Process Automation and Workflow Systems
  • Workflow Integration
  • Identification of Business Processes
  • Technical Specifications and Implementation Procedures
  • Types of Documentation Systems
  • Innovation and Digitalization
  • Industry standards and best practices

Module 8: Document Control and Security

  • Document security
  • Multiple security levels
  • Encryption
  • Authoring Systems
  • Card and folio-based systems
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Digital Rights management
  • Digital signatures
  • Backups and Document Restoration

Course Testimonial


Participant Reviews
Raphaelle Vincent
I recommend this course EDMS Electronic Document Management System to everyone. You will get the meaning of paperless and paperless how to store your documents the importance of each document the security to have through it. I enjoyed each learning journey that was at flexible hours for me according to my schedule. They deliver a piece of good quality information. Unfortunately with the schedule that I have chosen, I did not have a chance to hear other's experiences in my field. The trainer comes with good examples. I definitely recommend it and I am ready to have other experience with Zoe Talent Solutions.
Show more
The course of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Training was very helpful to me to know all the basics. I am thankful to my trainer Ms. Ruth for facilitating a very informative course.
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