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Course Overview

The fundamental rights of victims and non-combatants during the times of armed conflicts are protected by the International Humanitarian Law. Conflicts and wars have become very complicated thanks to the advances in tools and weapons of war, as well as the tactics that are used to terrify a population through media-driven propaganda, and by creating headlines.

A full understanding of the duty and importance of human rights calls for an appreciation of their special function in armed disputes, in addition to the particular risks presented to civil rights throughout such disputes.

This program is designed to meet those specific needs.

This intensive program is open to social workers, human rights and altruistic professionals who desire to come to be accustomed to the lawful structure relevant to the present day armed conflicts. Integrating theory and technique, the training course adheres to a method involving exercises, simulations as well as conversations based on the actual challenges that supporters and humanitarian employees deal with today. Even more, it provides an advanced theoretical understanding of these problems. It also supplies practical understandings as well as exposure to present obstacles and scenarios of transitional justice.

Course Objectives

By attending this course, the participants will:

  • Acquire an understanding of the concepts of international human rights as well as altruistic regulation, including their beginnings, presumptions, materials, limitations as well as potential.
  • Show an expertise as well as the understanding of the major sources of worldwide humanitarian law as well as how they apply in international as well as non-international armed conflicts.
  • Determine as well as critically evaluate the main weaknesses of international humanitarian law in the protection of civils rights during wars and conflicts.
  • Comprehend the functional impact of worldwide human rights and humanitarian law in conflict-affected states and territories.
  • Comprehend the functions and obligations of various actors, companies, and also establishments in global human rights and also humanitarian laws.

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Who Should Attend?

This course is useful for all workers and managers working in a role that involves human rights in armed conflicts, but is even more suited for: advisors and diplomats, law practitioners, staff of NGO’s, human rights activists, social workers, media reporters and in particular conflict correspondents, all professional working in situations of emergency, donor agencies, and the staff of the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations.

Course Outline

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