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This Microsoft Excel Training will teach techniques to delegates to perform quick and effective operations on the latest Excel versions for business. The training program outline is up to date and pertinent to marketplace requirements, thus catering well to all analytical prediction of training needs in the specified area. A customised proposal can also be arranged, to suit the training requirement of your team.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this excel training program, participants will be able to:

  • Boost Excel reporting expertise in business, finance, and accounting
  • Perform automated reconciliation for speedy weekly and monthly reporting
  • Design and create calculated columns using the new 2010 Data Analysis Expressions tool
  • Control multiple Pivot Table elements on one worksheet using the new 2010 slicer tool
  • Apply data reporting techniques to real-life business situations
  • Link their Excel with PowerPoint for dynamic data update
  • Use macros to perform repetitive tasks and generate reports

Course Outline:

This Microsoft Excel training course will cover:

  • Quick Review of Excel Business and Finance Functions
  • Using Conditional Formatting for Reconciliation and Analysis
  • Table Tools and Automatic Updating
  • Defining and Managing Names
  • Evaluating and Auditing Formulas
  • Workspaces and Updating Links
  • Must Know Accounting and Business Functions for Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Financial and Business Formulas
  • Logical Functions
  • Efficient Text Functions
  • Powerful Lookup and Reference
  • Information Functions
  • The Array-Sum Function
  • Dynamic Data Management and Manipulation
  • Text-to-Columns and Dynamic Trimming
  • Validating User Input with Message Alert
  • Using List data to Automate and Authenticate Data Validity
  • Consolidation and Creating Links
  • Introduction to Macro Recording and Editing
  • Record and Edit Macros
  • Design Buttons and Menus to Activate and Run Macros
  • Mastering Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Inserting Pivot Tables
  • Performing Analysis Using Data Manipulations
  • Inserting Formulas in Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Formatting, Sorting and Filtering
  • Preparing Reports Using the Show Pages Function
  • Conditional Formatting with Pivot Tables
  • Preparing Dynamic Charts and Dynamic Labelling
  • Creating Charts with 3-Axis
  • Dynamic Labelling in Graphs
  • Data Analysis Using the Show Values As
  • Expand/Collapse Feature in Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table Options
  • Date Manipulation Using Pivot Tables
  • Show Data Using the Summarize Data Fields By
  • Linking Excel with PowerPoint
  • Creating Dynamic Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • The New Power Pivots Tools
  • Applying the AutoDetect Tools
  • Importing Excel Data into Power Pivots
  • Building Report with Two Pivot Charts
  • Slicer Management and Techniques
  • Using Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
  • Power Excel Business Techniques
  • Designing Dynamic Spinners
  • List Box and Option Button Modelling
  • Check Box Data Reporting
  • Advanced Data Analysis with Macro

Who should attend?

Accountants, senior accountants, business analysts, accounting and finance professionals, supervisors, general business professionals and staff from any function who need to learn and apply state-of-the-art reporting techniques to their daily business reporting, reconciliations, and analysis.

General Notes

  • All our courses can be facilitated as Customized In-House Training course.
  • Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
  • As for Open Enrolment Courses, we offer our clients the flexibility to chose the location, date, and time and our team of experts who are spread around the globe will assist in facilitating the course.
  • The course fee includes facilitation, training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training.
  • FREE Consultation and Coaching provided during and after the course.

Course Curriculum

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Customized Schedule is available for all courses irrespective of dates on the Calendar. Please get in touch with us for details.
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