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Legal Contract Training Course

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Course Overview

A contract is, in its most basic form, a collection of promises that may be legally executed. In a typical arrangement, one person agrees to do some service for another in return for receiving some reward. A contract may be verbal or written, and it begins with one party making an offer, which is then accepted by the other side. A legal remedy may be sought by the party that has been affected if the promise made in the contract is not followed. Contract law is very relevant to the functioning of modern economies, and this is the primary motivation for pursuing it. It is useful because it introduces learners to the fundamental rules and concepts of drafting legal documents, which they will use not only in their careers but also in their personal lives.

What are the different types of contracts? Contracts can be categorized based on formation, performance, and validity. Based on formation contracts can be expressed, implied or quasi-contract. Express contracts result from express agreements formed by making offers and giving acceptance in the words spoken or in writing. Implied contracts are formed based on implied promises on the part of parties. The principles of fairness and justice form the basis of quasi-contracts. Despite not having any contract between parties, the rights and obligations are created. Based on performance contracts are either executed or executory. And when it comes to validity contracts are valid, void, voidable, illegal, etc. This plethora of contract classification schemes necessitates a fresh look at the topic.

How to make a legally binding contract? Contracts are an inevitable part of doing business, and this is true whether you are negotiating terms with a client, supplier, or freelancer. As binding contracts, they safeguard your interests and are thus essential. Most contracts need two things to be considered legally binding: For an offer to be accepted by both sides, it must be mutually acceptable to both. There must be a reciprocal exchange of something of value for something else of equal or greater worth. In this context, “value” might refer to anything from products to currency to services to the promise to trade these things.

The Legal Contract Training Course by Zoe Talent Solutions is designed to provide the participants with the necessary abilities to interpret and prepare legal papers. The participants will also learn the importance of mutual assent, indicated by a legitimate offer and acceptance; appropriate consideration; capacity; and legality of the agreement to be a legally enforceable contract. Contracts, notices, and pleadings will be given additional attention in this course. As a result, after completing this course, the student will be encouraged to pursue drafting as a vocation.

Course Objectives

The Legal Contract Training Course by Zoe Talent Solutions has been built with the following objectives:

  • To provide a sense of the broad rules and concepts that go into preparing legal papers
  • To analyse contract concerns and negotiate contract conditions
  • To contrast tort law with contract law to distinguish between the essence of different forms of civil wrongs
  • To examine several meanings of ‘Contract’ to choose the most effective method of comprehending the issue
  • To study the ideas linked with traditional contract law to assess their applicability
  • To assess the function of equity in law by tracing the growth of contract law across time
  • To assess various theories to establish the applicability of equity in law
  • To gain hands-on experience creating different legal documents such as notifications, selling deeds, contracts, and so on
  • To enable participants to read and comprehend legal papers that one may encounter in daily life
  • To prepare participants to cope with complicated legal papers without the aid of others

Training Methodology

The training will utilize the following training methods:

  • Customization according to the participant’s professional and academic backgrounds
  • Interactive workshops
  • Lectures by contract specialists as well as hands-on activities
  • Providing hands-on-training to the participants
  • Case studies will be used in learning different legal contracts so that the students learn how the contracts are drafted in the real-world
  • Active engagement and discussion
  • Use of different application-based written as well as research assignments, presentations, exams, and quizzes

Like all our other courses, this one has the “Do-Review-Learn-Apply” structure.

Organisational Benefits

This training course from Zoe Talent Solutions will bring the following beneficial changes to an organization:

  • Professionals who have been trained will be able to make contracts that work. Contracts have a big effect on how much money a business makes because they focus on income and costs.
  • Employees with legal training will be able to build strong business relationships and pave the way for higher long-term profits.
  • When properly trained, a participant will bring together buy-side, sell-side, and corporate contracts in one place.
  • Participants who know about contract management are an asset to the organisation because they can help make and review day-to-day legal contracts with many different parties.

Personal Benefits

This training course from Zoe Talent Solutions will benefit a participant in the following ways:

  • Participants will be able to identify the main components of the legal system, browse legal information sources, and locate legal sources related to specific legal documents
  • Enhanced recognition of relevant legal concerns
  • Learn the use of appropriate legal concepts to come up with answers to difficult contractual situations
  • Learn to create legal documents effectively without the help of others
  • In an academic setting, participants will develop judgment in identifying and applying applicable legal concepts to a contractual disagreement
  • Demonstrate professionalism and ethical behaviour when giving legal advice in a classroom or business setting
  • Improved writing as well as negotiation skills

Who Should Attend?

Being a specialised course, it is of utmost importance for at least the following personnel:

Course Outline

Module 1: Contract Formation

  • Contract
  • Acceptance
  • Capacity and Consent
  • Consideration and Doctrine
  • Estoppel by Promissory Obligation
  • Consent that is tainted
  • Agreements that are inappropriate or contrary to public policy

Module 2: Contract Operative Clauses

  • Clauses and covenants of Representations and Warranties
  • Consequences of False Representations and Warranties
  • Conditions previous, conditions following,
  • Fulfilment scenarios of default in payment terms expressing consideration
  • Term, termination, renewal, and survival clauses

Module 3: Draft Risk Mitigation and Boilerplate Clauses

  • Clauses of assignment and change of control
  • Assignment effect, anti-assignment provisions
  • Change of Command
  • Intellectual property and insurance plans are both assigned.
  • Clauses of waiver, variation, and severability
  • Indemnification resulting from a violation of representation or warranty
  • Clauses requiring notice and communication

Module 4: Contract Negotiation

  • Negotiation tactics and dangers
  • Ambiguous phrases and undefined initiatives
  • Sense of worth and desirability
  • Respect oneself while also showing respect to the opposing party
  • Make no unconditional compromises
  • Be prepared to walk away

Module 5: Contracts in General

  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Term Headings
  • Agreement on Exclusivity and Lock Out
  • Agreement on Commission
  • Agreement Regarding Finder’s Fees
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Agreement on Non-Circumvention and Fee Protection
  • Agreement on Test and Evaluation Licensing

Module 6: Business Contract

  • Manufacturing Contract
  • Hire a Location Agreement
  • Agreement on Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement of Representation/Agency
  • Marketing Contract
  • Agreement on Service Provision
  • Contract for Distribution

Module 7: Contracts with Companies

  • Contract of Co-Founders
  • Contract of Partnership
  • Contract for a Limited Liability Partnership
  • Company Articles of Association
  • Contract for Business Transfer

Module 8: Documents Relating to Lending and Security

  • Agreement for a Single Bank Loan
  • Mortgage Agreement
  • Hypothecation Act
  • Agreement on a Pledge
  • Corporate and Promoter Company Guarantees
  • A certificate of net worth issued by a CA
  • Non-Disposal Obligation
  • Comfort Letter from the Parent Company
  • Loan arrangements between corporations

Module 9: Contracts for Common Internet and Technology

  • Examination of the terms and conditions for the usage of API by internet organisations
  • Policies Regarding Privacy
  • Terms of Agreement for Websites and Platforms
  • Contracts for Cloud Computing
  • Clause of Standard Distributor License

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