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Facility Security Officer (FSO) Certification Training Course » NSM08

Facility Security Officer (FSO) Certification Training Course

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28 Feb - 04 Mar, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
23 May - 25 May, 2022Live Online3 Days$1300Register
22 Aug - 26 Aug, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
21 Nov - 23 Nov, 2022Live Online3 Days$1300Register
07 Mar - 11 Mar, 2022Istanbul5 Days$4750Register
14 Aug - 18 Aug, 2022Riyadh5 Days$4250Register
21 Nov - 25 Nov, 2022Kuala Lumpur5 Days$4495Register

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To acquaint and instruct the individual in basic leader necessities regarding the performance of guard duties. In addition, to produce the leader and therefore the individual will get an opportunity to pick extra coursework to enhance his/her talents and information.

Who Should Attend?

Security Guards, security officers, security supervisors, and other staff who are responsible for security.

Course Objectives:

This training programme will enable the delegates to build an understanding of:

  • Security Equipment
  • Elevators
  • Alarms
  • Lost or found article
  • Liability implications
  • Monitoring
  • Site-specific training
  • Emergency response issues
  • Communication
  • Handling disputes
  • Crowd control
  • Planning for disturbances or civil disobedience
  • Labor actions, disputes, and workplace stoppages
  • Confronting conflicts constructively

Course Outline:

Introduction to Site-Specific Training

  • The concept of Employer Reports / Paperwork
  • Procedures or reporting processes
  • Tax Forms or Health Forms: Overview
  • Introduction: Uniforms
  • Understanding the Work Schedules
  • Procedures or internal policies
  • The Employer Use of Force Policy: Overview
  • The procedures of Evacuation
  • Life / Safety and Acts of Nature: Related emergency procedures
  • Evacuation Routes: The working knowledge
  • Stairs concept
  • Overview: Elevators
  • Doors overview
  • Power Outage: Introduction
  • Contact: Specific points

Introduction to Officer Safety

  • Analyzing the Threat Assessment
  • Overview of Subject Contact
  • Understanding the Safety Awareness
  • Blood Borne Pathogens: Definition and introduction
  • The Hazardous or environmental Materials: The overview
  • The concept of search, seizure and arrests & the differences
  • The Amendments and the US Constitution effecting guard responsibilities
  • The concept of Loss Prevention
  • Merchant Law: The overview
  • Use of Force concept

Introduction to Access Control

  • Procedures of identification
  • Overview of CCTV or the electronic use
  • Procedures: Non electronic
  • Concept of Trespass
  • Open Land overview
  • Introduction: Private Property
  • Private Building concept
  • Overview: Public Property
  • Public Access/ public accommodation places
  • Overview of codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations

CPR or First Aid: An Overview

  • The Overview of American Red Cross Courses
  • The Overview of American Heart Association Courses
  • Definition and Introduction; Automatic External Defibrillator devices (AED’s)

Concept of Handling Difficult People

  • Communications: Overview
  • The concept of Conflict Management
  • Speaking Constructively: Overview
  • The concept of Valuing Diversity
  • The concept of negotiation
  • The introduction: Verbal Diffusion

Introduction to Work Place Violence

  • Warning Signs or unusual behavior detection
  • Worker to Worker concept
  • Client to Customer concept
  • The concept of Supervisor to Subordinate
  • Anger Management: Definition and introduction
  • Valuing Diversity: The concept and overview
  • Personal Security: Overview
  • Reporting concept

Introduction to Chemical Agents

  • Effects of tear gas and its usage
  • Effects of pepper spray and its usage
  • Chemical Agents: Air Borne
  • Chemical Agents: Water Borne
  • The Incident Scene preservation

Evidence Management

  • Evidence identification
  • Evidence handling and the care
  • Immediate Area security
  • The concept of Legal Issues to Evidence Tampering and/or Removal
  • Identification of participant or the witness

The concept of Crowd Control

  • Boisterous Celebrations: Controlling
  • The concept of Handling Disputes
  • The Overview of Confronting Conflicts Constructively
  • Civil Disobedience / Disturbances: The Planning phase

Introduction to Driver Safety

  • Overview: Cars
  • Description: Bicycles
  • Description and Overview: Golf Carts

Introduction to Supervision

  • Responsibilities and assigned roles
  • Understanding the concept of Legal Liability

Introduction to Courtroom Demeanor

Traffic or parking Control

Introduction to Radio Procedures


General Notes

  • All our courses can be facilitated as Customized In-House Training course.
  • Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
  • As for Open Enrolment Courses, we offer our clients the flexibility to chose the location, date, and time and our team of experts who are spread around the globe will assist in facilitating the course.
  • The course fee includes facilitation, training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training.
  • FREE Consultation and Coaching provided during and after the course.


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