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Course Overview

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a prized resource for nations and plays an important role in determining its success. LNG import and export is rampant and helps the growth and development of all nations involved. The market structure and trends for natural gas have evolved since the introduction of the fuel. Liberalisation policies play a vital role in global markets and trade.

Pricing and pricing structures, as well as contracts, have undergone multiple revisions from time to time. LNG trade has undergone a rapid transition from local, bilateral trading to regional markets. Competition is immense and technological requirements and innovations are rapid.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of global LNG trade. Since the LNG market is still evolving and changing and has immense growth prospects, undergoing this course will provide you additional opportunities for assuming higher roles and responsibilities within or outside your organisation, thereby increasing the scope for faster progression.

This course will prepare you to handle end-to-end operations and troubleshoot any issue related to global LNG.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this training course is to empower professionals with—

  • a comprehensive understanding of the global LNG market
  • knowledge of the global LNG market and market trends to take timely decisions and actions to capitalise on great opportunities and prospects for your organisation
  • capabilities and skills to handle all aspects of LNG operations and trade-related to global LNG markets
  • the required strategic and analytical skills to review situations and take timely, appropriate decisions
  • the necessary confidence and experience to train other professionals on all aspects related to global LNG markets
  • the knowledge and awareness of recent technological advancements and requirements to help one’s organisation keep pace with competition
  • understanding of financial data and accurate interpretation to predict future risks and make fruitful financial strategy plans
  • knowledge of recent techniques and concepts to be replicated for one’s organisation to secure a competitive advantage for one’s organisation
  • the potential and ability to contribute to organisational growth through operational excellence and reduced costs
  • awareness of international guidelines of trade to ensure that one’s organisation adheres to these

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions offers training in a very unique format, comprising a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Theory is delivered through lectures by experienced professionals from the relevant domain. These experts prepare detailed audio-visual presentations for reference. Practical application is ensured through assignments as well as role-plays. Interaction among trainees is encouraged through group activities and tasks. Situational analysis helps trainees troubleshoot real scenarios. Trainees are also encouraged to share relevant experiences or issues they face at work, and these are discussed with the rest of the group for brainstorming and knowledge sharing.

This effective format of training was devised by Zoe Talent Solutions and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefit

By professionals undertaking this training course, their organisations will benefit in the following ways:

  • Seamless end-to-end management of global LNG trade by trained and experienced professionals
  • Continuous training and upskilling of existing and new employees regarding all critical aspects of international LNG trade
  • Thorough market intelligence to frame strategies to beat the competition
  • Competitive advantage and strong global presence because of efficient systems and processes, operational excellence and great credibility
  • Organisational growth and development because of reduced costs and increased efficiency, thereby attracting greater investments
  • Greater number of successful deal closures and contractual negotiations handled by the trained professionals
  • Application of advanced techniques and recent technological changes to stay ahead of the competition and build a brand
  • Strong and effective financial planning, risk assessment and risk management

Personal Benefit

Professionals enrolling for this training course will derive the following benefits:

  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of end-to-end processes and all other critical aspects related to global LNG markets
  • Increased confidence and exposure to mentor and guide other professionals on seamlessly handling global LNG trade
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills to successfully negotiate and complete key agreements and contracts
  • Better understanding and awareness of law and policies related to international LNG trade
  • Enhanced strategic and analytical skills to review market developments and make changes to the plans of one’s organisation accordingly
  • Greater decision-making skills because of knowledge of the impact of one aspect of international LNG trade on another
  • Advanced perspective and foresight to predict future trends of the market, including risks, and take actions or set plans to handle these well at the time of occurrence
  • A sense of pride to contribute to organisational growth and success through various avenues, in turn securing good opportunities for career progression in any organisation within the industry
  • Enhanced capabilities and skillset to handle all operations and decision making for your organisation to increase its credibility
  • Better awareness of technology and its impact on global LNG trade, thereby making timely changes and enhancements to existing technology

Who Should Attend

  • Top management of an organisation interested in venturing into or excelling in international LNG trade
  • Staff and employees working on the ground, with expectations and plans of moving ahead in this industry
  • Operations and quality managers responsible for overseeing end-to-end seamless operations related to global LNG trade as well as managing the standards of quality delivered
  • Policy and contract makers who need to understand the legalities and limitations of government regulations and other aspects that could hamper global LNG trade
  • Contract managers responsible for managing contracts end-to-end
  • Financial analysts and advisors responsible for providing expert advice and supporting financial information
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about global LNG trade

Course Outline

The course covers the following areas important to understand global LNG markets, technology and economics:

Module 1 – Steps/Phases in the LNG Value Chain

  • Exploration and development
  • Production
  • Gas processing
  • Liquefaction
  • Transport
  • Regasification
  • Distribution and transport
  • Marketing and sales

Module 2 – Government Role in Global LNG Production

  • Gas policy and regulatory framework
  • Legislation and fiscal regime
  • Institutional framework
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Government participation
  • Roles of regulators

Module 3 – Environmental Impact and Safety

  • Environmental impacts
  • Safety
  • Social and economic impacts

Module 4 – LNG Pricing

  • LNG reference market price
  • Price indexation
  • Oil indexed price formula
  • Netback pricing
  • Price reviews

Module 5 – LNG and Gas Contracts

  • Licenses
  • Preliminary agreements
  • LNG sale and purchase agreements
  • Miscellaneous agreements

Module 6 – Export Project Finance

Module 7 – Commercial Structures of LNG Export Projects

  • Integrated
  • Merchant
  • Tolling

Module 8 – Driving Factors on Choice of Structure

  • Legal regime and taxes
  • Governance
  • Efficient use of project facilities
  • Flexibility in ownership
  • Flexibility for expansion
  • Desire for limited recourse financing
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Marketing arrangements
  • Regulations
  • Gas transfer price

Module 9 – LNG Technology

  • Nitrogen refrigerant technology
  • Single mixed refrigerant technology
  • Dual mixed refrigerant technology
  • Brazed aluminium heat exchanger
  • Cold boxes

Module 10 – Trends Impacting the LNG Market

  • Economic growth
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Excess LNG capacity
  • Lower transport costs
  • Access to new markets
  • New types of end-users
  • Increasing market liquidity
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