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HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course

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Course Overview

What does HACCP stand for? HACCP refers to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a management system addressing food safety through chemical, biological and physical hazard analysis and control, from raw material production, manufacturing and distribution to finished product consumption.

It is a systematic approach to identify, evaluate and control food safety hazards. Food hazards are of various types, including microbiological, chemical and physical hazards as well as allergens.

To be able to successfully address the issues and impacts of hazards, it is important that they are correctly identified, evaluated and classified. Thus, hazard identification broadly refers to identification and evaluation, which require special expertise.

Certification of an organisation or industry by HACCP adds a huge mark of credibility and safety with regard to the food products produced, thus increasing organisational appeal to customers and retailers.

Zoe’s HACCP training course will empower you with complete knowledge and information on HACCP. The experience and exposure gained through this training course will help you drive adoption and maintenance of HACCP in your organisation, demonstrating your talent and potential and inviting higher roles and responsibilities.

Further, this HACCP course will increase your credibility as a professional in the food industry and foster further career growth and progression through multiple opportunities in other organisations and industries requiring expertise and experience in HACCP.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course is to empower professionals with—

  • complete knowledge and information about HACCP
  • the required knowledge, confidence and skill to drive implementation of HACCP in the organisation
  • the confidence and experience to train other professionals on adopting HACCP
  • the required skill set, experience and capabilities to audit food production systems, from start to end, for food safety compliance, thus increasing potential and demonstrating a talent for future growth and progression
  • the required experience and exposure to contribute to certification of the organisation by HACCP, thus increasing organisational credibility and fostering organisational growth and success
  • the required understanding and experience to ensure compliance with not just international standards but adequate proof and documentation of processes and standards of the manufacturing process to protect against litigation and lawsuits
  • a sense of pride to contribute to consumer safety by ensuring safety compliance at all levels of food production

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions conducts HACCP training in a mixed format—theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of training is delivered through lectures by a highly experienced professional from the relevant domain, who uses detailed audio-visual presentations for ease of reference.

The practical aspect is undertaken through role-plays and mock production chain audits to relate to the training content. Two-way participation is encouraged through group activities and assignments. Experiential learning is focused upon as it helps relate content to real workplace situations.

All courses at Zoe Talent Solutions, including this one, follow an effective approach called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

By professionals undertaking this HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course, their organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • Implementation of HACCP processes and systems in the organisation by trained and experienced employees
  • Regular and free training of other professionals in the organisation regarding HACCP
  • Regular internal audits by the trained employees to ensure that compliance is maintained at all levels of the manufacturing and production process
  • Compliance with internationally accepted standards of food safety, thus increasing organisational credibility
  • Greater client satisfaction because of safety maintained throughout the process
  • Protection against losses and condemnation due to lawsuits and litigation
  • Greater chances of receiving the HACCP certification because of the existence of expertise regarding the subject within the organisation itself
  • Increased sales because of customer satisfaction and retailer trust, thus contributing to organisational growth and success

Personal Benefits

By undertaking this HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course, professionals will derive the following benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of HACCP programs
  • Increased confidence, skill and experience to drive HACCP implementation within one’s organisation, thus demonstrating talent and inviting opportunities for higher roles and responsibilities
  • Greater confidence and knowledge to train other professionals on HACCP
  • Greater ability and capabilities to undertake higher roles and responsibilities as internal auditors for checking compliance with international food safety standards
  • Enhanced skill set and capabilities to contribute to organisational credibility and success by implementing internationally recognised food safety standards, in turn increasing demand and sales
  • A sense of satisfaction to contribute to consumer health and safety
  • Increased understanding, knowledge and skill-set of universally accepted food safety standards, thus increasing potential, capability and opportunities to work in any organisation of the food industry
  • Enhanced skillset and capabilities to undergo the HACCP certification process for the organisation and successfully achieve the certification for one’s organisation

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior management and members of organisations of the food industry who need to understand and know more about HACCP
  • Hoteliers and restaurateurs who need to inculcate food safety practices among their staff
  • Auditors and compliance experts responsible for conducting food safety and manufacturing, production and cooking process compliance for various organisations
  • Chefs and other staff directly involved in manufacturing and/or preparing food for consumers
  • Legal advisors and officials who should be aware of food safety standards in case of law suits or other legal issues
  • Any other professional who would like to know more about HACCP training

Course Outline

The HACCP Food Safety Training Certification Course covers the following topics regarding HACCP programs:

Module 1 – Types of Hazards

  • Microbiological
  • Chemical
  • Physical
  • Allergens

Module 2 – Principles of HACCP

  • Conduct a hazard analysis
  • Determine critical control points
  • Establish critical limits
  • Establish monitoring procedures
  • Establish corrective action
  • Establish verification procedures
  • Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures

Module 3 – Development of HACCP Plan

  • Assemble the HACCP team
  • Describe the food and its distribution
  • Describe its intended use and consumers
  • Develop a flow diagram explaining the process
  • Verify the flow diagram
  • Start analysis

Module 4 – Common Pre-requisite Programs

  • Facilities
  • Supplier control
  • Specifications
  • Production equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Training
  • Chemical control
  • Receiving, storage, shipping
  • Traceability and recall
  • Pest control
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Labelling
  • Employee food and ingredient handling practices

Module 5 – Benefits of HACCP

  • Business money-saving in the long-term
  • Increased food safety standards
  • Compliance with the law
  • Increased food quality standards
  • Organised process for safe food production
  • Organised staff, greater teamwork and efficiency
  • Due diligence and defence in court

Module 6 – Types of Records

  • Temperature charts/logs
  • Storage logs
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Employee qualifications
  • Pest control logs

Module 7 – Challenges of HACCP Implementation

  • Lack of expertise
  • Large range of product types
  • Limited funding and resources

Module 8 – HACCP Certification Process

  • Proposal/Application for certification
  • Pre-assessment
  • Training
  • Document review
  • Certification audit
  • Certification

General Notes

  • All our courses can be facilitated as Customized In-House Training course.
  • Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
  • As for Open Enrolment Courses, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose the location, date, and time and our team of experts who are spread around the globe will assist in facilitating the course.
  • The course fee includes facilitation, training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training.
  • FREE Consultation and Coaching provided during and after the course.

Participant Testimonials

Participant Reviews
Herbert Kibandama
It has been an amazing 4 days of training, thanks to the courteousness and hospitable team from Zoe. My facilitator Agnel, thanks for putting HACCP into a practical perspective. Your in-depth knowledge of the topic was very insightful. And for the admin team, you guys are unbelievably amazing. And for my Dubai experience, thanks a lot for the thrilling desert excursion. I will see you guys again!! Hobert Uganda
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