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Course Overview                                                                 

All work and no play make Jack (or anyone for that matter) …. bored and unenthusiastic! As far as we at Zoe have experienced, no organisation in the world would want their employees to fall into a deliberate trap of imposed monotony.

The past decade has testified to phenomenal growth in the area of digital gaming, content gamification and prize-driven performance. In fact, our market research survey has prompted an upward growth in the number of users who access the google search engine top first unravel its daily mystery doodle before launching themselves into the tasks they actually visited the page for!

Therefore, at Zoe, we ensure that all our programs and services allow clients, delegates and stakeholders to have fun while they learn, promote themselves and grow their careers. At Zoe, we dedicate this unique design to build a thorough understanding of gamification and will show you how you can add this dynamic attribute to your training and development programs.

This Zoe training course is aimed at empowering you to become well-equipped in the art of understanding gamification and using interactive tools to gain a meaningful and lasting learning experience for your participants.

Through this course, you will be able to apply interactive content to your instructional design framework while learning about different aspects of gamification. Resultantly, you will be positioned to contribute to training through your vibrant facilitation, and build credibility with your stakeholders, internal and external customers.

You will see how badges, certificates and ongoing accreditation keeps participants engaged and wanting for more. Through proper guidance and goal-mapped gamification, you will not only be able to encourage healthy competition through learning but also build a healthy workplace community.

Register for our Zoe Gamification Training and Development Course to learn all of these and more – above all, how to gamify your training programme launches, and create a brand essence for your project using this very ingredient, thus setting the stage for many more to follow.

Course Objectives

Our Gamification course’s primary objective is to empower all our participants with —

  • the ability to reach a credible level of competence in the gamification of training and development
  • real-time feedback on their understanding of gamification integration and software
  • the competency to understand learning gaps and create a learning path based on clients’ business needs
  • confidence to undertake digital and e-learning projects
  • understanding of how to use motivation – rewards and recognition in the forms of badges and incentives as the learning path for a user progresses further
  • ability to implement agile and interactive learning tools that make learning exciting
  • the skill to set stakeholder expectations well and launch your e-learning platform effectively
  • the expertise to create an engaging training plan for your participant group and measure feedback and growth tangibly

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions designs unique training courses for our training clientele according to their professional requirement and experience. Classroom sessions and presentations by a seasoned facilitator is a large part of our training delivery. We encourage integrated participation via break-out room and group discussions, role-plays, capsule learning modules, assessments and more. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, issues, concerns, and best practices from their own organisations, which would then be facilitated by the trainer to maximise learning for the entire group during de-briefs.

Zoe Talent Solutions’ training methodology is catered into our syllabi. You will see that this course will showcase our Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefit

Organisations undertaking this Gamification Training and Development Course will benefit in multiple ways as follows:

  • Training managers and Trainers will now have a platform to integrate learning in a sophisticated and creative manner, with proven results
  • Participants will be able to access training without restrictions of space and time
  • Less expense on end-to-end external training vendors
  • Increased proficiency in employee functioning and a continuous learning approach
  • Better Operations Strategy and ROI analysis, captured in an on-going, measurable format
  • Improved performance of training teams and the Human Resource Management function via integrated learning platforms
  • Lower attrition as delegates participating will be invested in, and better equipped to support your organisation with a polished professional competence

Personal Benefits

Professionals participating in this Gamification Training and Development Course will profit greatly in the following ways:

  • Understand the evolution of gamification in the training and development industry
  • Increased awareness of requirements to systematically insert gamification techniques in a learning pathway
  • An understanding of how to interpret data collected from a TNA intervention to choose the appropriate digital integration strategy
  • Continuously improve learning needs by collecting feedback from clients through the gamification process
  • Ability to recognise technological bugs and get a fix for them
  • Exposure to 21st-century tools and engaging techniques while transferring learning via platforms
  • Awareness of software available to the Training and Development industry globally for the purpose of gamification
  • Access to Zoe’s personalised training research content that can be used as a lifetime reference tool

Who Should Attend?

  • Training Managers and Senior Managers, Training Executives
  • Master Trainers who endeavour to upskill themselves further
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Government officials in charge of training and development
  • Any training professional who wishes to enhance their training and development office /consultancy

Course Outline

The course will cover the below syllabi of topics that are necessary to understand the creative avenues of gamification and possible integration to training plans.

The modules will not only create a buy-in among participants to adopt these techniques but also set a stage for them to take up hands-on projects in this field, confidently.

Module 1: 21st Century Training and Gamification

  • The Elements of Gamification
  • Evolution of Gamification in Training
  • Benefits of Gamification
  • Costs and Investments
  • 21st Century Learning Practices

Module 2: Traditional Training Vs Gamification

  • How Graphics Stimulate Learning?
  • Tools of Learning (Traditional vs Digital)
  • Supported Interactive Learning
  • E-Learning Principles
  • Virtual Classrooms

Module 3: Corporate Training with Gamification

  • Groundwork and Research
  • Data Collection and Interpretation
  • Selecting the Best Gamification Approach
  • Case Studies and Discussions
  • Classroom Project and Feedback

Module 4: How to Create Learning Pathways?

  • Adult Learning | Design Models
  • Leadership Learning
  • Customer Service Learning
  • Management Learning
  • IT and Banking Learning
  • Consult with Subject Matter Experts

Module 5: Learning Strategy with Gamification

  • Setting up your Learning Strategy
  • Identifying Timelines and a Schedule
  • Your Audience
  • Communication Plan
  • Training Launch
  • Practice Activities & Feedback

Module 6: Integrating Gamified Tools

  • In-house or External Partners?
  • Workplace Learning Tools
  • Customising Games for Learning
  • Importance of Internal Testing
  • Employee Feedback Channels
  • Knowledge Assessment & Feedback

Module 7: Gamification Tools

  • What is Gamification Software?
  • Best Gamification Software (2021)
  • Mapping Rewards to Storyline
  • Create a Winning Strategy
  • Projects and Practice

Module 8: Project | Gamify your Training Content

  • Build your Master Narrative
  • Create Participant Hurdles (challenges)
  • Competency Levels and Feedback
  • Scored | Badges | Rewards
  • Review & Feedback

Module 9: Team Challenges and Leader Boards

  • How are team games different?
  • Collaboration Tasks for Teams
  • Leader Boards
  • Next-Gen Gamification Techniques
  • Summary & Feedback

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