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Course Overview

Transportation incidents can have far-reaching and devastating effects, and so all managers must be trained in the best practices for logistics safety. The consequences of not being properly trained in how to deal with these incidents can include higher insurance premiums, unexpected training expenses, and legal costs.

The disruption caused by safety incidents can prove a challenge for your business. And the personal cost of these incidents could include serious injury or even death. It is therefore imperative that all Logistics Managers are trained in safety best practice.

Within this course, we will cover how to monitor and evaluate driver behaviour, the importance of implementing a rigid safety plan, how to roll out the necessary changes to your teams, and how to implement adequate testing standards.

Would you like to be more in control of safety practices within your organization? Does your department currently fall short of the required safety guidelines and training requirements?

This Zoe Training Course will give you the confidence to ensure that your logistics department is being managed safely and effectively, and it will empower you to deal with any problems proactively and in a suitable timeframe.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this Logistics Safety Course, you should be able to –

  • Create and implement your own logistics safety plan which will serve as a guide for the entire logistics department
  • Work in conjunction with your drivers to help them adhere to the plan and avoid accidents as much as possible
  • Liaise with the appropriate departments to investigate and report incidents as they occur
  • Develop a training schedule for your drivers and logistics staff, implement regular checks and teach them the reporting requirements
  • Build a strong awareness of overall safety consciousness within your team

Training Methodology

This Logistics Safety Course will be taught as an interactive training program and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn from and engage with other learners. You will experience –

  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Lectures and guest lectures
  • Group work and group discussions
  • Graded assignments
  • Case studies and real-world best-practice methodologies

Organizational Benefits

By sending your employees to participate in this Logistics Safety Course you will be impacting your organization in the following positive ways –

  • Reduction in accidents caused by poor employee awareness or lack of training
  • Stronger training procedures to be used throughout your logistics department
  • Better and more robust reporting standards of accidents and case studies on how to learn and adapt from safety issues
  • Improvement in logistic safety monitoring systems
  • A higher standard of driver testing and overall better policies and procedures in place

Personal Benefits

By taking part in this Logistics Safety Course, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits –

  • Acquiring the right skills to successfully manage safety within your logistics department
  • Support with rolling out the changes in a positive way, and help to assimilate your staff with the program
  • Increased education and awareness of global best practices in this area
  • Interacting with professionals and learning from real-world case studies
  • Increased awareness of the wider implications of safety issues and learning how to interact with the various legal and regulatory institutions
  • Increased confidence that you are running your department safely and efficiently

Who Should Attend?

This Logistics Safety Course is ideally aimed at logistics safety managers and other senior logistics personnel, but it may also be useful for –

  • Other department heads that work in conjunction with the logistics department
  • Legal professionals such as solicitors who may be involved in such cases
  • Regulatory professionals from the relevant authorities
  • Members of the police force and city officials
  • Anyone with responsibility for the safety of the premises or the vehicles

Course Outline

Module One – Logistics Safety Introduction

  • Why is safety so important within this particular area
  • Looking at the wider implications of accidents
  • Who is responsible for safety?
  • How to ensure that everyone in your organization is aligned on safety requirements
  • Discussion of international regulations and the consequences of not adhering to standards

Module Two – Risk and Cost Analysis

  • Cost analysis and risk measuring of accidents
  • Case studies looking at potential implications
  • Study of insurance implications and assessment of the real cost of accidents
  • Looking at driver requirements and learning roles and responsibilities in terms of risk management
  • Preparing a strong risk management matrix

Module Three – Developing your Logistics Safety Plan

  • Support with preparing a robust and efficient plan to ensure driver safety
  • Discussion around the implication of driver working hours restrictions
  • Legal and regulatory compliance based on geographical areas and international enforcements
  • An in-depth look at the requirements for vehicle inspections, authorized use, and driver selection

Module Four – Driver Training

  • Preparing for rolling out training programs to your drivers
  • Adhering to international and regulatory compliance in terms of driver training
  • A detailed look at legal requirements involved in driver training programs
  • Working to industry standards in preparation of training program
  • Hosting a successful orientation program to inform drivers

Module Five – Monitoring Drivers Behaviour

  • Awareness of potential issues of rolling out training guidelines
  • How to effectively monitor driver behaviour
  • How to analyse data from driver behaviour monitoring and evaluate potential outcomes
  • An in-depth look at exactly how to encourage, reward and discipline drivers for adhering to safety standards and adjusting present behaviour

Module Six  – Selecting your vehicles and maintaining your fleet

  • Identifying key areas of responsibility for logistics safety and fleet management
  • Preparing a detailed analysis of company-wide responsibilities for all aspects of driver safety and vehicle maintenance
  • How to conduct regular inspections and adhere to safety guidelines
  • Planning for vehicle recovery issues
  • Insights into the latest technology available for monitoring your fleet

Module Seven – Incident Investigation and Reporting

  • Understanding your legal responsibilities for reporting and investigating safety incidents
  • How to ensure regulatory and legal compliance for each jurisdiction
  • Techniques for analysing what went wrong, including remote analysis at the scene of the accident
  • How to disseminate these requirements through the necessary personnel in your team

Module Eight – Improving your Organization

  • Looking at how to improve safety continuously in your organization
  • Understanding the key roles and responsibilities moving forward
  • Using technology to the best of its ability for monitoring
  • How to ensure your safety plan is adhered to and rolled out successfully
  • Next steps for ensuring a safe workforce and fleet
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