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LEED® Green Associate Exam Preparation Training Course

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Course Overview

Why should you take the LEED® Green Associate Exam?

The Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design exam preparation course is an extremely useful training course. It aims at introducing and helping participants to have the necessary skills and expertise to become internationally recognised and accredited professionals.

The certificate that participants will earn from undertaking the LEED® exam will signify that they are leaders in the energy and environment design. They are part of the active players and movement that is in the green revolution. The new job markets appreciate LEED® credentials because they signify that one is committed to professional growth. This course will guide the participants in acquiring this exam certificate. It will also guide them to field expertise and knowledge to achieve the necessary and required green principles.

How do I prepare for LEED Green Associate?

Written and delivered with proven strategies and methods to pass the LEED® exam, this course is an ideal guide to preparing and grasping the LEED® Green Associate exam. This Zoe course will engage the participants by breaking and explaining the complex LEED® exam concepts to a clear and well-organized straightforward guide. In this Zoe course, a thorough review and revision of previous papers and questions with useful study tips are used. This helps to reinforce the learning materials by using an easy and accessible technique that will foster faster understanding.

To give the participants perspective on what to expect, here are five sample questions from the past LEED GA exam.

  • What are the guidelines for referencing LEED in product literature?
  • What are the major benefits of having an IDP (integrated project delivery)?
  • How do we refer to the minimum distance from an existing natural body to a development location?
  • List four facts to address in the SS category
  • State two primary roles of USGBC
  • These and more questions will be covered extensively in a manner that will ensure maximum understanding and preparation for the exam

This course will feature the following:

  • Designing LEED® projects
  • Introduction to LEED®
  • Becoming a lead certified Professional
  • LEED® basic requirements
  • Economic, environmental, and societal benefits of LEED®

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to guide the participants effectively to successfully become LEED® professionals by guaranteeing they pass the LEED® exam.

The course will help the participants learn the following:

  • How to prepare and be ready to undertake the LEED® green associate examination
  • How to develop solutions to the existing challenges in the market
  • To have a deeper understanding and attain LEED® requirements
  • Implement the best practices to achieve LEED® credentials in any project

Training Methodology

The course will utilise several deliveries means such as syndicate discussion and individual and group exercises. It will be facilitated by expert professionals who have vast experience in teaching and helping participants pass the LEED® exam. Past examination questions will also be used.

Here is a quick list of some of the necessary tools that will be used:

  • Charts.
  • Past questions.
  • Sample questions on flashcards.
  • Diagrams for illustrations.
  • Enhanced drawings.
  • Summaries every aspect of the LEED® exam.

Participants are highly encouraged to be active and engaging during presentations to ensure they utilise the benefits of this course fully. Like all our acclaimed courses, this program also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Any organisation that will have professionals who have undergone this course will benefit greatly in the following ways

  • Enhance the organisation’s credibility and improve performance
  • Find the best solution for all the green buildings’ challenges
  • Have continuous and regular training of other employees because of directly working alongside industry experienced professionals
  • Develop designs and construction activities that are guided by the best practice
  • Enhance the organisation’s market
  • Achieve LEED® certification for any project

Personal Benefits

By attending this well-developed course, the participants will gain an advanced understanding of the following:

  • How to design LEED® projects
  • LEED® Green Association Examination setting style
  • How to change the old concepts of green building
  • The integrative process

Who Should Attend?

This course will guide the participants on how to pass the LEED® examination, which trains participants on how to improve and obtain a better green-themed life Therefore, it is important to everyone, but the following range of professionals will benefit from it greatly:

  • Real estate developers
  • Facility managers
  • Contractors
  • Product and building system manufacturers
  • Interior designers, architects, designers, and engineers
  • Government agencies
  • Utility managers
  • Decision-makers in see the huge benefits of LEED®
  • Landscape planners
  • Building owners or representatives

Course Outline

Module 1: Water Efficiency

  • Water recycling
  • Outdoor water conservation strategies
  • Process water techniques
  • Indoor water processing methods
  • Water usage reduction measures
  • Water reusing

Module 2: LEED® in Green Buildings

  • USGBC policies
  • LEED® benefits
  • Project certification
  • LEED® minimum rating techniques
  • Project resources
  • Defining Green buildings

Module 3: Indoor Environment Quality Using Different Materials and Resources

  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Environmentally preferable materials
  • Waste management
  • Improve ventilation
  • Conservation of materials and waste management
  • Source control
  • Sustainable purchasing

Module 4: Sustainable Sites Location and Transportation

  • Site assessment
  • Heat Island effect
  • Transportation
  • Site design
  • Site management
  • Project location
  • Rainwater management
  • Neighbourhood pattern and design

Module 5: Atmosphere and Energy

  • Ongoing performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • How to effectively utilise renewable energy
  • How to reduce energy demands
  • Refrigerants and their devastating effects on the environment
  • How to handle existing buildings

Module 6: Sustainable Design Concepts

  • Introduction to the main concepts of sustainable design and the process
  • Do green buildings cost more than normal buildings?
  • What are the main concepts and benefits of green buildings?
  • The construction and design process for green buildings
  • What are the roles of GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute)?
  • What are the roles of USGBC (US Green Building Council)?
  • How do both GBCI and USGBC operate?
  • What are the main policies of USGBC and LEED?

Module 7: The Credential Process

  • Registering
  • The best tiers of the credentialing process
  • How to apply
  • Scheduling for the exam
  • Why should you be interested in LEED credentials?

Module 8: Third-Party Verification

  • USBC and the GBCI
  • Understanding LEED
    • Credit weighting
    • The LEED rating systems
    • Prerequisites and credits
    • Various LEED categories
  • Commissioning

Module 9: Resources and Materials

  • The life-cycle impacts of building materials
  • How to effectively manage construction waste
  • Sustaining construction operations

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