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Impact Evaluation of Projects and Programmes Training Course

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Course Overview

You can’t improve what you don’t evaluate!

This course by Zoe Talent Solutions is designed and intended to lay emphasis on internal and external project evaluation and familiarise with tools that are used to measure and improve the performance of projects. The participants follow a step by step methodology for the understanding of the process of designing and performing an evaluation.

What is Impact Evaluation of Projects? Keeping an eye on the developments, deviations and changes after the delivery of projects is very important for any organization. Evaluation and Assessment of the impact and benefits delivered can not only help in fine-tuning the processes but also in setting standards for future projects.

How to Evaluate the Impact of a project? This ZTS course is designed to assist with the evaluation of impact and other research-based needs among the development staff. It adopts different techniques and methods that can help with collecting and evaluating the right kind of data, which then helps in the acquisition of accurate statistics.

Course Objectives

  • Improve and develop the accountability of policy-making and public services
  • Develop the planning, procurement and management of impact evaluations and assessments
  • Use the methods of impact evaluation to identify the most effective, efficient and value-for-money initiatives
  • Introduce and Present participatory measures in the development of the Evaluation Plans
  • Facilitating and simplifying the plans to team members and other workers, involved in the process
  • Identifying techniques and methods for improving current practices in the evaluation process

Training Methodology

Like all our courses Experiential learning receives major focus and attention. However, our training methods are flexible and customisable according to the professional experience of the audience and their roles in their respective organisations.

A highly experienced training consultant delivers the course and trainee participation is fostered through group debates, contests, presentations, role-plays, active and relevant case study discussions, etc.

This course follows Zoe Talent Solutions ‘Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model’.

Organizational Benefit

  • Proficient project team who can plan and implement monitoring and evaluation procedures integral with your projects, initiatives or programmes, and from the outset
  • Use of key qualitative methodologies that deliver accurate results
  • Get the ability to evaluate which project or policy will have the maximum impact and yield the best results when time and resources are inevitably under pressure

Personal Benefits

  •  You will get hands-on experience on some of the useful tools that will enable you to demonstrate that you are making a difference
  • You will identify what success or failure looks like, and have an appreciation of what information you need to make that decision
  • Apply core principles of impact evaluation and assessment and equip yourself with the skills to make more informed decisions and evaluations

Who Should Attend?

This course is useful for any worker involved in the delivery of development projects.

However, it’s particularly beneficial for the senior management in NGO’s including the CEO’s, Board Members, Project Managers, Team Leaders, and Directors.

While also being extremely useful for consultants and freelancers working for NGO’s, and anyone who desires to join the non-profit sector.

Course Outline

Module 1: Impact Assessment vs. Evaluation

  • The difference between Impact Assessment and Evaluation
  • The need for Project/Program Evaluation
  • The need for measuring results and impact
  • Best practice examples and models of impact evaluations and assessments from around the world
  • A quick glance into the PCM (Project Cycle Management)
  • An overview to the Participatory Evaluation Frameworks (PEFs)
  • Various Principles for the Evaluation process
  • Key Indicators for Verification and Evaluation

Module 2: Planning the Evaluation Process

  • Defining the criteria, principles and queries for the evaluation process
  • Identifying the Stakeholders
  • Plan of action for the evaluation process
  • Identifying, scheduling and planning the availability of the resources
  • Budget planning for the evaluation process
  • Recognising the applicable methods for the collection of relevant data

Module 3: Data Collection and Analysis

  • Various Techniques involving in the collection of data
  • Defining techniques for interpreting and analyzing the collected data
  • Drafting the conclusions from the evaluation process
  • Understanding report writing for evaluation process reports
  • Communicating intelligence and information obtained through the evaluation process
  • Identifying the opportunities for correction/improvement
  • Drawing a plan of action for integrating and incorporating the required improvements

Module 4: Impact Assessments

  • Goals of an impact assessment
  • Selection of different units of assessment
  • Impact Assessment Methods
  • Before and after assessment
  • The principles of cost-benefit analysis
  • The strengths and limitations of Impact Assessment
  • Using organised and systematic reviews of evidence to assess the impact
  • Ethics of an impact assessment

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