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Job Description Writing Training Course

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Course Overview

Do you often see conflict arising in several interactions amongst your employees due to their roles and responsibilities? Do you realise that you need to address this issue in time?

Clear job descriptions are an excellent tool that can be used by the organisations to avoid confusion arising at the workplace in performing roles and responsibilities.

A well-defined description aids in regulation and communication of what is expected from the worker at the very start of their employment and career in the company.

The preparation of this must start much before a position is circulated or advertised. It starts when a corporation is formed or with the incoming of a new project/s into the organisation.

The owners of the projects and the HR departments then collaborate and work towards identifying the right resources for their company by writing job descriptions. By undertaking this course, you too would be ready to write clear, effective job descriptions.

This course on Job Descriptions by ZOE Talent Solutions will enable you to define a robust process of writing job descriptions. It will also enable you to meet the demand timely. You would be able to supply, manage the human resources with efficient and effective job descriptions.

You would be ready to use these to support your processes of recruitment and selection, competency framework, job evaluations and, performance management systems.

Course Objectives

By the end of Job Description Writing Training Course, participants will be empowered to:

  • Understand the importance of Job Descriptions within the context of Human Resource function
  • Understand the way to work on Job Analysis to procure information for preparing job descriptions and other uses
  • Understand how to write Job Descriptions to cover the broader requirement of manpower in different divisions/departments
  • Understand the role of competencies and how they are used in writing Job Descriptions
  • Write Job Descriptions based on competencies

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent Solutions, use the necessary formats to meet your requirements. This will be an interactive session. It would include several management games, paper-pencil exercises, mock practice sessions, role plays, and videos. You get to interact with other industry participants as well.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of “Do-Review-Learn-Apply”.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations who send in their employees to participate in this course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Streamlines the process of selecting the right fit for a position
  • Identification of the right individual for the job
  • Communicates and Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of an individual at a position in a business entity
  • Gives objectivity in decisions related to salary
  • Leads to better management of the staff
  • Provide a point of reference in time of conflict arising due to confusion in performing the work
  • Provides a basis for measuring jobs and conducting performance reviews
  • Analysis of the gap, if any, can be used for further training and development

Personal Benefits

Professionals who participate in this course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Enables the prospective candidates to understand the expectations the corporate has from them
  • Provides enough details to an individual to understand if they are the right fit for the job
  • Gets to understand how their role fits within the growth of the organisation
  • Facilitates the formulation of goals by the employee for growth in job
  • Work towards their training and development needs if any

Who should attend:

  • HR Department
  • Administrators
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Course Outline

Module 1Introduction and Overview

  • What is a Job Description?
  • Components of a Job Description
  • Important Terms in Job Description
  • The relevance of Job Descriptions
  • Evaluation of the impact of Job Description on Compensation
  • What is Job Evaluation?
  • Process of Job Evaluation- an Overview
  • The benefit of Job Evaluation to Job Description

Module 2 – Job Analysis

  • The relevance of Job Analysis
  • Methods of conducting Job analysis
  • Information required for Job Analysis
  • Which methods to use for Job Analysis?
  • Steps to be followed in Job Analysis
  • Job Analysis Format

Module 3 –Approach to Job Analysis

  • The sources of data information for conducting Job Analysis
  • Challenges and issues which need to be considered in Job Analysis
  • How to conduct Interview in Job Analysis- Pre–preparation and through the interview
  • Guidelines for Job Analysis
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Mock Session- Pre-preparation of interview for Job Analysis
  • Mock Session- During the Job Analysis Interview
  • Feedback on the mock sessions

Module 4 -Job Descriptions

  • Important guidelines for Job Descriptions
  • Difference between Authority and Responsibility
  • Writing Job Descriptions- Practice Session
  • Content Determined by Purpose
  • Regular update of Job Descriptions as per the Process, Tools and Checklists
  • Job Description- A sample

Module 5- Competency-Based Job Descriptions

  • Job Descriptions based on Skills
  • Types of Job – Description based on skills
  • What are Competencies?
  • Competency-Based Job Descriptions
  • Identifying important competencies

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