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Fundamentals of Marketing Course

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Course Overview

What are Marketing Fundamentals? We keep vying for the attention of our prospects after having created a product or service that we consider to be the best. This makes us introduce our products and services to the buyers in ways which not only create an impact on them but also stand out from the competition.

This requires us to focus on marketing activities and their fundamentals. Marketing is at the core of any organisation and the consumer is the heartbeat. There will be no demand if there is no consumer – and of course no sales. It thus makes it important to understand the fundamentals of the market and how to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

All this requires the effort and contribution of all the departments in an organisation. Many times departments other than marketing or sales fail to appreciate the need to share the vision of the Marketing function leaving enough space for rifts and regular conflicts.

Do you see regular conflicts in your marketing and the other support departments?

Do you notice a lack of empathy in the support departments towards the marketing function?

This training program designed by ZOE Talent Solutions will help the participants appreciate every fundamental function in marketing. It will also help them to understand the decisions taken at the organisational level. It also includes the role played by each department towards the achievement of the business goals.

Course Objectives

This Fundamentals of Marketing Course will help you achieve the following:

  • Understand the difference between traditional and contemporary marketing
  • View marketing as a coordinated and integrated effort of all the departments and functions of the organisation
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the skill required to gain a competitive edge in today’s constantly changing environment
  • Appreciate the environment- external or internal to the organisation which will result in enhancing Product or service quality
  • Evaluate data, information and evidence to arrive at the marketing decisions
  • Better conflict management amongst departments
  • Build and improve the marketing vocabulary of the participants in other departments
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical issues in marketing

Training Methodology

To meet these objectives, this program offered by ZOE Talent Solutions will include an interactive presentation, discussion and other classroom activities. Role-plays and group discussions will foster new learning to bring forth the marketing fundamentals and make the learning experience more fulfilling for the participants.

ZOE Talent Solutions applies the methodology of ‘Do-review-learn-apply’ in their training programs.

Organisational Benefits

The benefits that the organisation will get from this Fundamentals of Marketing Course are:

  • Give a marketing perspective of the support functions to the corporate citizens
  • Envisage how the focus on the very basics can contribute to expanding the brand value of the organisation
  • Appreciate the decisions taken by the marketing department
  • Better employee engagement

Personal Benefits

The personal benefits from this Fundamentals of Marketing program will be:

  • Develop an understanding of the marketing fundamentals and terminologies
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the marketing activities in the company
  • Understand how one can add value to the marketing efforts
  • Get a differing view of what can be done better within the respective department to contribute to the company’s brand value
  • More career opportunities within the organisation

Who Should Attend?

This program should be attended by Professionals who are:

  • Heads of Departments
  • Account Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Support Team
  • Customer Service Account Managers
  • Service and Support Escalation Managers
  • Finance and Legal Departments
  • Client-facing Staff
  • Professionals who wish to upgrade or switch their career into marketing
  • Working professionals in an organisation with an acumen and interest in Marketing Management

Course Outline


  • What is marketing? It’s relevance
  • The Art and Science of Marketing
  • Defining the Marketing Process
  • Customer Relationships
  • Customer needs, wants & demands
  • Products, services & experiences
  • Customer value & satisfaction
  • Target customer
  • Value proposition
  • Customer loyalty & retention
  • Market share & customer equity


  • Understand Marketing Strategy
  • What is Marketing Mix?
  • What is Marketing analysis?
    • Its Planning, Implementation, Organisation, and Control


Understand what is

  • Marketing Environment
  • Micro Environment
  • Macro Environment


Understand what is

  • Marketing Intelligence
  • How does research help?


Understand factors which impact

  • Cultural, Social, Personal & Psychological factors
  • Complex, Dissonance-reducing, Habitual & Variety-seeking Buying Behaviour
  • Buyer decision process
  • Adoption process & rate of adoption in new products


Understand the buyer behaviour in the following markets

  • Business markets, Major types, Participants, Major influences
  • Business buying process & over the internet
  • Institutional & government markets


Understand what is

  • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
  • Segmenting markets
  • Target segment
  • Positioning maps & strategy


  • Product Services Classifications and Service Levels
  • How are the products priced?
    • Pricing products
    • Pricing environment
    • Internal & external factors
    • Cost, value, and competition-based pricing
    • New product pricing strategies
    • Product mix pricing strategies
    • Price adjusted strategies
    • Price changes
  • Marketing Channels
    • How channels add value?
    • Channel levels & behaviour
    • Vertical & Horizontal marketing systems
    • Multichannel distribution
    • Channel objectives
    • Selecting, managing, motivating and evaluating channel members
    • Logistic management
    • Channel pricing
  • Branding
  • Brand equity
  • Managing brands
  • Service marketing


  • Idea generation & screening
  • Concept development & testing
  • Test marketing & analysis
  • Commercialization
  • Product life-cycle strategies


  • Communications Strategy
    • Communications environment
    • Integrated marketing communications
    • Target audience
    • Communication objective
    • Message design
    • Media selection & message source
    • Communication & promotion mix
  • What is Advertising? It’s relevance
    • Sales promotion & PR
    • Advertising strategy- It’s objectives, budget & evaluation
    • Sales promotion objectives, tools & program
    • Public relation tools & objectives
    • Marketing Productivity Metrics (PAR & BAR)
    • Total promotion budget
  • Financial Projections & Marketing budget


  • What is a Competitive advantage?
    • Identifying & assessing competitors
    • Competitors to attack or avoid
  • What is Competitive intelligence?
    • Strategies for Competition and Positioning
    • Leader & challenger strategies


  • What is Digital Marketing? It’s relevance
  • Connecting via Digitalization
  • Understand the terms
    • E-Business
    • E-Commerce
    • E-Marketing
    • B2C
    • B2B
    • C2C
    • C2B
    • Digital Customers
    • Online Buying Behaviour
    • Viral Marketing
    • Online Advertising
    • Email Marketing

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