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Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost-Effective Implementation

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Course Overview

Why is maintenance strategy important?

The competition has been increasing day by day due to various factors. In this environment, the most important elements are – the maintenance of the assets, plant, and equipment. However, the most common challenge is maintaining the facility and the facility and the equipment for minimum cost.

What is a cost-effective process?

Organisations that wish to perform the best try to cater to cost-effective and workable strategies. They prefer to hire third parties to accomplish the maintenance tasks due to suitability in terms of cost and overall effectiveness.

Zoe Talent Solutions has developed this highly-effective and interactive course to ensure that individuals learn all of the strategies to maintain the plant and the equipment. The expert educators aim to develop the skills of the trainees so that they can beautifully adjust and work in this ever-flourishing field. The expert trainers are capable of infusing expert-level training in the trainees due to their real-life work experience.

Course Objectives

The Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost-Effective Implementation course has many objectives. These objectives are mentioned below:

  • Understating some crucial topics in the domain of plant and equipment
  • Comprehending the return on investment and how to maximize it using different strategies
  • Apprehend the significance of some financial topics like profit, cost, and capital in terms of plant and equipment maintenance
  • Grasping the assets healthcare building blocks of the thoughts
  • Deeply understand the meaning of equipment failure, how it affects the organisation, and the strategies to handle it
  • Apprehension of the degradation of the equipment and plant
  • Effective ways, practices, tools, and techniques keep the maintenance cost low
  • Conducting analysis of the failure and interpreting the results
  • Managing the work effectively to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the resources
  • Considering the easy option: their party contractors
  • Understating all of the types of contracts and how these contracts can assist in reducing the maintenance cost
  • Comprehend the KPIs
  • Understating the lifecycle of the contracts and how to develop one
  • Developing negotiation skills

Training Methodology

It is the purpose of Zoe’s consultants to guarantee that each learner can attain their goals after finishing the course. All of the teachers are experts in their disciplines since they have worked in the industry for a long time. They are well-versed in the market’s evolution and the lessons that must be imparted. Their lectures and training also help the trainees thrive in their respective professions. As a result, before the start of the following class, the course materials are thoroughly examined and updated as necessary. Additionally, Zoe Talents developed a highly-interactive model to ensure that each learner learns and develops skills. The model is known as Do-Review-Learn-Apply, which utilizes various techniques like mini-projects, group discussions, group activities, etc.

Organisational Benefits

The organisations will be able to harvest several organisational benefits from the Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost-Effective Implementation course. These benefits are enlisted below:

  • Develop and manage maintenance contracts in a way that avoids difficulties
  • Understanding the pitfalls which will save cost and time
  • Learning the flow of the cost for maintenance
  • To be able to concentrate on the incidents and events that have the greatest impact on the expenses of the maintenance
  • Assemble and organize failure data in a meaningful manner to ensure that potential harmful situations will be avoided
  • Drive expenses down by eliminating flaws and future maintenance-related problems
  • Become familiar with how to outsource maintenance properly while keeping the cost at its minimum level
  • Be able to quickly put in place adequate maintenance contracts and understand which type of contract is well-suited for a particular organisation
  • Incorporate short- and long-term planning tools into your toolbox to be used as per requirement
  • Ensures that the maintenance contracts are utilized to their full potential

Personal Benefits

The Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost-Effective Implementation course has several personal benefits to offer to individuals; these personal benefits are enlisted below:

  • Improved confidence in themselves
  • Better negotiating skills
  • Improved skills of the trainees in handling equipment degradation
  • Learn about outsourcing and contracting from both a theoretical and practical perspective
  • Consider the impact of inadequate dependability on the overall cost of a project
  • Understand the driving forces, events, and incidents that tend to increase the cost
  • Improve trainee’s level of understanding and personal knowledge
  • Utilizing time more efficiently by developing customized strategies according to the situation
  • Decide on a professional path and stick to it
  • Better and increased opportunities for careers

Who Should Attend?

  • Operations experts
  • Supervisors
  • Reliability Engineers
  • All experts are responsible for supply chain management and procurement
  • Managers responsible for developing, verifying, and maintaining the contracts
  • Asset managers are solely responsible for taking care of the assets and facilities
  • Professionalsin the field of maintenance
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Assets owners
  • Quality Assurance managersto ensure that the equipment and plant are adequately maintained
  • Compliance Manager
  • Maintenance auditor
  • Site inspection manager
  • Audit team members
  • All beginners to intermediate-level professionals want to excel in their careers
  • Any individualwho wishes to pursue a career in maintenance

Course Outline

Important topics of the Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost-Effective Implementation course are mentioned below:

Module 1: Introduction to the Equipment and Plant Maintenance

  • How’s of the plant and equipment failure
  • Reasons for the equipment failure
  • Plant: an exceptional case

Module 2: Cost: Lifecycle of the Equipment

  • What is reliability?
  • Define maintenance
  • Definition of asset management
  • Important concepts: Profit, ROI, Cost, and Capital
  • What is the healthcare model of assets?

Module 3: Factors of the Cost and their Reasons

  • The unforeseen cost: the real cost
  • Standards of the asset performance
  • Types of asset failure
  • Reasons and impacts of each asset failure

Module 4: An Effective Breakdown of the Asset Degradation Circle

  • PM (Programmed Maintenance)
  • Conditioned Intervals and unconditioned intervals: PM
  • Implementation of the PM

Module 5: Elimination of Defects: Minimising Cost

  • Collection of failure data and its analysis
  • Failure types:  Chronic and Intermittent
  • Analysis Pareto
  • Quantification of the Losses during terms of life cycle
  • Root cause analysis

Module 6: Available Strategies

  • Pre-emptive identification and eradication
  • QA
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Stand down overhaul
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Some enhanced technologies
  • Over-design selection: intentional
  • Education and coaching
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Customization of strategies as per issues

Module 7: Contracts and Outsourcing

  • What is outsourcing and what to outsource?
  • What is a contract?
  • Why are contracts beneficial?
  • Risks

Module 8: Contract Types

  • Full coverage
  • Preventive
  • Full labour
  • Inspection

Module 9: Basic Information about Contracts

  • Parties
  • Selection process: thing to consider
  • Defining KPIs

Module 10: Development of the Contract  

  • Management of the vendor
  • Cycle of the contract
  • Gathering an efficient team
  • Determine the required services
  • Contract writing

Module 11: Negotiation

  • Tips for negotiation
  • Maintenance contract tips
  • Risk-based maintenance: developing a contract

Module 12: Winding up the Workshop

  • Sharing some real-world examples
  • Getting the hands dirty with real work: development of the contracts and customising the strategies

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