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Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection

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Course Overview

What is meant by maintenance auditing?

Proper maintenance audit and site inspection are the keys to ensuring that the asset and facilities are up to the legal mark. It will ensure that no near-future hurdles would slow down the pace of success.

Why is it important to conduct a site inspection?

A good balance between the performance and the risks can be maintained by conducting timely audits and inspections. However, it is critical to understand by the staff which activities should be performed and how to make those activities effective and reliable.

The maintenance Audit and Site Inspection course is designed explicitly for the sake of individuals so that their skills would be able to develop and upgrade their skills. The expert and professional educators and trainers at Zoe have hands-on experience in their relevant industries. They aim to deliver the up-to-date knowledge and make the individuals able to work as an expert, even as beginners.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection course make the trainees to:

  • Having insights about the market trends and developing skills to keep an eagle’s eye on the maintenance of the assets
  • Understanding how the audit is related to the management of the assets and how it can help the organization improve its work to achieve its goal
  • Conducting standardized site inspections for the company
  • Comprehend the significance of the pre-audit and pre-inspection questionnaires
  • Apprehending the working and application of the international standards such as ISO 55000 and PAS 55
  • Learning how to interpret the results and develop a sound action plan for real improvements
  • Effective audit and inspection techniques are used to fill up the gap between current performance and potential improvements
  • Understanding all the theory-related concepts
  • Starting with the basic and upgrading to the advanced level
  • Comprehend the impact of the international standard on the inspection and audit

Training Methodology

Zoe realizes the value of each course; consequently, skilled teachers guarantee that each topic will be connected to the market’s requirements. The expert instructors have genuine market experience, and they pass on this experience to the trainees and strengthen their ability to work in the real market. All courses by Zoe aim to generate individuals who can function as specialists in the market from the very first day after the completion of their particular courses. For this reason, the content of all of the courses is extensively examined to ensure that these topics are linked with the current market requirements. Additionally, the Do-Review-Learn-Apply model is used, which utilizes different techniques to improve the partition of the individuals in the session. Some of the techniques used are group activities, projects, class discussions, etc.

Organisational Benefits

Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection course has several organizational benefits, which are enlisted below:

  • The staff will have an eye for details to prevent any significant losses
  • In-depth understanding of the audit and inspection processes, methods, and techniques
  • Better maintenance of the assets and facilities
  • Better compliance with the international standards
  • Boosted confidence of the staff while working on audit and inspection
  • All relevant employees will understand the need for the audit and inspection and would be able to understand the difference between the two
  • Enhanced understating about the inspections and audits in terms of safety issues
  • A better understanding of the legal background and the role of law in maintenance
  • The staff will understand what safety culture is, why it is essential and how it is related to inspection and audit

Personal Benefits

Upon the successful completion of the Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection course, the trainees will be able to enjoy many personal benefits that are mentioned below:

  • Personal grooming due to gain of the updated knowledge about law and regulations
  • Understating the basic terms and differentiating between them
  • Better chances of getting employed in the big firms because of high-level knowledge
  • A pivotal role to perform when deciding about the maintenance and site upgrading
  • Improved ability to assess and presentation
  • Better communication even in times of frustration

Who Should Attend?

  • Operations experts
  • Professionals in the field of maintenance
  • Asset managers who are solely responsible for taking care of the assets and facilities
  • Assets owners
  • Leaders in the domain of improving the business
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Quality Assurance managers to ensure that the assets and plant are adequately maintained
  • Compliance Manager
  • Maintenance auditor
  • Site inspection manager
  • Audit team members
  • All beginners to intermediate-level professionals want to excel in their careers
  • Any individual who wishes to pursue a career in maintenance audit and site inspection

Course Outline

All crucial topics and concepts that will be covered in the Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection course session are given below:

Module 1: Introduction to the Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection

  • What is a Maintenance Audit?
  • What is Site Inspection?
  • Difference between Audit and Inspection.
  • Why each of these processes are needed?
  • What are the benefits of the Maintenance audit and Site Inspection?

Module 2: Types of Maintenance Audit

  • Voluntary
  • Internal
  • Mandatory
  • What happens in each of the types?

Module 3: Activities in the Maintenance Audits

  • Activities performed before the audit
  • Activities performed “During the audit”
  • Activities performed after the audit
  • What is actually examined during the audit?

Module 4: A Deep Dive into Maintenance Audit

  • Maintenance Audit: A purely Business Process
  • Landscape Model
  • Framework Strategy
    • Sightline
    • Policy of managing assets
    • Setting up goals
    • Developing a plan
    • Measuring the outcomes
    • Feedback
    • Improving
  • Some practical tips

Module 5: International Standards

  • PAS 55
  • ISO 55000

Module 6: Risk and Maintenance Audit

  • Risk Management
  • Important concepts of the risk maintenance
  • Engineering of the system: RAMS
  • Principles of the whole life costing
  • Management of the Workflow
  • KPIs
  • Improvement, people, and organization

Module 7: Maintenance Auditing Techniques and Principles

  • A basic flow from preparation to reporting (Principles)
  • Process of the Audit
  • Analysis of the Gap
  • Benchmarking

Module 8: Site Inspection

  • Techniques for the better observation
  • Physical inspection
  • Space Entry (confined)
  • Equipment lifting
  • Scaffolding
  • Working at high places
  • Chemicals
  • PIPE
  • Work permit systems
  • Ladders
  • Fire Assessment

Module 9: Emergency Types

  • Auditing reports
  • Internal
  • Auditing emergency plans
  • External

Module 10: Safety Culture

  • What is safety culture?
  • Behavioral safety
  • Some motivation: Maslow, Taylor, Herzberg, Gueller, Vroom
  • ABC analysis
  • Natural penalties
  • Driving force of the behaviour
  • Safety culture and auditing

Module 11: Interpretation of the Results

  • Setting up the goals
  • Determining potential to improve
  • Presenting work packages
  • Showing the improvement plan
  • Multi-criteria analysis
  • Management change

Module 12: Winding up with the workshop

  • Sharing some real-world examples
  • Marketplace Application

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