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Key Account Management Training Course

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Course Overview

In this globalized world of unfettered competition, any business that aims to thrive needs to stand out in its field. They need to differentiate not just their products but also their way of conducting business. This includes the way any business handles its key accounts or clients.

For any organization, it becomes imperative to build a durable, positive relationship with their key accounts to become their first choice for business. Key accounts are valuable clients or businesses that an organization manages, and which generate significant profit through continuous business over the years. Key account management is majorly used in Business-to-Business sales.

What are the key accounts and how do they differ from other sales account? How to identify such accounts and prioritize them? How to add value to key accounts to build enduring business relationships?

How does key account management differ from general account management? What are the various strategies and models through which such accounts can be retained? These are some pertinent questions that any marketing & sales team would face while trying to convert their semi-regular buyers into permanent business partners. It thus becomes necessary to professionally understand the multi-faceted aspects of Key Accounts.

This Zoe training course will prepare you in all fundamental concepts of Key Account Management (KAM) in a manner that, simply put, will not let you lose your best clients. This course provides a deep understanding of not just theoretical aspects but also the practicality of KAM in the present economic arena.

This course is enriched with the know-how framework of KAM and strategies followed by companies around the globe. It will help you understand how KAM is functional in real-world scenarios. It will prepare you to easily undertake challenging situations faced when it comes to not just retaining your key accounts but also deriving maximum value from them.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of key account management training course, our participants will be able:

  • To appreciate the need for Key account management in present times
  • To develop an understanding of the core concepts of Key Account Management in a way that is beneficial for the participant in the long term
  • To develop a strategic attitude that will allow the participant to create, identify and prioritize key accounts
  • To understand the functions of key account management and its application in practical situations
  • To learn about best practices followed around the world
  • To develop strategies that will increase customer satisfaction and ultimately enhance the business relationship
  • To convert new client relationships into long-lasting relationships
  • To develop the sales and marketing skillset of the participant in a manner that will allow them to steadily grow in their career

Training methodology

  • Online and offline classroom teaching
  • Case studies and problem-solving
  • Group Discussions
  • Interactive query solving sessions
  • Management Games
  • Role-playing/modelling
  • Presentations

Organisational Benefits

Employees who complete the Key Account Management Course will benefit their organization in the following manner:

  • By understanding how key accounts are different from other sales accounts
  • By transforming sales professionals into well-resourced assets for the organization capable of turning general sales accounts into Key accounts
  • By inculcating the attitude of team effort and achieving efficient Key account management through well-coordinated efforts across all departments
  • Developing different business models and strategies for different Key accounts
  • By developing a productive and well-organized sales team that are quick on their feet as well as easily adaptable to various business situations

Personal Benefits

  • Developing a dynamic attitude
  • Developing communication skill sets that will enhance the overall experience with key accounts
  • Understanding the need for key account management in present times
  • Identifying best strategies when it comes to key account management
  • Developing tactical and cooperative relationships with the organization’s best clients
  • Enhancing skill set that will enable career growth

Who should attend?

  • Senior marketing managers/Marketing heads
  • B2B marketers
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales analysts
  • Aspiring marketing and sales professionals
  • Relationship managers
  • Account managers
  • Start-up founders

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding the basics of Key Account Management

  • Meaning of Key Accounts
  • How key accounts differ from other sales accounts?
  • Meaning of Key account management
  • The understanding rationale for Key account management
  • Objectives of Key account manager
  • Relationship of Key account management with other functions of management

Module 2: Identifying key accounts

  • Identifying accounts that generate the majority of the organization’s income
  • Developing a profit matrix
  • Prioritizing key accounts based on profitability
  • Identifying key influencers in an account
  • Identifying account’s objectives and issues
  • Identifying and developing a selection process
  • Segmentation of accounts

Module 3: Analysing Key account

  • Analysing financials of the key account
  • Analysing the existing competition and suppliers of the key account
  • PESTLE analysis, Five forces model to analyse the competition within the industry
  • Understanding the pricing strategies of the competitors
  • Understanding competitive advantage

Module 4: Understanding Key account’s perspective

  • Understanding why a client should let you be their key supplier
  • Supplier positioning models
  • Relationship stages with the client
  • Spend models
  • Culture and values of the client

Module 5: Developing strategies

  • Developing a customer value proposition
  • Creating value with customers
  • Defining key account portfolio
  • Relationship mapping

Module 6: Measuring Key Account Management Performance

  • Developing a framework for measuring performance
  • Linking compensation system with KAM performance
  • Using various motivation theories to enhance performance
  • Developing incentive models

Module 7: Implementation of Key Account Management

  • Role of Sales manager and creating accountability
  • KAM Development model: Bow-tie structure, diamond structure
  • Deploying digital tools and techniques
  • Follow-up with the customer

Module 8: Global Practices

  • Global key account management
  • International vs. Local key account management
  • KAM strategies of international players
  • Case studies

Participant Reviews
Ama Adam Toudjani
I had an amazing experience with ZTS Dubai, the trainer seems to have read my mind about all I was expecting from her, Big Up Mrs. Gagan. ZTS stuff you are just wow your welcoming and organizational skill are just wonderful. See you very Soon.
Hussain Ali
If you want knowledge on a specific area of your work, this is the place to arrange such, because they customize trainings as per your need. The trainer I met was decent, professional with a friendly manner and also well prepared for discussions needed.
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