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Course Overview

HR Audit is a diagnostic tool that helps to gauge the current status of effective HR practices and the gaps between current and future needs i.e. the desired state of the aspect being audited. The audit is quite routine and compulsory for Finance as a function since it is statutory compliance however, for HR it is not a mandatory procedure since there is no legal obligation. Nevertheless, it is imperative that human resource audit must be performed periodically to keep the policies and procedures relevant.

In this everchanging environment revisiting and renewing the function keeps HR responsive to the needs of the people in the system. It can be looked at as a preemptive measure to identify what possible problems can occur while dealing with the internal and external ecosystem in the VUCA World.

As employees are the most valuable assets for an organisation they must be engaged, retained, and nurtured for mutual benefit. HR audits provide insights on possible causes for current and future problems.

A well run and managed human resources audit can help reduce employee turnover, disengagement, and friction. It can also be an enabler of maintaining high morale providing a competitive edge. Audit facilitates smooth and efficient operations of the Human Resource department in the best of its capacity.

What is Human Resources audit? A comprehensive method of objective and systematic verification of all HR practices in the organisation. A deliberate effort to look at human resources (people) and procedures that keep and help them flourish in the system.

It goes beyond hiring and deep dives into every aspect like motivation, compensation and benefits, training and development, budgeting, grievance redressal; absolutely any process or practices that affect the people element of the business.

This Zoe training course will empower you in establishing varied objectives like ensuring legal compliance, documentation, policies, and procedures prevalent in the HR domain, thereby qualifying its effectiveness. It helps identify the gaps in the HR processes and scope of improvement.

It helps organisations stay abreast with current rules and regulations, trends, and practices. The systematic verification of entire gamut of HR i.e. Job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, placement and orientation, training and development, compensation, career progression, motivation, dispute and conflict management, etc. can help organisations become the best players in their industry.

Course Objectives

By the end of the HR Audit Certification Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Understand the HR Audit Process
  • Learn the methods and approaches to conduct an HR audit
  • Learn the major concerns or challenges one might face while conducting an HR Audit
  • Evaluate the system of acquiring, developing, assigning and utilizing human resources in the organisation
  • Analyse all the aspects of HR Function
  • Evaluate the extent to which the line managers implement and follow the policies and programs initiated by top management and HR
  • Identify the shortcomings in the existing procedures & way of management
  • Evaluate the HR staff and their initiatives for the smooth functioning of the organisation
  • Ensure legal compliances, helping maintain and improve the competitive advantage
  • Establish efficient documentation, systems, technology practices for enhanced employee engagement

Training Methodology:

This workshop is a very collaborative and communicative session where participants from all cultures participate in this training program and share their own office experiences, successes, and challenges. Customized modules can be arranged for organisation specific learning requirements. This program involves group discussions, case studies, and best practices that help lead a successful HR Audit.

At Zoe Talent Solutions training programs, we use the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model to incorporate the learnings into daily office workspace.

Organisational Benefits:

Organisational Benefits for employees who participate in this HR Audit Certification Training Course will be as below:

  • Helps identify the contribution of human resources in running the organisation successfully
  • Enables identifying and taking corrective measures towards the gap identified during the HR Audit
  • Directs Human Resources department towards refining their duties and responsibilities as they are the drivers of the HR function in the organisation
  • Helps identify unique/ unconventional personnel issues, and proactively curate solution to handle the same
  • HR Audits can lead to enhanced employee engagement and a greater sense of belonging
  • Leads to increased productivity due to genuine feedback from employees that helps improvise the HR policies and procedures, as employees feel listened to and cared for
  • Develops competence in dealing with Trade unions thereby leading to strong industrial relations due to congenial bonds
  • Reduces conflict and grievance by proactively seeking feedback and responding with actions that address the concerns raised
  • Cost-effective HR management due to reduced turnover, thereby permitting the room for utilizing these funds towards other beneficial opportunities

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this HR Audit Certification Training Program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Develop expertise and gain exposure in learning about the best HR practices that lead to organizational success and increased profitability
  • Learn about the limitations of mediocre policies that impede people engagement at work
  • Bond well with employees by including them in the process of reviving HR policies
  • Communicate effectively with team members
  • Entrust people with responsibilities basis their capability to help them feel engaged
  • Save costs occurring from disputes around employee relations
  • Conduct audits matching global standards
  • Revisit and upgrade HR policies before they are obsolete

Who Should Attend?

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on the HR Audit Certification Training Course for individuals at all levels in the Human Resources function, Senior management across functions in the organisation and Consultants who are keen to help organisations maximize on their human capital.

HR Professionals, Change Management consultants, Independent HR consultants, Employee Engagement specialists, Entrepreneurs would immensely benefit from this course.

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the HR Audit Certification Training Course:

Module 1: Importance of HR Audit:

  • Importance of Human Capital
  • People and Organisational Goal Alignment
  • Need for HR to become Business Partners
  • Track initiatives, Assess and quantify results and devise a roadmap for course correction
  • Elevating HR Department to World Class

Module 2: Objectives and Rationale of HR Auditing:

  • Review all aspects of human resources
  • Find reasons for success and failures
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Identify and work on the area of improvement

Module 3: Scope of HR Audit:

  • People at all levels
  • Policies and procedures
  • Results, Achievements and Failures of policies
  • HR Policies and HR Programmes

Module 4: Benefits of HR Audit:

  • Gap Identification
  • Streamline HR department
  • Helps Cost reduction

Module 5: Frequency of HR Audit:

  • Once a year Vs. Monthly

Module 6: HR Audit Process

  • Pre-Audit Information
  • On-Site Review
  • Record Review
  • Audit Report

Module 7: Approaches to HR Audit:

  • Comparative Approach
  • Outside Authority Approach
  • Statistical Approach
  • Compliance Approach
  • Management by Objective

Module 8: HR Audit Steps:

  • Determining the scope
  • Developing a plan
  • Production of report
  • Creation of an action plan
  • Evaluate the progress

Module 9: Methods:

  • Individual Interview method
  • Group Interview Method
  • Workshop Method
  • Questionnaire Method
  • Observation

Module 10: Explore the facts about what the HR’s of some of the best Organisations do:

  • Group Activity- Study and research the likes of Google/ competitor organisations that are doing some exemplary work

Module 11: Major concerns:

  • HR Recruitment Audit
  • Employee Discipline Audit
  • Organisation Development Audit
  • Analyse each function to identify challenges and things that might hinder


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