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ILM® Endorsed Management and Leadership Development Program

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28 Mar - 01 Apr, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
27 Jun - 01 Jul, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
26 Sep - 30 Sep, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
26 Dec - 30 Dec, 2022Live Online5 Days$1800Register
27 Mar - 07 Apr, 2022Dubai10 Days$6750Register
27 Jun - 15 Jul, 2022Amsterdam15 Days$16750Register
25 Sep - 06 Oct, 2022Dubai10 Days$6750Register
26 Dec - 30 Dec, 2022London5 Days$5695Register

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Why Study Management and Leadership? For successful management, it is imperative to comprehend the art of leadership. Efficiency and effectiveness at work are seen on the decline when people are told what they need to do.

On the contrary, if people in the workplace are inspired and motivated, this will ensure the desired outcome in the projects and business. In the absence of this, many companies struggle with finding solutions that impact their bottom line. The need of today is better managers who can lead proactively and achieve real results for the organisation.

How will this training help the leadership team? This ILM Endorsed Management and Leadership Development Program by ZOE Talent Solutions is designed to inspire innovation, change and give a 360-degree view of leadership, especially in the VUCA environment.

#This timely intervention and enhanced perspective will support the leaders to address the challenges timely at any stage of the market competition or module of your business strategy and thus ensure the success of your organisation’s business plan.

Course Objectives

After you complete this course, you will meet the following objectives:

  • Equipped with a senior management team charged to lead the company forward
  • Develop an inspiring team ready to drive business results
  • Growth in the number of repeat business and newer customers
  • Establish a culture of open communication, high-level of employee engagement and commitment
  • Increase in the rate of retention


We at ZOE Talent Solutions, support the participants by enabling them to deepen their learning and insights through this course. A highly interactive presentation by an industry expert ensures a high impact on business simulation, combined with the focus on strategic leadership challenges to deliver hands-on-learning.

This will also include management games, paper-pencil exercises, activities, role-plays, and videos. You get an opportunity to network and build relationships with other industry participants as well.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of Do-Review-Learn-Apply.

Organisational Benefits

The benefits derived by the organisation are:

  • Build critical mindsets that drive strategic impact
  • Creation of a performance-oriented team to drive business results
  • Improved charisma in the leaders leading to improved productivity of the workforce
  • Ongoing innovation to get commitment from the teams to drive business results
  • Increased emotional intelligence and the ability to work under pressure
  • Develop a heightened diversity and cross-cultural awareness to accomplish the objectives of the organisation

Personal Benefits

This course will help the participants to:

  • Understand, determine, and use your unique leadership style to become an effective mentor and coach
  • Hone the quality orientation and execution abilities of their team
  • Be able to timely address the challenges in communication, if any within the team, across functions and geographies
  • Indulge in macro-management rather than micro-management
  • Get better at conducting performance appraisals, reviews, and feedback
  • Be open to adapt to change
  • Develop a systematic mindset to consistently address the dilemmas faced by you as a strategic leader of your organisation


Zoe Talent Solutions suggests the following to attend this course:

  • Entrepreneurs, Directors, C-Level Executives
  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Management Team
  • Department Heads
  • Functional Heads
  • Strategic planners
  • Business Analysts
  • Anyone who plans to take up a strategic Leadership role in the future


This training program will encompass the following modules for a better understanding and application:


  • Understand Management and Leadership
  • Management Styles vs. Leadership Styles
  • Integrate your professional goals with the business goals
  • The virtuous circle of 3G
  • Discover and Position yourself on the scale of 3G
  • Comparing your leadership style with any one of the famous leaders
  • Assessing your styles of leadership
  • Leadership in the current times
  • Creating a vision statement for self


  • Group Dynamics and Teamwork
  • Stages of Team development
  • Communication in the team
  • Engaging the Teams
  • Conflict management
  • Team Performance vs. Individual Performance
  • Performance Metrics
  • Increasing the competence of the team
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand how to channelize the emotional potential of your team for a better interpersonal relationship
  • Planning for Succession in teams and organisation
  • Managing Talent and attrition


  • Understand the Theory of Motivation
  • Impact of motivation on workforce
  • The implication of the workforce on the culture
  • Practical Strategies to give incentives and motivating the team


  • Communication and its importance
  • Honing your Listening Skills
  • Art of sharing constructive feedback
  • Art of Delegating
  • Using Storytelling to lead
  • Managing Meetings
  • Handle difficult conversations


  • Importance of Change management
  • Change Management Techniques
  • Understanding the readiness for change management
  • Shaping the culture to meet business challenges
  • Managing resistance to change


  • What is resilience? Its importance in Leadership effectiveness
  • Kantor’s 4 Player model and group dynamics
  • Using relational circuit to understand the mechanism of resilience
  • Using Relational circuit to counter the challenges
  • Managing the outcomes and the contingencies
  • Discover new habits to inculcate for resilience


  • Understanding workplace cultures
  • Envisage personality differences
  • Work on improving relationships
  • Understanding stereotypes, discrimination and Biases
  • How to Avoid Stereotypes, discrimination and Biases?


  • What are power and politics?
  • Understand the sources of power
  • Understand organisational politics and behaviours
  • Creating structure for compromise and rapport building
  • Practising techniques of negotiation
  • Ways to build trust in relationships across your organisation
  • Strategies for reducing negative political behaviours

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