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Note: This global strategic hr management course is part of the CPHRC Certification program which requires completion of 4 different courses.

Completion of all four courses and successful passing of the examinations for each course achieves Certification as a “Certified Professional in Human Resources and Compensation” (CPHRC).

CPHRC Certification is issued by the Institute for Human Resource Management Education Inc. (iHRME)


Course Outline:

Topics covered in this strategic hr management course are:

Module 1:  Global Human Resource Management Strategy

  • Strategies for staffing across national borders
  • Strategies for developing multinational employees
  • Performance management strategies for multinational employees
  • Rewards strategies for a multinational workforce

Module 2: Culture

  • Defining, Evaluating and Shaping Organizational Culture
  • Understanding Workforce Cultures (National/Ethnic; Generational; Occupational)

Module 3:  Strategies for Staffing a Global Organization

  • Identifying staffing needs and a strategy for meeting them
  • Developing sources of the required talent
  • Media for reaching candidates, including E-based technology
  • Marketing the organization as an organization of choice
  • Selection & placement methods & processes
  • Organizing the staffing function

Module 4:  Strategies for Developing a Global Workforce

  • Defining employee roles and career progressions
  • Formulating a development strategy to promote career growth
  • Utilize career management programs to facilitate retention
  • Designing training/development programs to meet strategy
  • Developing plans to effectively utilize workforce diversity
  • Evaluating development program effectiveness

 Module 5:  Performance Management Strategies for a Global Workforce

  • Defining performance at the organizational, unit & individual levels and identifying relevant measures
  • Designing processes for performance planning, measurement, feedback, development & evaluation
  • Measuring & evaluating performance at all levels
  • Applying technology to performance management processes
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of performance management systems

 Module 6:  Remuneration Strategies for a Global Workforce

  • Characteristics of an effective remuneration strategy
  • Formulating an appropriate remuneration strategy: the issues
  • Structuring the total rewards package
  • Determining the basis for rewards (job; person; results)
  • Alternative base pay strategies
  • Alternative variable pay strategies
  • Communicating remuneration strategies & programs

Module 7:  International Employee Relations & Regulations

  • Effective employee/labor relations strategies in today’s “new world”
  • Employee empowerment: Legal approaches
  • Diversity management: Legal issues and implications
  • Workplace security: background checks, security procedures & other techniques for providing a safe environment
  • Privacy issues & strategy implications
  • Discrimination: strategies for up-to-date employer compliance
  • Alternative dispute resolution strategies
  • Court decisions and regulatory agency activities influencing HR legislation influencing HR
  • Strategic responses to legal/regulatory realities

 Module 8:  Leadership in Global Organizations

  • Alternative leadership strategies (position-based vs. person-based; transactional vs. transformational)
  • Defining, evaluating & shaping organizational culture
  • Adapting leadership strategies to cultural realities

 Module 9:  H.R.’s Contribution to the Success of Global Organizations

  • HR’s key contribution: Building social/intellectual capital
  • Competencies required for HR professional (personal; business; technical)
  • Alternative strategies for staffing & developing the HR function
  • Measures of HR effectiveness
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