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Course Overview

The recent pandemic has made several “uncommon” practices normal in organisations. This being Remote working and Virtual workspace. The concept of remote working/virtual workspace, also commonly known as “Work from Home” was existent in the corporate world, but not at the scale at which it is being implemented in recent days. This has completely changed the workstyle dynamics.

How to manage employees working remotely? Companies around the globe are investing heavily in order to enable their employees to work remotely in a virtual set-up, but it boils down to the capability of the leaders and the managers to make things work as normal and also exceed the expectations. Effective management and performance in these setups are also being tracked closely to ensure desired performance in the ‘new normal’.

The Zoe training course will equip you with the latest managerial and technical know-how to manage your remotely working teams effectively. After attending this carefully crafted and relevant training, you will be able to implement the latest managerial models and boost employee satisfaction, ensure high performing teams and meet your goals and set an example in your organisation.

This course will ensure that you will get the long-term perspective of managing virtual and remote employees and teams, and unlock the true potential of your team members, who are accountable, have trust in each other and share a common vision.

Course Objective

Upon completing this “Managing Virtual and Remote Employees and Teams Course”, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the true potential of remotely working and dispersed teams
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts when managing such teams
  • Build a team which is empowered and enjoy free communication
  • Get to know the latest technologies and tools which can help in managing remotely working employees
  • Comprehend management theories critical for leadership in virtual workspaces
  • Keep track of team’s productivity remotely
  • Get Equipped with management tools that enables you to map and track leadership specific situations
  • Get a competitive edge over your peers for the next leadership role in virtual set-ups
  • Master the people management skills enabling effective communication and collaboration
  • Hire the right people for your virtual teams and prepare for the long-haul

Training Methodology

This Managing Virtual and Remote Employees and Teams course shall comprise of the following training methods:

  • Interactive Sessions and Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions / Role Plays
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Peer Learning
  • Hands-on use of latest tools

This course similar to all Zoe training courses will also follow the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisation Benefit

Employees taking up the Managing Virtual and Remote Employees and Teams Course will benefit the organisation in the following ways:

  • Realise the true potential of the new normal
  • Have new managerial skills for working virtually
  • Identify and recognise the best technology for managing virtual and remote employees
  • Spearhead the challenges of working remotely with potential solutions
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Keep the organisation’s culture intact
  • Increase employee satisfaction in the organisation

Personal Benefits

Individuals attending the Managing Virtual and Remote Employees and Teams Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Become more relevant in the current virtual setup
  • Enhance your team’s performance
  • Identify the current challenges and address them with the latest techniques and technology
  • Track your virtual team’s productivity
  • Build trust
  • Become a thorough leader in managing remote teams and virtual workspaces

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders / CXOs
  • Senior HRs
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Potential Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Line Managers
  • Middle-level executives
  • Start-up founders

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding the setup – Virtual vs Co-located

  • Understanding what is Virtual/Remote working?
  • Identify the degree and types of Dispersions and map it in your team
  • How Collaboration differs in Virtual and Co-located teams?
  • Pros and cons of a virtual and remotely working teams
  • Overview of Do’s and Don’ts in managing virtual and remote employees
  • Derive techniques from Co-located workspaces and applying them in remotely working teams

Module 2: Identifying the challenges of a Remote workplace

  • What managers can miss in managing remote teams and employees?
  • Challenges in establishing free-flowing Communication within remotely working teams
  • Tracking Productivity of remotely working teams and employees
  • How a lack of trust can impact the performance of virtual teams and remotely working employees

Module 3: Addressing the challenges of managing remote and virtual employees/teams

  • Devise an overall working plan
  • Implement Gamification as a technique in your virtual working teams
  • Can technology be your friend in addressing remote working challenges?
  • Create an environment where employees feel empowered and accountable
  • Inculcate virtual team-building exercise in your weekly schedules
  • Close tracking of the work items and not micromanage

Module 4: Use of Latest Technology in Managing Virtual and Remote employees/teams

  • How to boost your management using the right and effective tools?
  • Knowing the best application/technology/tool for each managerial tasks
  • Importance of Instant Messages for remotely and virtually working teams/employees
  • Why ‘Video’ should take precedence over ‘Audio’ in ‘Audio-Video conferencing’?
  • Using Productivity tools in the best possible way which empowers remote employees
  • Virtual celebrations
  • Identifying different types of communication tools and where to use it

Module 5: Making Communication work for you in the virtual workplace

  • Why effective communication is most important in managing remote employees/teams?
  • Communicate to Commit
  • Use of correct tools for communication
  • Allow un-official communication in a controlled manner
  • How does communication help build trust?
  • How communication can help in ‘Socialising’?
  • Use communication tools to increase ‘Employee awareness’

Module 6: Embedding Company’s culture in virtual and remote teams

  • Understanding how Culture can help to tackle ‘isolation’ for virtual teams
  • Track your deliverables which adds to the company’s mission and vision
  • Increase remotely working employee engagement in off-the work meetings
  • Change of hats for you from “Manager” to a “Leader”
  • Coach, your team both at an individual and team level
  • Tap into the mindset of each employee through interviews and chats

Module 7: Building High performing virtual employees/teams

  • How to make and communicate a common shared goal?
  • Identify a potential leader in the remotely working virtual teams
  • Give flexibility to your remote employees by ensuring ample tracking
  • Create a culture of free feedback sessions in the team
  • Ensure to have regular rewards and recognition meetings, calls and communication
  • Tracking the team’s work the best possible way aided by technology
  • Stick to a routine which ensures consistency in the team’s performance
  • Lead by Example

Module 8: Hiring virtually for your teams

  • Identifying and Recruiting the right traits
  • Why heterogeneity matters?
  • Make an on-the-job training program for the new hires
  • Tag the new recruit to a veteran in your team for Coaching and to a peer for guidance
  • Use of tools for taking remote interviews
  • Introduce the new recruit to the team – using the latest remote working tools/techniques
  • Set expectations but gradually

Module 9: How to prepare for a long haul?

  • Why remote working is here to stay?
  • What extra skills are required for you and your team members?
  • Staying connected – both personally and professionally
  • Make the remote working normally
  • Understanding the best practices followed by big companies
  • Why innovation in your management style is important?
  • Keep your virtual teams motivated and relaxed
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